Florida State Fat Cats ante up “a Million Three” for…

Florida State Fans
January27/ 2016

Podcast Guy.. A BobLee DoublePlay:  Podcast (Above) AND Column (Below)

.. Note: This Podcast “just might” rank up there with Andy Griffith’s “What it Was, Was Football”.  I’m just sayin…


Forget Indoor Practice Facilities (IPFs)…. Dave’s “more charging stations” and Dabo’s mini-golf.  Now there’s a new item on the menu for braggin’ rights-obsessed “Fat Cats” to fork over Big $$$$ to Dear Ol’ Alma Mammy ……

Legal fees when Billy BlueChip doesn’t think ‘No Means No’”.

Known around Doak-Campbell as The Jenn Sterger “Our Boys Will Be Boys” Hush Fund.

Florida State CriminolesFlorida State Fat Cats will be covering $1,300,000 of the $1,700,000 in accrued legal fees for Jameis Winston’s much-publicized “date gone wrong”.   FSU Fat Cat Wrangler David Rancourt announced on Tuesday.

So you’re a Seminole Fat Cat, lets say in Apalachicola or Pensacola or one of the Florida ‘colas. …. You own a Kia dealership out on the By-pass and sales have been really slow lately.  Your over-paid sales guys spending too much time surfin’ Internet porn and not enough time closin’ deals.  …. Missus Fat Cat has been whinin’ and bitchin’ about new “window treatments” for the lake house…. plus Fat Cat Jr needs some serious orthodonture.  If it ain’t one thing it’s another….. ain’t THAT the Truth.

Your iPhone 6s goes Ringy Dingy…. a call from David Rancourt…..Florida State Fans

“Hey Bubba how you doin’?  Ain’t we happy that Dabo lost to Nick?  Our ‘Noles are still Kings of The ACC…. (make tomahawk chop sound)…. tell ya why I’m callin’, Bubba.  We got us a little situation and need your help.   Remember that lyin’ skank that tried to take down our boy Jameis a few years back?  Well her sleazy ambulance-chasin’ bloodsucking lawyers found a judge that musta been a Gator fan.  ….. and we gotta come up with a million three to make it go way…. can I put you down for say $50 Grand?
….. Cletus that owns ‘dem 27 Tatt Parlours across The Panhandle just anted up his $50Gs, sJenn Stergero I’m sure we can count on you too….. Right?

….. Great.   Next time you’re in Tallahassee, I’ll see if Jimbo and Candi can join us for…. oops, check that….  I’ll see if Jimbo…. can join us for a coupla pops at Sharky’s.  Maybe I can get Jenn Sterger?…. GO NOLES!

And Bubba starts figuring how he can hide that $50Gs check from Missus Bubba.  It ain’t like Bubba Jr HAS to have straight teeth…. this year.

And that is how it is in the Wacky World of Juggernaut Football …..



Florida State Boosters to cover $1.3M in Attorney Fees


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP)Florida State University’s booster organization will pay most of the defense fees from a lawsuit brought by a former student who said the school failed to adequately investigate allegations that she was raped by quarterback Jameis Winston.

Seminole Boosters Chairman David Rancourt said in an email to members that the organization will pay about $1.3 million of the university’s $1.7 million legal fees. The state’s Risk Management Fund will pay the remainder and the $950,000 settlement to Erica Kinsman and her attorneys. The Title IX lawsuit was settled Monday.

Rancourt said the group has long provided supplemental funding to be used by the school.
Those funds came from money generated by business operations and not private donations that fund student-athlete scholarships and athletics. ….. a/k/a – The Jenn Sterger “Our Boys Will Be Boys” Hush Fund.

Copyright 2016 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


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