Restroom Radicals Riot …. Tar Heel State “Under Siege”.

Bathroom Stall
March25/ 2016

Oh Come On…. surely you saw “this” coming – a/k/a “The Great Bathroom Backlash”.

The only reason Charlotte’s Mayor Jennifer Roberts and her seven co-horts on the City Council ever set fire to this shoebox full of dog poop and set it on Pat McCrory’s doorstep was to CREATE CHAOS.   Anything to help Mayor Roberts’ pal Roy Cooper in his plan to defeat McCrory.  Give them credit for accomplishing their objective…..


No sooner did “The (Eeeeevil) Republican-dominated NC General Assembly” take action to restore “gender sanity” to the state’s public restrooms than roving gangs of Transgender Sympathizers “took to the streets” from Murphy To Manteo to voice their dismay.Misfit Toys

Of course, it is the usual “pissin’ and moanin’ crowd of misfit toys who are now moanin’ that they should be allowed to piss wherever they please.

A quick poll of “mad as hell” Transgender sympathizers revealed, to no one’s surprise, that not a one of’em had the slightest clue (1) what the original “Charlotte ordinance” included; and (2) what the HB2 “Law” enacted by the (Eeeeevil) Republican-dominated General Assembly includes.  It’s pretty much the usual Bully Barber Bunch…. with a few more imaginary micro-genders thrown in.

Random guesses from mini-mob members included:
•    The eeevil Republicans want to castrate all gay men….
•    The eeevil Republicans think Lesbians are “scary”….
•    Raleigh-people hate Charlotte-people…. and always have
•    Charlotte people think Raleigh-people are redneck hicks
•    Will “gays” have to pay the I-77 toll too?  “That’s not fair”.
•    Cam Newton should be able to pee wherever he wants to because…..Transexual peeing

Most of those surveyed yelling and screaming outside the Governor’s Mansion had no idea (1) WHO the Governor is…. or, and this strikes me as significant ….. (2) whether a transgendered male-to-female sits down or stands up to pee.

Jim “Limo Liberal” Goodmon’s WRAL news-goons probably estimated the protestors outside Governor “WhatsHisName’s” mansion as “at least 80,000, maybe more” which translates in real numbers to one, maybe two, VW busloads.

A lackey for Goodmon (reportedly) handed out directions to Jim Goodmon’s stately ITB mansion, inviting one/all to come over and “pee and/or crap or whatever it is that you transgendered people do.”  A map was included.  Mrs Goodmon will provide cucumber sandwiches with the crust removed.

Wonder if Jim Goodmon knows the answer to whether “tranys”  “go the bathroom” as what they “are” or as what they “used to be”?  Really…. surely I’m not the only one to be curious.

The equally radical left-wing news-goons at McClatchy’s Raleigh-area financially imperiled newspaper  (who also own the financially imperiled Charlotte Observer) sent over their entire news team to cover the event…. thereby adding another dozen or so to the mini-mob.  ….. and so it goes.

Chapel Hill-based Congressman David Price (D) set his hair on fire and jumped up and down in a snit over the NCGA action…. pretty much what Price always does to appease his lunatic fringe constituency.

NOTE:  Invites for “protestors of all genders” to “pee and/or crap” at News&Observer Editor John Drescher or Publisher Orage Quarles ITB homes were NOT extended to our knowledge.   No explanation for the not-invites was provided.

All this focus on “Transgender defecation & urination” is the perfect opportunity to “educate” those of us who admit to not really “getting it”.   “It” being “transgenderization”.  Isn’t “education” the path to mutual understanding?  Even President Obama says “America can learn a lot about Human Rights from a totalitarian dictatorship like Cuba”.

ASIDE:  When was the last (or first) time an American baseball player defected to Cuba to play ball ?  Again, I’m probably the only one who wonders….

Maybe I can learn a lot about “using public restrooms” from the Transgendered.   To my knowledge, there is not a Trany in my current socio-occupational orbits.  Maybe there is/are and I don’t know it.  To be fair…. my “orbits” are shrinking in size as I stride down Life’s 16th fairway.

  •  Does “becoming a Trany” necessarily involve “a medical procedure”?  Are body parts added, substracted or modified depending upon the direction of the transgenderization?
  • Are “Tranys” who do go the “surgical route” seen as “Real Tranys” as opposed to the “cross-dressers” who can “switch-hit” depending upon their mood and/or the situation?  In the Trany World are “just a cross-dresser” treated as “equals”?
  • Is there an official clearinghouse for “being a Trany”?  Once “certified” is there a card to carry in one’s wallet…. or purse?  A “lapel ribbon” perhaps”?  Does Charlotte Mayor Roberts really “know” how many “Tranys” are affected by the gender-restrictive restrooms?
  • How many of any micro-sub-set of society justifies radically altering society as a whole?   …. what about male midgets who can’t “reach” a wall-mounted urinal?  Should all public urinals be therefore floor-mounted?  Are there transsexual midgets?  How many of’em?

