NCAA Finally “Drops Its Hammer” on ………..

March24/ 2016

Proving to it’s millions of doubters and naysayers that it won’t tolerate evil-doers…. the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) flexed its muscle and DROPPED ITS INFRACTIONS HAMMER today on those nefarious evil-doers

…… at Kalamazoo College.

The Fighting Hornets of Kalamazoo are reeling today from a 3-year probation for something or other thKalamazoo Collegeat sounds like “offering cash bonuses for athletic excellence”.

There is no joy in Kalamazoo tonight. “The Kalamazoo Way” is known as The Kalamazoo Promise.  Long time Hornet fans who believed in their Motto:  “We do it right…. sometimes” are befuddled by the verdict.

“It’s those sorry rascals at Olivet (Kalamazoo’s hated rival) that caused this.  They are soooo jealous of how “cool” we are at Kalamazoo.  Did you know Selma Blair is a Kalamazoo alum?  Selma has never read Look Homeward Angel either…. GO HORNETS!

Previously known as “that college in that funny-named town where Derek Jeter is from”; Kalamazoo College was apparently The Priority Case that the NCAA Infractions Committee has been obsessed with over the past five years.   Hopefully the committee can now turn its attention to “other cases on their docket”. ….. if ya get my drift.

The #1 question that seemed to befuddle the NCAA was why anyone would pay $51,700/year to attend Kalamazoo College.



NCAA Gets Serious About Cheating By Punishing Some Tiny, Obscure College In Michigan

The National Collegiate Athletic Association placed Kalamazoo College on probation for three years earlier this week for distributing financial aid partially based on athletic ability — a no-no for NCAA Division III schools.

The NCAA Division III infractions committee determined that financial aid staffers at Kalamazoo used a rating system that gave bonuses to prospective students who were good at various sports, reports Inside Higher Ed.

All told, 567 students received sweetened financial aid packages because of their athletic abilities during a period of at least five years. It’s not clear how much aid the student-athletes received. The current cost for a single year of tuition, fees and room and board at Kalamazoo College is $51,732.


(FYI… the READ MORE does mention a certain on-going investigation at a certain University of The People over in Chapel Hill.  Comparisons of Kalamazoo’s case to UNCCH are extensive….)



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