Is A Hero Just A Sandwich? Peyton Oh Peyton….

Peyton Manning
February14/ 2016

Yes, I know the website looks a little different.  I’ll be explaining all that in a few days.  It’s a “good thing”….

Prologue:  I don’t HAVE to post this, or any, story here. I have NO obligation to inform you of Anything… be it on-going shenanigans “amid Kenan’s lofty pines” or clay-foot revelations concerning individuals you (or I) may like or dislike for whatever reasons.  “Reasons” that usually relate to a specific school, team, or political affiliation.

But if I PURPOSELY withheld stories you might not otherwise see because those stories cast a negative light on the images of institutions or individuals I happen to “like” and/or wish to protect, then…

I would be no different from so-called mainstream media who go to great lengths to protect their favorite candidates or causes.   I prefer to think I’m better than those no-count, low-life sumbitches.  So… here goes.


As he, hopefully, prepares to “walk off into the sunset” of his first-ballot Hall of Fame career; an incident from Peyton Manning’s Peyton Manningpast has emerged to potentially severely tarnish his image. The specifics of that incident are detailed below.

This allegation is NOT related to the on-going allegations involving Peyton Manning and HGH.

The specific incident supposedly occurred in 1996 while he was at the Univ of Tennessee. It seems to have been a stoopid sophomoric locker room incident involving a female medical staffer. That could be, and will be by many, dismissed as “boys will be boys” and the obligatory “outsiders don’t understand about sports teams”.  Compounding the incident itself is evidence of “a multi-layered cover-up” by The Manning Family. ….. again, detailed below.

WHY is this coming out NOW?…. twenty years after the incident and it’s supposed resolution?  I dunno.

NOTE:  It should be noted that in 1996, Peyton Manning’s QB coach was Duke’s David Cutcliffe.  It would be logical to expect that Coach Cutcliffe is personally aware of both “what happened” and how it was “dealt with” by the team and the university.

I’m not telling you how you should “feel about Peyton Manning” or that this allegation / revelation should change your opinion. Defend him “just because” or castigate him “just because”. Your call.

Use this as leverage to defend the actions of other athletes you may “like better”. Say this proves they are “all a buncha”. Again, your call.

Make this somehow “about race” because it is 2016 and everything is “somehow about race”.

I will be curious how this resonates across America’s Sports / Political / Entertainment Landscape. Predicting the various categories of reactions across the spectrum is easy enough. If you are a long time visitor here, I would hope you can do that without my tutelage.

My Favorite, of course, is the fiercely adamant:

“This could NEVER happen with (insert my favorite sports / political figure) because…. well just because it couldn’t, that’s why.” ….


I close with the final scene from The Green Berets.  Ham chunkColonel Kirby(John Wayne) tells the little Viet Nam orphan – Hamchunk – that his beloved Peter-san has been killed….

“Son, you always knew this could happen”

“I know.  But I didn’t want it to.”



Peyton Manning’s darker past: Why a Tennessee sexual assault scandal has resurfaced

Peyton Manning’s squeaky clean résumé has a stain — rendered as indistinct as a watermark, hidden beneath layers of corporate-sponsored stamps and a convenient narrative written in ink.

That stain is somehow both well-known and best-kept secret. The last few weeks saw sports scribes parse and pick apart Cam Newton’s personality. And the last few weeks saw a series of hagiographic, genuflecting tributes written about Manning — the man seemingly leaving the game on his white horse and his high horse; the man of character, charisma and commercial contracts; the man other men should aspire to be.

And all the while, the story of sexual assault allegations against Manning at Tennessee slipped, conveniently, beneath the bluster.

PHOTOS: Manning’s many looks | MORE: Manning’s next move? 9 options

Not today. The story has resurfaced in a big way, in large thanks to a columnfrom Shaun King, a lightning-rod writer of the New York Daily News more famous for his influence in the realm of racial inequality and police-inflicted violence.

King’s damning breakdown hinges on a 74-page document obtained by USA Today in 2003 containing details of a sexual assault case that originated from a 1996 incident involving Manning and esteemed Tennessee trainer Dr. Jamie Naughright. A document that USA Today seemingly treated with kid gloves before allowing Manning to continue his journey toward becoming America’s endorsement darling.

“As his career winds down, we’re left to grapple with the reality that there is credible evidence that Peyton and the Manning family knowingly, willingly, wantonly ruined the good name and career of Dr. Jamie Naughright, a respected scholar, speaker, professor, and trainer of some of the best athletes in the world,” King writes, later offering a synopsis that minces no words:



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