Roy & Doug’s Brouhaha… PLUS: Is Roy Most Persecuted Coach EVER ??

Roy Williams
February23/ 2016

Carol Folt

If Carol Folt strolled down Franklin Street just wearing “body paint” like Ronda Rousey in SI…. what would Doug Gottlieb say about that?  What would Roy Williams say about what Doug Gottlieb said about Carol Folt in body paint?


When I first heard about the Ol’ Roy vs Doug Gottlieb Brouhaha, I dismissed it because I’m kinda burned out on Ol’ Roy crap. That is a shortcoming on my part. I am blessed to be in an environ where a certified “goober” like Ol’ Roy has 24/7 access to a live microphone.

A lot of guys with their own websites that comment on human foolishness are not as fortunate as I am to “have my very own Roy”. So, having said that…. let’s comment on “What Roy Said About What Doug Gottlieb Said About ……”  LINK!


UPDATE:  More stuff Roy said on Tuesday that he probably shouldna said… but He Did.  LINK.

This is some pretty classic Roy-stuff about how HE – ROY has had to endure more (recruiting) hardships than ANY COACH EVER…. WHOA!!! … Hardships meaning TGU of course.


Doug Gottlieb is an analyst/provocateur for CBS Sports. I think he played for Oklahoma State back in the 90s. HDoug Gottliebe might have played in the NBA. Who cares? He is glib. He is a “basketball insider” who knows people who know stuff about basketball and coaches and players and “ball screens” and semi-literate 18 y/os. Did I mention he is paid to be “glib” and to be a provocateur?

Sometime over the past week, I think it was during / before the UNC-Miami Game, he made an on-air glib and provocative comment about Roy Williams maybe retiring and Hubert Davis maybe replacing him. Someone told Roy some version of whatever Doug Gottlieb said and Roy went off script with a live mic (always a guaranteed show-stopper) and took Doug Gottlieb to task for what Roy thought Doug had said about him.   Ol’ Roy’s working knowledge of “modern media” is limited to “what page is Beetle Bailey on?” and a weak impression of Howard Cossell.

How accurate were all the “he saids” is in doubt (hey, it IS Roy); but Ol’ Roy is blessed with unlimited Idiosyncratic Credits to say whatever he wants to about anything at any time because “He’s Roy”.

Me? I’m waiting for Roy’s in-depth analysis of the Republican Presidential Campaign and if he knows the last names of “Hillary and Bernie”.  There has GOT to be a good joke about …. “Roy Williams, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are in a lifeboat in the middle of the Pacific.  Suddenly a shark swims up and asks “Excuse me but…. why did Dickie get the single largest pension in UNC History?”, and Roy says ……”

Using a 1-10 scale….. maybe the original glib provocative comment merited a “2”. MAYBE. As soon as Roy commented about the throw-away glib comment it became a “5” nationally. With that “5” being a solid “10+” within 30 miles of Ground Zero – mid-court of Dean’s Dome. Both ABCers and TCW TruBlues went into Full Run-around-in-a-circle Chicken Little Mode.

Had Roy NOT “done a Roy” I would never have known about it and it is likely you would not have either. And, mimg24763719ost importantly every Top 100 semi-literate recruit in America would not have heard it either. Now I do, you do, and they do.

Did Doug Gottlieb realize that when he said whatever he said?  Doug could only dream it would blow up like it did. ……. THANK YEEEEW ROY!   Roy has a hizzy fit and Doug earns bonus $$.

I’m sure hard-core UNC Tru-Blues are blistering Doug Gottlieb unmercifully “because”. Accusations no doubt running rampant that he (Gottlieb) in in-cahoots with all the other sinister forces determined to literally / figuratively “tear down the rafters”…. because they are soooo jealous blah blah blah.  One can only speculate Tru-Blues negative opinions about Doug’s mamma, Doug’ dog, and whatever horse Doug rode in on.

I haven’t listened to local sports talk radio in “at least” five years…. closer to seven. I don’t listen to “radio” period. No, not even EIB. But I did stumble on a Twitter link to a David Glenn interview with Doug Gottlieb about his Brouhaha With Roy.  David Glenn

Because both Doug and David “make their livings” talking about “sports crap” there was an air of seriousness to their debate. David bet Doug $1,000,000 that Hubert Davis will NOT succeed Roy as UNC HC any time in the foreseeable future. Doug countered with “if not Hubert, then who?” and David artfully dodged the question.

I think David was saying Doug was irresponsible to say whatever he said. Doug countered with, in so many words, “I’m a glib provocateur / analyst and that’s what glib provocateurs do….”.   That made perfect sense to me.

Doug Gottlieb competes with dozens of other glib provocateuring whozits who say off-the-cuff crap hoping hair-trigger knee-jerks like Roy will rise to the bait and turn a glib comment into a 2-3 day mini-brouhaha. It is similar to “chumming” for fish.

Brouhahas attract board monkeys-types and sports’ networks ad sales guys like “those people” because they buy cell phones, car insurance, fast food, and, I guess, Viagra.

The other enduring lesson from this is a grim reminder that:

EVERYTHING about Big Time College Sports revolves around semi-literate 17 y/os with tattoos, funny haircuts and vocabularies limited to one dozen very well-worn clichés.

Ol’ Roy is already burdened with “all that junk” about eligibility scams et al. That he now has to explain whatever Doug Gottlieb said just further complicates his life.  Poor poor pitiful Ol’ Roy.  And that’s on top of the vertigo.

ASIDE: Last week I really made an effort to watch the UNC v Duke game. Since it started at 9:00 I decided to watch from our Bedroom Home Theater. Bad idea. I remember the score being 12-10…. next thing I knew, that skinny kid from Kinston was being interviewed as folks streamed out of “the lower level” in varying stages of life-threatening dejection. I figured Duke won. I watched ten minutes of repetitive post-game analysis about Roy and Time-outs. Then switched channels to something about George Washington possibly being a space alien. …. I was told the next day that Grayson Allen / Allen Grayson (a Duke player?) uses Dudley Bradley’s old tire iron to clear out the lane when he charges.

Today I’m having lunch at a cafeteria in Wake Forest with Bre’r Kennel and “Tom” – another hard-core Wuffie. I’m pretty sure there will be butta beans, stewed tomatoes and more than a few questions about The Great Unpleasantness.

…. and probably what do I think about what Roy said about what Doug said and why David Glenn wouldn’t say who He thinks will replace Roy. …. For sure Phil Jackson, Pat Riley and Larry Brown are still on “the short list”.

If I am lucky they will have lemon meringue pie too.

Cafeteria Update:  We did indeed go to the World Famous’ Forks in Wake Forest, just a stone’s throw from Southeastern Seminary.  I had chicken pot pie – butta beans – turnip greens & Hershey Bar Cake.   Forks’ owners Don & Karen Winstead greeted me with “Just Holler If You Need Anything ….”.  Great meeting “Tom The Wuff”.



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