“Old Peyton”…. just GO AWAY!

Peyton Manning
February25/ 2016

UPDATE:  This column was posted on Friday…. on Sunday it was announced that Peyton will formally retire on Monday.  COINCIDENCE ???  …. yeah, right!

I gave Peyton “a week, maybe two” following The Super Bowl to announce his retirement in some grand fashion befitting his stature as an NFL icon. I graciously extended that a few days what with that unfortunate kerfluffle about his hi-jinks while at Tennessee. OUCH! Peyton Manning

I have always liked Peyton (and little brother Eli and Ma & Pa Archie & Olivia and 3rd brother Zeppo or whatever)…. because, of course, they “are white”. Since I am also “white” I am only allowed to “like white players”…. or so says “the oh-so PC media”.

That he is still “pondering” has me rethinking my opinion of him more than the Tennessee kerfluffle does. That it (his future) is still in ponderation is just silly.

That ANY NFL, or Arena team, would want Old Peyton at this point further illustrates the silliness of pro sports. If he (Peyton) EVER puts on a helmet again he immediately joins “Willie Mays as a Met” and “Joe Namath as a Ram” on the scrap heap of “didn’t you used to be ……”.

One of my favorite “spoof” websites – Sports Pickle – compares the Denver Broncos predicament with Peyton Manning to “explaining to your kids where their dog has gone”……  https://medium.com/sportspickle/broncos-players-told-peyton-manning-has-been-sent-to-play-for-a-nice-team-in-the-country-fc287efd5055#.hijlhkmco




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