That Damn Marty – “The Shakespeare of Greensboro”

Marty Kotis
January23/ 2016

Critics of Bill Shakespeare – a/k/a “The Bard of Avon” – groused that he wasn’t so great…. “He just took a lot of famous quotations and strung’em together.”

If I have to explain that quip you probably aren’t going to get any of this story…. go read something else.

Bill Belichek and Nick Saban have their critics too.  ….. “It’s easy to win games when you have the best teams…..”Marty Kotis

Similarly, critics of Greensboro Real Estate/Restaurant Mogul Marty Kotis might say…. “So what, it’s easy to be successful when you keep opening popular restaurants.”…. ????

Who came up with those “famous quotes”?
Who puts together and maintains that string of “best teams”?” …. and
Who keeps coming up with and developing those popular restaurant concepts?

Regular visitors to this website (and to AgentPierce’s) know….

AP and I are both fans of Marty Kotis….. also known as “That Damn Marty” of The UNC BOG.

Yes – The Restaurant King of Greensboro – is also the same Marty Kotis that has become The UNC Board of Governors’ version of Bushwood Country Club’s “Al Czervik” – (Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack.). .

…. Neither Marty nor Al could ever seem to grasp “how we do things around here”.  Actually they do understand, they just “do things” differently.   In Marty’s case, he keeps asking questions that the “hoitiest of the toity” of the BOG wish he wouldn’t ask….. bless his heart.

That same compulsion to “ask Why Not” and to defy convention has made Marty very successful in “the restaurant biz” – one of, if not THE, riskiest of all the niches of commercial real estate.

Developing successful restaurant concepts is akin to beating a “guy named Slim” at the poker table.  You might win a hand or two, but at the end of the night, Slim has all your chips.   Marty seems to “beat Slim” nearbout every time.

Here the story of Marty Kotis – The Wheelin’ Dealin’ Restaurant King of Greensboro.


Kotis: Putting his stamp on Greensboro one deal at a time

Posted: Sunday, January 17, 2016 12:00 am


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