The incredibly “progressive” albeit imaginary world known as Chapel Hill would seem to have a Wonderful Opportunity now.   …..  Since H2 does NOT restrict public facilities from offering “open range” restrooms, surely Chancellor Chihuahua can have AD Bubba convert all the restrooms in both Dean’s Dome and Kenan Stadium to “All Are Welcome” Uni-gender facilities.   The infamous “pee-walls” in the current “Men’s Rooms” at Dean’s Dome could create some “interesting scenarios” for “used-to-be females-now male”.   At Kenan Stadium the wall-mounted urinals are about 3” apart.  Especially “wide men” are challenged as is.  Former “especially wide “shes” now “hes” would, one imagine, also be challenged.

The same could be done over at Duke which is every bit as extremely radical as UNC-CH if not more so.  One central restroom at Cameron Indoor would give new meaning to Cameron Crazies.   A promotional poster showing Coach K peeing next to Crystal Mangum would be an instant collectible.

Large public stadiums and arenas could certainly “go uni-gender” if they want to.  Would the 100 or so certified “tranys” in NC then become season-ticket holders…. or would all the (Eeeeevil) Christians stop being fans?  ….. If “the will of the people” IS INDEED in favor of Uni-gender restrooms (as the mini-mobs are shouting) wouldn’t it be smart for BOA Stadium to go “Uni-gender”.  What say you Jerry Richardson?   Surely every female in Greater Mecklenburg wants to “pee” next to CAM.  No ???

I’m betting Charlotte Motor Speedway will NOT go Uni-gender.  Just a guess.

Should restaurants, theme parks, health clubs and similar business enterprises who seek the  Fast-growing (?) Transgender Market (which is “How Big”?) aggressively promote that fact with some sort of identifying symbol so “all who enter here be aware that…..”.   I won’t speculate what such a “symbol” might be.

If businesses aggressively pursuing “Transgenders” also seek the quite large sexual predator / pedophile markets…. all the better.   Don’t laugh…. pedophiles gotta eat too.

Is Transgenderizing tied at all to ethnicity?  Is the % of Tranys about the same among Caucasians, AfAm, Asians, Native Americans, Croatians, et al?   Among Native American “tribes” are there more Apache Tranys than there are Malamut Tranys?  If so, why?

I am assuming The Koran probably isn’t all that supportive of Transgendering.  When the Islamo-fascists succeed in taking over America (within the next 10-12 years at the current rate) will they do away with these Uni-sex restrooms?

Somewhat related…. would a transgendered Catholic priest become a Nun?

Or….. if a Jewish woman does the full surgical transgenderizing route, does her/his new penis need to be circumsized?   Will some enterprising soul offer “pre-circumsized penises” for just this situation?

Am I the only one who is thinking about these issues?

Does a Transgendered “Gay” prefer sex with what he/she is…. or with what he/she used to be?   Seems to me THAT could get very confusing.Adam Silver

OF COURSE…. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is already threatening to move next year’s NBA All-Star Game out of Charlotte because NC restrooms are “restricted based on existing genitalia”.   Personally I would be very wary of sharing a public restroom with Adam Silver.  He is very “creepy”!

Backers of Uni-gender restrooms will use GREATLY EXAGGERATED Economic Impact figures to prove that North Carolina is DOOMED if it persists in gender-specific restrooms.  There WILL be brain-dead loonies who will actually believe that.

Of Course…. AGAIN… the THREAT of “No more movies to be filmed in NC if…. OH NO!!!” is being used as a bludgeon.  “That” get hauled out as a bludgeon more often than Deputy Fife locked up Otis Campbell for “being drunk as a skunk”.

If one believes either Jim Goodmon’s WRAL or The McClatchy Goons…. and WHY would anyone do THAT? ….. pretty much every major corporation in NC is OUTRAGED at The (Eeeevil) Republican-dominated General Assembly and making immediate plans to relocate to….

“states where “every he/she/it is free to pee / crap wherever they please”.

This hubbub, of course, will last about a week at most but WRAL and McClatchy will keep it “above-the-fold” as long as they can because they, and their ilk, are totally morally corrupt.   Surely most of you know that.

The State can recoup any $$$ losses by simply going back to “pay toilets”.  Slap a $5 “user fee” lock-box on all public toilet stalls.   Folks can buy a Speed Pass key fob thingy like they do for toll roads.  Not sure how to get revenue from urinals, but someone will figure it out.

Q:  Is there ANY chance the (Eeevil) Republican legislature and Governor “WhatsHisName” might be thoroughly intimidated by this totally predictable response by the totally morally corrupt left-wing radicals… and rescind the H2 law?

A: Absolutely.  Eeeevil Republican politicians usually end up disappointing us, don’t they?

Q: Did the Eeeevil Republican politicians “handle this” in the most judicious and least volatile fashion?

A: Of course not.  They never do.


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