Haymaker “throws a haymaker” at Little Lord Nelson

January30/ 2016

My dear friend and fellow Internet Provocateur – Daily Haymaker (DH) – has “thrown a haymaker” at General Assembly Scallywag – Little Lord Nelson” Dollar.

Nelson Dollar is, of course, one of the Arch Puppeteers in “Tiny Tim” Moore’s Cabal in the NC General Assembly.Nelson Dollar

Putting aside all the litany of grievances DH notes about Nelson Dollar’s preferred style of jack-booted governing….

I LOVE the Double Double Entrendre usage of “Little Lord” as in “Faultneroy”…. and “Lord Nelson” as in the legendary British Admiral. …. BRILLIANT…. Simply BRILLIANT!

Here’s the link to Daily Haymaker’s “Haymaker at Lord Nelson”….

NOTE:  I am only providing a dollop of DH’s column so you will need to LINK to his site.   DH deserves oodles and oodles of “hits” for this one …..



#NCGA: If I had a DOLLAR for every time someone said ‘Cease and Desist’ …


It appears that one Mr. Joseph Nelson Dollar, esq. of Cary township is a bit cranky these days.  A really rich guy is buying a lot of ads against him, and he’s got a primary opponent:

Bob Luddy, one of Raleigh’s biggest conservative political donors, is spending $40,000 to create a new political committee opposing House budget writer Nelson Dollar of Cary.



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