UNC Protesters EXPOSED as “UNControllables”

January29/ 2016

NOTE:  An AgentPierce RE-Post….UNControllables

NOTE:  The picture with this post is not the junior anarchists discussed below…. but it could be.   The UNC protesters are equally as aberrant to any definition of “normal”.

We can now reconfirm that The recent UNC Board of Governors “protesters” were ….


Members of an infamous gang of domestic terrorists in Chapel Hill-Carrboro known as The UNControllables.

They are well-indoctrinated junior union thugs and radical anarchists.  ….  NOT “concerned students making their collective voices heard.”

Their stated objective is (1) to disrupt society and (2) draw attention to themselves ….. with the full enthusiastic support of the mainstream media specifically Jim Goodmon’s WRAL and McClatchey’s News & Observer.

Their “beef” is not with Margaret Spellings.  Their “beef” is with mainstream society that they are too mal-adjusted to ever fit into.

Here’s MORE about this “lovely bunch of cocoanuts” LINK

….referred to by WRAL and N&O as simply “concerned UNC students who….” already hate Margaret Spellings as much as we do.  “We” being Jim Goodmon and The N&O.

Chicago is famous for deep-dish pizza.  Newcastle is famous for Coal.   Chapel Hill-Carrboro is infamous as a sanctuary / “a breeding ground” for… radical political anarchists over the years.  These obscene clowns have been around for years under various names.   Obama’s buddies with The Weathermen and their ilk.

There is nothing “normal” about these misfit toys….   Mainstream students getting “involved” in University policy-making is fine… and encouraged.  There is nothing mainstream about these obscene bug-eyed lunatics.  As sure as God made little green apples these bug-eyed lunatics will BE BACK to disrupt future Board of Governor meetings.

…. and WRAL and The N&O will give them applauding above-the-fold coverage.   Their anti-social behavior serve Jim Goodmon and McClatchey’s deep-seated hatred for the Republican-controlled UNC Board of Governors. 

We know – for a Fact – that WRAL-TV5 knows who these people are …. but has made a conscious decision NOT to tell you.   Why??




By Bob Harris on January 28, 2016 in Universities

Hitler’s Nazis had their Beer Hall Putsch and now the SEIU labor bosses have brought in student anarchists in their putsch to overthrow order on the UNC Board of Governors and block any university reform.

Of course, you won’t get any of this from the media. But dig a little deeper .

The News and Observer said the recent demonstration against the UNC BOG meeting was announced by Faculty Forward Network.  Faculty Forward Network says they grew out of SEIU Faculty Forward.

So the unions are running this UNC protest show…. and an anarchist group that carries the banner “Fuck the Police” is the shock troops. WRAL interviewed protest leader Mitch Xia.  And of course, WRAL didn’t fill in anything about her background .   She’s part of the UNControllables.

The Daily Tarheel says ”If you’ve seen the “Fuck the Police” banners in the Pit, chances are you’ve come across…

The UNControllables – UNC’s official anarchist organization.”

The UNControllables think they’re profound. “Senior Ellen Green described the UNControllables as a group that “hates cops and loves puns.”  Mitch Xia agreed, and then she gestured towards a classroom projecting anti-police protests in Montreal.

Mitch said: “We stand for, you know, overthrowing the tyrants.” …. Yep. Profound. They stand for abolishing prisons, profit and property.

And while students are often portrayed as crazy liberals, most students don’t agree with the anarchists. The Student Congress rejected their demand for funding.

But the unions are more than willing to use the anarchists to do their dirty work of opposing reform. The BOG deserves credit for standing up to bully boy tactics.


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