Coeds, Nekkid Jocks and Madeleine Albright ?

Madeleine Albright
February18/ 2016

Ya know… some Internet Legends go their entire lives and never write that headline.  I always figured I would be one of them.

Are you already quite tired of Peyton O’ Peyton… or are you reveling in the public embarrassment of a sports iPeyton Manningcon? Are you eagerly anticipating the “next one” to fall?

As we predicted in our earlier discussion, when the smoke clears – I give it three more days before another socio-cultural train wreck diverts our attention – this is going to come down to your personal opinion of Peyton Manning based on how much you bother to read from the self-annointed experts expounding on this made-for-the-Internet mess. There are beau-coups of experts vying for your opinion.

Count me among those with a public website commenting on “all this” but please don’t lump me in with the “here’s what you should think about it” hucksters with their faux-outrage…. and, oh so predictable race-baiting. Remember it’s 2016. EVERYTHING is about R***!

I don’t consider Peyton Manning circa 2016 to be a threat to the womenfolk in my life. If you choose to never order another Papa John pizza that’s between you and Papa John. I no longer eat pizza due to a gluten-thing so I don’t have to deal with that quandary.

My insurance is with State Farm so ditto about Nationwide…. and “chicken parm” and Buick aren’t in my orbit either. I won’t be voting on Peyton’s Pitchman fututre.Brunswick Stew

In full disclosure, I do make retail buying decisions on occasion if a pitchman’s outspoken political opinions differ greatly from my own. Here’s hoping Sean Penn or Bob Kennel never does a Brunswick stew commercial.

Blondie destroyed her Streisand album collection several decades ago in a ceremonial bonfire. The last “record” I bought was so long ago I can’t remember.  Bing Crosby was still alive and Beyonce was not. Are those Dixie Chicks still around?   I do “hold my nose and watch” those Ocean movies with George Clooney.

While I “like” Luke Kuechly, I would NEVER order home security from CPI.   They only claim to protect me from white home invaders. I want protection from a more diverse population of burglars. The short-barreled Mossberg 12 gauge by my bed is color-blind.

The aspect of “whatever Peyton did in that Tennessee locker room in 1996” that most befuddles me is:

college coeds in a locker room filled with (semi) nekkid jocks.

I was out of a sports locker room environ about ten years before “girls” were permitted in as trainers, managers etc. I checked with a quite renown Sports Medicine expert whose career spanned the “OMG girls in the locker room” debut in the late 70s. He reports no “issues” at the prominent Power Five institution he is still associated with.  Somehow it is NOT chaos.

Tennessee Sports Medicine

Girl trainers for boys teams (and boy trainers for girls teams) have been “accepted” for well over thirty years. Almost twenty years before Peyton did what he did.   Apparently there are rules in effect about “proper clothing and conduct”….. about “dating”….. and areas where the opposite sex do not mingle.   Recalling the physical layout of the old Kenan Field House “amid the pines”, such rules would have been “interesting” to say the least.

How “Marion The Barbarian” Barnes would have functioned with a gender neutral locker room is worth a moment’s contemplation.

The legendary John Lacey who was UNC’s Head Trainer from the mid 1950s to the late 1970s could not have dealt with sucJohn Laceyh gender neutrality. To say “Mr Lacey” was old-school was an understatement. UNC waited until he retired before sexually-integrating UNC Athletics.

That Mr. Lacey nor I can imagine “how it works” doesn’t matter. I don’t understand how this computer “works” but it usually does.  It is not necessary that I understand it.

I assume there are also no barriers to those of the homosexual persuasion being in/around (almost) nekkid athletes of ever how many genders there are these days.  UNCCH proudly recognizes at least seven (genders) at last count.

If schools tout their homosexual athletes, coaches and staff as shining testament to their institutional enlightenment, I’m sure “gay trainers” are prevalent in high schools, colleges and the pros. Dealing with a “pulled groin” was tricky back in Choo Choo’s days. The mind reels at how they are treated these days.

Peyton Manning grew up in this current era of gender-blindness in locker rooms so whatever he did, for whatever reason he did it cannot be attributed to ignorance or reluctance to accept the dynamics of a genderless environment.

Playing into “What Peyton Did in 1996”, in addition to the girls & boys thing, is the all-consuming voraciousness of social media. How THAT can hit any situation like a Tsunamic sledgehammer is a reality our society is still trying to come to grips with.

The modern day equivalent of “putting toothpaste back in a tube” is “chasing a tweet thru cyber-space”. Once “it” is out chasing it with a correction or retraction is useless.

Newspapers used to print bald-faced lies or distortions about individuals or institutions it wanted to punish for whatever reasons. When threatened with legal retributions for it’s Above-The-Fold slander, the paper would print a correction in fine print on page 16 knowing no one would see the retraction. Today in social media even that isn’t done.

Once “Marvin hits SEND” the old poker axiom of “a card laid is a card played” is in effect. “Do overs” and “I didn’t mean to’s” can be tried, and they are, but they never catch up to the rampaging wave.

Peyton Manning will never again be The Peyton Manning we saw amid the confetti in Levi Stadium.

I’m not saying Peyton is or is NOT deserving of his current “image problem”. There is a consistency to the “facts” of what happened in 1996 that can never fit The Manning Family model. With or without whatever “cover-up” was, or was not, attempted in 2003…. Peyton is not “Peyton” any more.

Will he lose his endorsements? Yes, I believe he will. Should he? That’s between him and his business partners. He was “hired” because of his image.  An image that has certainly been affected by this; regardless of where “this” goes.   We should almost hope all the sordid details ARE correct.  It would be a shame to destroy his reputation with a lie.

Jason Whitlock, a provocatively prominent black sports journalist has attacked the original report in the New York Daily News by a Shaun King. Whitlock says King is a fraud, a race-baiter, and an all-around POS. Here are Whitlock’s comments….

If you have chosen not to notice the grim reality of our society today – that TRUTH is whatever you want it to be even if it isn’t – or chose to blame that on whoever you consider “the evil them”.

Whatever you believe about “the essential goodness of the community of humankind”….. that is up to you.

Be sure there are other icons of sports, entertainment, business, religion, politics out there who have similar skeletons of some ilk in their respective closets…. waiting to explode across the Internet. Some of them are watching Peyton Manning’s plight and smugly Skeletonsdismissing “they’ll never find out about what I did….”.    Some are likely to be people you currently like / admire / support.

Imagine if Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle or John F. Kennedy had lived their celebrity in the era of cellphone cameras and Twitter. How might History have been different.  Or would it?

Here’s hoping those skeletons, if reported, do actually exist…. and are not simply fabricated to destroy the reputations and careers of those named.  If 50% of Conspiracy Theories are bogus – but which 50%;  might we assume the same for Character Defaming Headines?

Regardless, if your hero acts un-heroically…. please don’t be a Madeleine Albright. We told you about this quite demented ol’ crone a year or so ago. Madame Albright fiercely defended Bill Clinton in the wake of his lengthy litany of sexual predationsMadeleine Albright.

When Clinton finally sat her down and confessed to her “Madeline, I did it”; she fiercely re-informed him “No Mr President, you didn’t” ????

Please don’t be Madeleine Albright. That’s just stoopid.


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