Phase III: Economic Extortion

Rest Rooms
March28/ 2016

Phase I was the Charlotte City Council Flim Flam…. denying a public referendum

Phase II was the General Assembly rebuke…. overruling the Phase I flim flam.

Phase III will be Economic Extortion…. see below.

This issue, stoopid as it might seem, has a greater impact on the general public of North Carolina than Gay Marriage.  This affects the safety and well-being of you and your family “going to the bathroom”.  What can be more PERSONAL than that?

I have no idea how this Rest Room Invasion Issue is going to be resolved.   Maybe, like the UNC Scandal, it will NEVER END.  I do have a pretty good idea of the game plan of the left-wing radical element pushing this.  Letting a handful of radical extremists (be they local politicians or left-wing jurists) impose their wacky social views on the general public is their only path.  Keeping it away from the general public exerting it’s will is essential to their “success”.


In the meantime nearby Transsexual Safe Peeing Zones could profit.  I can see Myrtle Beach doing a billboard campaign on I-77 to lure them….

Myrtle Beach Welcomes All Genders – Real or Imagined

“Free To Pee By The Sea… or In The Sea!”

While I applaud the (Eeeeevil) Republican-dominated NC Genital Assembly for their scorched-earth response last week with HB2; I’m not sure they have the strength of purpose and conviction to withstand the all-out media assault.   Trust me…. the mainstream media led by McClatchy’s Charlotte Observer / News & Observer will not let up.

Yes, that same McClatchy’s Charlotte Observer that knew all along about – Chad Sevearancethe convicted sexual predator leadChad Sevearanceing the campaign to make Charlotte’s rest rooms and locker rooms hunting grounds for prowling predators.

Surely you all know about CHAD SEVEARANCE don’t you?  If you KNOW ABOUT CHAD it was not thru McClatchy’s Charlotte Observer or thru Mayor Jennifer Roberts.  They hoped you would never find out.

Yes, the same McClatchy-owned newspapers in Raleigh and Charlotte who did not want you to learn the Truth about (1) Duke Lacrosse…. (2) John Edwards’ Affair…. and (3) that AfAm drug-dealer who was NOT shot in the back by an RPD officer a few weeks ago.    Agenda-based reporting in a McClatchy trademark.  That’s a fancy term for serial LYING to their readers.  You rubes down in Mecklenburg got played for suckers by your local newspaper.


Here is a terrific column about how “the media” intends to distort what this legislation is and isn’t. LINK.  

They are depending upon public apathy and ignorance to advance their agenda.  That has worked before.


Give Governor Pat McCrory credit, PatMc is appearing to “have a pair” SO FAR.   That could change.  If PatMc does give in on this he is guaranteed to receive a unanimous Get Out Of Raleigh card in early November.  GUARANTEED!Rob Reiner

How can our duly-elected officials be expected to stand up to Rob Reiner’s insults.  I mean REALLY.  They are mere mortals.   Who doesn’t want to be liked by Rob Reiner?


Deborah Ross

Deborah “Chatty Cathy” Ross and Chapel Hill’s – David Price – are very much in favor of allowing sexual predators free-rein in NC rest rooms and locker rooms.  No surprise.

You folks around NC are going to love getting to know US Senate candidate Deborah Ross the next six months.  She is one card-carrying whack-job.   She wasn’t known as The Drama Queen of Jones Street for nothing.

Deprive 99+% of a society of personal privacy in one of its most basic human functions… to appease a mini-micro-subset that is statistically Zero.   In what Mondo Bizarro universe does that even merit a “we’ll think about it”?

…. This latest attempt to subjugate the will of a vast majority to appease a mini-micro minority has more direct impact on each citizen of this state than the the Gay Marriage issue.

Raise you hand if you think the citizens of Charlotte actually “got to vote” on declaring this. …. WRONG!    The citizens of Charlotte did NOT get to vote on this.   No way Mayor Jennifer Roberts and her seven cronies were ever going to allow that.   Exactly who are Jennifer’s Seven Cronies?    Go HERE to find out.  

Jennifer RobertsMayor Jennifer Roberts is waaaay smarter than all you NASCAR-lovin’ rubes.   Mayor Jennifer Roberts Knows Best.  Just ask her.   Mayor Jennifer Roberts is a really really close friend of Gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper.     Think about THAT in November.  Don’t forget.

How would a public referendum on this issue would go over in Greater Charlotte.  How might Rev. David Chadwick’s large flock vote on that?  How might Steven Furtick’s Elevation congregation vote on that?  We’ll never know.  Jennifer Roberts and her cronies have a very good idea “how it would go”.   So do you and I.

Conversely, this issue would be overwhelmingly popular in Chapel Hill/Carrboro (and Asheville).  OK, put it in full effect in Chapel Hill INCLUDING The Dean Dome and Kenan Stadium.

Declare all the public rest rooms in DD and Kenan as Free To Pee Zones.  Lets see how Tar Heel fans not as radical as the average Chapel Hillian like the concept.  I DARE YOU …..

Phase III:  Economic Bullying / Extortion.

A few national organizations and liberal-run tech-corporations ARE sympathetic to the rights of sexual predators.  They huff & puff threatening to boycott North Carolina or simply leave the state.  A bunch of BS economic impact jibberish is bantered about designed to scare the bejeebers out of the citizenry.   The ACLU will, of course, jump in.

OMG… The sky will fall unless we give these gender lunatics whatever they demand.

I was an executive in the hospitality industry for 15 years.  One of the first things one learns is how to spout BS economic impact numbers.  Make up $$$ figures as big as you think any naive goober will believe, then up it another 20%.  Show pictures of shut-down factories and homeless families…. whatever graphic fear tactics your ad agency can dream up.  Get a sycophant media to run’em as PSAs and watch the dumb rubes acquiesce.   It’s a sound strategy.  Dishonest as hell but, these are radical liberals.  Truth never stands in their way.  Nothing is sacred to them.

The Economic Extortion Gambit is totally predictable.   Economic Bullying /Extortion was perfected by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  The multi-gender gang is simply taking a page from Jesse and Al’s playbook.   They all share a common goal:  Destroy every brick in the foundation of America.

Absolutely Nothing is Sacred to these people. And they will not stop at “rest rooms”.  They didn’t stop at Gay Marriage did they?  You never figured they would violate your wife / daughter’s rest room privacy and safety, did you?

Organizations like the NCAA and NBA are not necessarily in favor of “the rights of sexual predators” as much as they are scared s***less of The LQGBT and their domestic terrorism tactics.

If you think The NBA All-Star, NCAA Basketball, PGA Tour events et al are more important than the safety and privacy of the women /girls in North Carolina then you should notify your political representatives to “grab their ankles” and cave-in.   I don’t live in Charlotte.  The Panthers and Hornets are totally irrelevant to me.

I’m a big believer in The Will of The People.  Not the Will of Mayor Jennifer Roberts and her seven cronies.  If the majority of the voting population of Charlotte and/or NC wants Open Rest Rooms.   Lets put it to a public vote.


FWIW…. Phase IV will be ACLU trying to get this to a sympathetic left-wing Judicial body who will, like the Charlotte City Council’s original strategy, take this away from the general public wishes.


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