A Sa-Lute & A Question For…. Ol’ Roy

Roy Wiliams
March29/ 2016

Do I need to establish my general position on the question of ORW – Ol’ Roy Williams.   If you don’t know just read any of the bazillions times I’ve explained it.  (1) I think Roy is a very fine College Basketball Coach worthy of his HoF status…. and (2) I think he iRoy at KUs “crazier than an outhouse mouse”.   As a chronicler of human foolishness, I appreciate both those qualities… especially the latter.

I was a full-throated “Atta Boy Roy” supporter when he told a cheering crowd of Jayhawks “I’m staying” back in 2000.   I thought he showed unusually rare loyalty to a KU fanbase that had accepted a no-name assistant as Caretaker of Phog’s House…. and that stood by him (more or less) as he established his creds as a HofF BB coach over a dozen plus years.   Never quite having that One Shining Moment but flirting with its on an annual basis.  That was all “back in the day” before he got that “outhouse mouse crazy” thing going.

Roy showed he had cut the umbilical cord to Franklin Street, realizing he could find success and happiness “where Dean came from” as sure as he could “where Dean ended up”.   I also enjoyed the total discombobulating meltdown that his “first time around” decision created among Dean Dome Lower Levelers as well as among the rank, file and Wal-Marters drunk as skunks on that Carolina Way hooch…. vintage 2000.

The nasty things all those jilted Ram’s Clubbers said back then about Roy, his mamma, and the horse he didn’t ride back to Chapel Hill on…. Lordy Lordy.  It got profane and real personal back in 2000.  Most of those contrary Tru-Blues have gotten over “all that”….. unless Roy loses three-in-a-row at which time some of’em start getting a bit “testy” again.  The “call Larry Brown” silliness starts up….. OH MY!

Ahhhh…. the life of a big-time coach at a Juggernaut program.   You’re as popular as your last ball possession. ….. just ask Bill Self who became Caretaker of Phog’s House when a prodigal ORW did indeed answer The Master’s Second Call in 2003.   Life in Lawrence is kinda testy for The Selfs this week.

Two rings since 2003 (Question: If it IS ruled that “one or more banners must come down” do sheriff’s deputies also go around and collect “rings” too …. like they did for Mike Nifong’s law license when Mikey got disbarred? ….. what Orange County LEO wants THAT assignment ….. YIKES!)…. anyway, two rings later and ORW is back at his umpteenth Final Four with a darn good chance for Ring #3 if the prognosticators are right.



The Final Four is IN HOUSTON!  Houston Texas ??


The same “Houston” that last year VOTED DOWN by a 65% “HELL NO” to have Gender-Free Rest Rooms.  Houston’s lesbian mayor tried to pull “a Jennifer Roberts flim flam” but had to put it to a vote…. and it got hammered!  All you “oh-so-progressive” Chapel Hillers packing for HOUSTON might re-thinHappy Facek that ’cause… If you Go To Houston this week-end – “You Are A Transsexual-hating Bigot”.  Have fun ya’ll !!


I do so LOVE pointing out stuff like this.   LIFE IS GOOD for Smart Alecks w/ Websites!


Here’s a nifty “What If”…. IF one or more NCs (2005 and/or 2009) are indeed rescinded; will the UNC Basketball Hall of Fame Museum & Dean Shrine be “forced to UNacknowledge them” in their displays?  Assume a NCAA goon will check that “the banners” do come down.  How expeditiously might that formal UNacknowledging take place? …. I bet a lot of ABCers will be watching.  It COULD happen.

Roys Boyz are now headed to Houston(see above!) after breezing thru The Toughest Most Unfair Bracket in The History of March Madness.  ?? Wasn’t that the hue and cry from Old Wellers just a little over two weeks ago?   Those nasty, mean, jealous NCAA bracket Nazis had purposely put The Tar Heels in an impossible Murderer’s Row bracket.  Rumors that Damn Dan Kane (and “Mary”) had been involved in the bracketing ran rampant.

I do so love the sound of any fan base “hueing and crying” about how every force on Earth is “against’us”….. ‘cause those sinister forces are so jealous of (fill-in some silly something or other that every alum thinks is a BFD about his/her/its alma mater).   To paraphrase Robert Duvall in Apocalypse Now ….. angry fans’ hueing and crying is “like the smell of napalm in the morning”.

Let me stop here… and OFFICIALY applaud Ol’ Roy for coaching this team to its / his umpteenth Final Four.

