A Permanent Super Bowl Site ?

New Orleans
February04/ 2016

Here’s one of those “sports’ arguments” that qualify as “playing solitaire with a deck of 51”.  You can list all the reasons why and they all be solid as they can be… and it won’t matter.

Do away with the designated hitter…. make NFL and college playing rules the same…. allow PGA Tour golfers to wear shorts …. get rid of 50% of bowl games…. get rid of the WNBA…. etc.

Pick a permanent location for The Super Bowl… and it oughta be New Orleans?

New Orleans

I have attended one Super Bowl – #II (#2) in Miami @ the old Orange Bowl in 1968.  I cannot imagine any circumstances in which I will ever attend another one including two free tickets and all travel expenses paid.  Of course, I could almost say that about ever attending ANY sports event at this point in my life….

I watch every Super Bowl “because”…. at home with Blondie and some sort of chili, beef stew sorta dinner.   I don’t go to Super Bowl “parties” for the same reason I don’t hit myself in the head with a ball peen hammer.

The media mega-overkill of a Super Bowl has never been more obnoxious, IMO, than this year with CAM-Mania and the 100% media-generated “THEY HATE ME ‘CAUSE I’M BLACK” Crap.   A handful of people expressing their opinions turned into ANOTHER Referendum on Race In America. ….. where was I?

It truly doesn’t matter to me where the game is played.  All I see is a football game on a football field in a big stadium…. where that big stadium is doesn’t matter other than if it is a dome stadium or an open stadium affected by weather.

I prefer that weather NOT be a factor.  That goes back to The Ice Bowl between Dallas vs Green Bay.   I was a Cowboys fan back then.   I appreciate “purists” claiming “that’s the way George Halas said the game oughta be played” …. in bad weather.   I don’t think George ever said that.   Peahead Walker never said it either.

The following article makes the case that New Orleans is the ideal permanent location for the game because Nawlins is built to handle a Super Event for all concerned.   OK, but since I’m not attending, why do I care?

I will use this article’s premise to add 3-4 other rotating “permanent sites” like The R&A does for the British Open.

All of “my sites” will be below the Mason-Dixon Line.  In no particular order….

New Orleans…. Phoenix…. Jerry’sWorld…. Atlanta (New Dome)….  LA (Stan’sWorld)…. and, reluctantly, Miami.   The Miami Stadium situation is “stoopid” but we need an Eastern Seaboard/Florida site and Miami has enough temptations of the flesh to guarantee several players will get in trouble…. always a staple of any Super Bowl.

I appreciate that “Roger” has to please his “bosses” / owners so we will always get a Minneapolis / Detroit / NYC location every 4-5 years.

I wish there was only a week to OVER-KILL the game with media-flatulence instead of two.  That won’t ever happen either. …. sigh.




New Orleans is the only city that should ever host the Super Bowl

Tyler Kaufman-USA TODAY Sports

The Super Bowl is being held in San Francisco this year.

Well, actually, it isn’t. It’s being held in Santa Clara, 44 miles down the 101 from San Francisco, nearly an hour commute (unless you hit bad traffic, in which case, good luck my friend). Most people going to the game will stay in San Francisco and drive to the game, I imagine, those that can’t find a hotel room in Santa Clara. I’m sure some fans will be in Oakland, others in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Atherton.

So now you’ve got the Super Bowl being played where many of the fans there will have to spend lots of time commuting to and from the game. The backdrop of the game for the people on TV will be Santa Clara, California, a lovely town to be sure, but come on.

This is ridiculous, and it reinforces a belief I’ve held dear for a long time: Only one city should New Orleansever host the Super Bowl, and that city is New Orleans.

Before I make my argument, let’s address the elephant in the room. I know that the last time New Orleans hosted the Super Dome the lights shut out in the middle of the game. I have not forgotten that. But here’s my counterpoint: That was hilarious and awesome. Who wants cold efficiency when you can have the delightful screwups of a place like New Orleans?

Sure the lights went off, but they got ’em back on! And we all got to hang out and watch more commercials and drink and eat. It was a fun talking point.

So the whole lights-shutting-off thing doesn’t matter. And I’ve got nine other reasons that NOLA is the only choice to host the big game.




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