Crime & Punishment ???

Criminal Justice
February08/ 2016

A BobLeeSays ….. WhaddaYouThink ???

We’re trying something new here.   Your chance to SOUND OFF on an issue.

In the wake of last week’s Louisville’s Self-Punishment for Ho-Gate, the question arises AGAIN of what is a proper punishment to fit a crime as regards “cheating” in Big Time College Sports….

“If you were in charge…. based on your level of intellectual acuity”

What Should/Could The NCAA Do Relative To Crime / Punishment.

Crime Punishment

RULE #1:  As much as there may still be a few reclusive Chinese somewhere in a remote province who need to see the word “UNCheats” 10,000 more times lets NOT get stuck in that rut today.  I do appreciate that battle cry is “oxygen” for many of you. … The scope of TGU is, as oft-noted, unprecedented in duration and malevolence.  Whatever and whenever a “final ruling” comes down, it will only throw more jet fuel on the discussion regardless of the severity or lack of….

Lets talk about more typical crap today…. as if $10,000 worth of skanks is “typical”.

Ol’ Roy, in typical O’ Roy style, did a long-winded sympathetic defense of “poor poor Rick…. I feel his pain blah blah …. having to tell his youngsters blah blah”.  Not a word about THEY FRICKIN’ CHEATED.

If “penalizing kids who were not around then” is, agreed, “not fair”…. and with drawn-out investigations over several years that will ALWAYS be a factor…. what IS “fair” punishment to fit such “illegal recruiting…. and benefits” crimes?

Some choices are:

  • Post-season bans
  • Fire Coach…. & Suspend him from any other NCAA gig for “X” years
  • Fine Coach “X” % of salary
  • Limit Scholarships for “X” years
  • Fine school “X” millions
  • …. combinations of the above.
  • Or something else ????Braveheart

Let’s stop short of a Braveheart-style “drawn & quartered” UNLESS, of course, it involves “a hated rival”.


Your Thoughts ???

Yes… I will cross-examine your suggestions.  So think them thru before commenting.



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