NEWS FLASH! Old White People are Consternated….

News Flash
February24/ 2016

That is “consternated” not constipated although some Old White People are likely both.

Anyone who thought for a nano-second that CAM-HATE News might abate in their Lifetime – YOU LOSE!  CAM-HATE is officially the New Wedge to Further Divide America…. along with those lovely folks with Black Lives Matter.

A poll just released by “the notoriously left-wing” polling organization – PPP – Public Policy Polling shows “Old White People” are the most “consternated” (their term, not mine) by the actions of Carolina Panther QB Cam Newton a/k/a “another son Barack Obama never had”. …. Maybe it should be “Camsternated” ??

Notoriously and Unabashed left-wing polling organization Public Policy Polling (PPP) is soooo notoriously left-wing partisan Public Policy Polling that the notoriously left-wing McClatchy Corp’s two failing newspapers – The Charlotte Observer & Raleigh’s The News & Observer – named PPP their “pollers of record” several years ago.

PPP’s always predictable polling results tend to show up regularly in Jim Goodmon’s WRAL news reports too – SURPRISE!  Not.

So anyhow…. PPP conducted one of its whizbang polls BEFORE The Super Bowl to learn who really dislikes CAM and why. Actually PPP was sure they knew who and why…. so PPP did a sham “poll” to prove it. PPP does that a lot.

In case you’ve forgotten…. before “the media” ginned up CAM-HATE as a National Debate on Race…. there had been less than a dozen verified cases of expressed concerns about Cam Newton public behavior. That now infamous “Woman in Eastern Tennessee” (WIET) who sent a letter to the editor of McClatchy’s failing Charlotte paper complaining about Newton’s Touchdown Taunting.

That was followed by the “several” other LTTEs and “a few” calls to talk shows expressing concerns over Newton’s “son-born-out-of-wedlock” a/k/a “the baby daddy issue”.

Based on less than a dozen samples…. ye olde knee-jerk media declared a National Epidemic of CAM-HATE.   Overnight Cam Newton joined Kunte Kinte, Jackie Robinson, and Rosa Parks as Most Famously Persecuted Black Heroes of All-Time.  That it happens to be Black History Month was convenient.

FOR THE RECORD: There are 28 TIMES more reported sightings of Big Foot during each Full Moon than there were reports of CAM-HATE. But that didn’t stop the CAM-HATE Fabricators. They are a determined bunch with a very very clear agenda. If you ain’t figured out that “agenda” you really need to pay closer attention.

That Woman in Eastern Tennessee WIET became to CAM-HATE what Mrs O’Leary and her cow were to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Did you know that Mrs O’Leary’s first name was Catherine? It was. Alas, we do not know the name of the WIET but it is only a matter of time.  Like pictures of Jennifer The Tutor and Deborah Crowder. Eventually this things turn up.

WAIT A MINUTE!!! Eastern Tennessee ??  Knoxville is in Eastern Tennessee! Could that woman who was Complainer Zero in CAM-HATE be connected to Peyton & The Trainer Woman at UTenn back in 1996 ??? ….. uuumm!  …. or maybe she operates a corndog stand at DollyWood.  Who knows?

During the two weeks of MEDIA FRENZY prior to The Super Bowl, every “media” in the Western Hemisphere ran Above-The-Fold Headlines re: CAM-HATE. When CAM conveniently threw jet-fuel on the ginned-up issue by his now infamous “petulant-Cam-in-a-hoodie” press conference performance after the game, the phenomenon of CAM-HATE went global.

So now the notoriously left-wing PPP’s polling results reveal that:

“…. People consternated (PPP’s word, not mine) about CAM” tend to be Old White People.

Old White People

OWP’s of course, grew up with QBs named Johnny Unitas, Bart Starr, YA Tittle, Roger Staubach, Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, and Joe Namath.  All of whom are “Old” and “White”.   None of them, except possibly Broadway Joe, have ever been seen “dancing” or “dabbing” or being anyone’s “baby daddy” that we know of.

It is reasonable to assume the WIET and the handful of fans expressing concerns over the “baby daddy” issue might be “Old” – “White” and “People”. Score one for the notorious left-wing operatives over at PPP.

How much of a leap is it from OWPs to:


Actually it is ONE GIANT LEAP even for “the notoriously left-wing operatives” at Public Policy Polling.

AS of 8:30 AM Wed, this story has NOT made its way to the desk of ESPN Poobah John Skipper (UNC’75) but when it does – STOP THE FREAKIN’ PRESSES !!!  This is a Dream-Come-True for the notoriously left-wing Sports Media Mogul.

You people think I make this crap up, don’t you? I wish …..




A pre-Super Bowl poll by Public Policy Polling quantifies America’s complicated relationship with Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

All season (??), as Newton tore through the NFC on the way to the NFL MVP award and an appearance in the Super Bowl, we heard about how “polarizing” and “controversial” the exuberant Newton was, with some people criticizing him for his touchdown celebrations and others quickly jumping to his defense.

As it turns out, Newton is pretty popular. Of those polled, 57% held a favorable opinion of Newton, compared to only 16 percent unfavorable (his Super Bowl opponent, Peyton Manning, had a more dramatic 77/11 split). But when you break down Newton’s popularity by race and political affiliation, you find some divides that confirm certain assumptions about how the quarterback is widely perceived.


There is a pretty big difference among Republicans when it comes to the two Quarterbacks though. Manning comes in at 79/12 with them, while Newton’s rating is only 48/24. Newton’s favorability is 81/1 with nonwhite football fans, but only 46/23 with whites. Newton’s prominence this year has caused a lot of discussion about touchdown dances and overall football fans say they approve of them by a 57/27 margin. There are some divides in those numbers though. While fans under 45 say that they like the dances by a 67/21 margin, seniors say they disapprove of them 32/43. Democrats (70/17) are also a lot more fine with them than Republicans (48/31) are.

So while Republicans’ opinion of Manning is roughly in line with that of the overall populace, they hold less favorable opinions of Newton than the population at large. Nonwhite Americans have an almost unanimously favorable opinion of Newton, while whites are most split.

Unsurprisingly, it turns out most of the consternation about Newton’s dancing comes from old white people.

Further poll results reaffirm these trends. Newton is the favorite quarterback of 16% of Democrats but only 6% of Republicans. Newton is the favorite quarterback of 16% of people who self-identify as “very liberal,” behind only Tom Brady, but the favorite quarterback of only 4% people who claim to be “very conservative.”

Newton was the favorite quarterback of a whopping 44% of African-American (“whopping” ???) respondents but only 5% of white respondents. Somewhat surprisingly, Newton was not dramatically more popular among younger respondents.

So what does all this mean? Pretty much exactly what we had assumed. Newton’s flamboyant style and what some have called “unapologetic blackness” alienates white conservatives and energizes nonwhite liberals. Sometimes, it takes a poll to tell you what you already know.


NOTE:  Just a suggestion… if you want to avoid IRS audits and being mugged by roving bands of Bloods & Crips, you might consider wearing an Official Cam Newton #1 jersey.   It can’t hurt.

PS:  Methinks PPP should do a Poll on racial “diversity” of Home Invaders a/k/a “burglars” and provide a copy of the results to CPI’s Marketing Dept.  Whattayathink?


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