That on-court achievement merits a SA-LUTE!… SA-LUTE to ya, Roy!

That steaming pile o’ “junk” is what it is and will be whatever it will be whenever Hell freezes over or Dickie Baddour gives back his fat pension whichever comes first.  Bet on Hell.

Unlike apparently every ABCer on Twitter and on Earth, I DO NOT know how much Scheme residue still lingers in the nooks and crannies of Dean’s Dome and/or South Building.   The BobLee eyeball test says this year’s players appear to be “OK” for as much as I know from my various sources.

None of’em reek of “thuggery”…. none have flashed “gang signs”…. none have been arrested for all the stuff college jocks get arrested for these days ….. with the exception of that one guard, none have especially weird haircuts …. none have tripped anybody.

NOT the Eagle Scout Rhodes Scholar Choirboys of Bre’r Kennel’s Brickyard bunch, but …..Roy Boys

As a whole, this UNC team actually looks pretty darn “clean-cut” for 7-8 young  AfAm BBers in 2016.   The two “stars” – Paige and Johnson – are candidates for a Wheaties Box as if that meant anything any more.   I’ve always been a fan of “clean-cut” by my very very very old-fashioned standards.   Hey, they are My Standards and I’m sticking to’em.

As pretty much very living soul on the Planet has heard from His Royship soooo many times lately:

…. No sports team in recorded history has endured the NEGATIVE RECRUITING “junk” that poor ol’ Roy has had to suffer thru since shortly after the name “Nyang’oro” first appeared in a Dan Kane article.

…. No human being since “the dawn of time” has borne the awesome burdens that Roy has had to bear going on 4-5-6 years now.  The Biblical “Job” yields to Roy as the new poster-boy for “long-suffering”.   And for a measly $3 million/year or so…. plus all those free shirts from Peter Millar.

One can only imagine – having borne the burden of so much NEGATIVE RECRUITING on top of his vertigo and bad knees and…. and …. and ….. imagine how much worse it mighta been for Roy…. if Governor Jim Martin had actually spoken with him for fifteen minutes when “Governor Jim” was compiling his (not-so) comprehensive report a few years ago.  No mortal man (or Dean) could endure all that.  Lordy Lordy.

If that’s all so….  and Roy is insistent that it is….

I have a rhetorical question for Ol’ Roy.

Back to all the NEGATIVE RECRUITING and Roy’s inability to get many / most / any 5-stars to even visit, much less seriously consider UNC.   Duke’s Wunderkin Brandon Ingram being maybe the most recent example but, one assumes, there were dozens and dozens of other rejections over the past four or so years.  A veritable plethora of rejection….

Yet…the analysts rave about the depth of talent of this year’s UNC team ???  Brice Johnson is in the NPOY conversation.  This team has multiple “talented Bigs” that wear down opponents.  Marcus Paige has set career shooting records.   UNC was the only #1 Seed to survive…. despite that UNFAIR Murderers’ Row bracket.   Whether Royz Boys do / don’t cut down the nets next Monday…. this team certainly has the DEPTH & QUALITY of TALENT to do so.

Which of the smooth-working parts of this team would Roy replace with all the 5-stars that he whines shunned him because of “all the junk”?

Where would Brandon Ingram fit on this team?  Would it be “better”?  Which youngsters woulda lost PT?

I don’t follow recruiting (or watch kiddie porn on the Internet) so I don’t know which other “student-athletes” (wink, wink) are NOT in Houston this week because they rejected Roy’s invitation…. wouldn’t even visit!

If I were one of Roy’s current crop of relatively clean-cut, quite talented and well-behaved youngsters primed to “win it all”, I might be wondering….

“Hey Coach, are we just a bunch of chopped liver…. that you had to make-do-with because you didn’t get who you really wanted?” ….. because of ALL THAT NEGATIVE RECRUITING.Angry Roy

The next few days should be fun.  Remember the build-up to the Super Bowl.  How Cam-Hate became a national phenomenon?   All the extra national media waiting in Houston doesn’t know The list of stuff Roy won’t talk about so they will keep asking him “everything on that list”.  Uh Oh! … hehehehe.

On his “best days” Roy teeters on the Abyss.  Ratchet up the pressure in the national spotlight and UNC SID 4 LIFE Steve Kirschner might want to keep a quiver of high octane tranquilizer darts at-the-ready cause…..

Ol’ Roy Could Go BOOOOOM!


But Wait…. There’s More:


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