Chapel Hill Media Covers for Local Anarchists

February01/ 2016, the on-line version of WCHL-FM97.9 is apparently the only media organization in the Triangle NOT acquainted with the UNControllables – the rather infamous Chapel Hill-based anarchists / domestic terrorists.

Or at least news reporter Blake Hodge is totally unaware…. OR Blake Hodge is shilling for the junior anarchists.  Which is it Blake?

We learned all about the UNControllables over a week ago. – LINK  …. UNC’s Daily Tar Heel has quite a file on this bunch.

It really didn’t take much digging at all.  How it was this “lovely little gang of would be-Weathermen” who were the “concerned students” involved in the profanity-laced protests at the recent UNC Board of Governors meeting.

One can understand that the majority of / WCHL readers/listeners have been hard-wired to hate both (1) the current (Republican- WCHLdominated) BOG…. and (2) incoming UNC System President Margaret Spellings.   Maybe Blake is similarly hard-wired?

Hey, it IS Chapel Hill – Carrboro after all.  Maybe Blake Hodge is simply telling them what they want to hear…. or NOT telling what they would rather not know.  Which is it, Blake?

WCHL/ was recently purchased by California-based investor – Leslie Rudd – with four local partners.  If this “selective reporting” is an indication of how they intend to “cover local news” we might need to keep an eye on’em.  Not that it would do any good.   It IS Chapel Hill after all… or, as my SaidWhatMedia buddy BobLee likes to say – “down the Franklin Street rabbit hole”.

Yes… this interview was conducted by a journalism student – Alex Thomas – but it posted under Blake Hodge by-line.



UNC Protester Says Group Will ‘Always’ Ask for Margaret Spellings’ Dismissal

By Blake Hodge

Posted February 1, 2016 at 12:34 pm Protests

Four protesters were arrested at the UNC Board of Governors meeting last Tuesday.

The group was protesting the election of Margaret Spellings at UNC System President.

The magistrate did not find probably cause for charges against one student. But the other three individuals were charged with counts ranging from disorderly conduct to resisting an officer and even assault on a law enforcement officer causing serious injury.

One of those arrested was Femi Mimi Brown Shittu, who spoke with Carolina Connections’ Alex Thomas about the incident and the protesters’ plans going forward.   (NOTE: you owe it to yourself to listen to this 2-minute “interview”. It is “a hoot”.)

The protesters are due in court on February 4.

The next meeting of the Board of Governors is slated for March 4 at Fayetteville State University. That will be the first meeting under the direction of Spellings.


Carolina Connection is the radio news magazine produced by students in the University of North Carolina School of Media and Journalism. You can hear Carolina Connection Saturdays throughout the semester at 8:30 on 97.9FM/1360AM WCHL, immediately following the Chapelboro Week in Review.


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