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Cam Newton
January07/ 2016

Cam Newton joins “The Weather” and “Barbecue” as Universal Opinion Magnets.  “EVERYBODY”, apparently, has “an opinion” about’em.

Hey, do you want to be “like Weather and Barbecue” too?

Then do some/all of the following….
(1)    Be the Quarterback on a 15-1 NFL team in “a small market”.  THAT is the hardest part.
(2)    Do a silly “Look At Me” dance when you score a Touchdown.
(3)    Wrap a towel around your head on the sidelines.  (??)
(4)    Dress in “Hey Look At Me” flamboyant fashions.
(5)    Give away footballs to kids in the stands…. and
(6)    You and your girlfriend have a baby “out of wedlock”.

It helps if one does all this in a relatively “small market” like, say, Charlotte where there is a smidge of we don’t act like THAT around here.   “Normal” in a NYC or LA ain’t normal in a Charlotte and vicey versy.

I wrote an earlier piece about Cam Newton in which I said his behavior (see above list) doesn’t personally bother me because I simply don’t care one way or the other.  I still don’t.  I am confident my indifference will not interfere with Newton’s practice for The Playoffs.

If “a Manning” or a Drew Brees started “behaving like that” I might wonder “how come they are doing that”; but they haven’t.

I am no longer anyone’s “target demographic”.  There are, apparently, not enough “me’s” still above ground to matter.  I know I’m NOT the only one who watches NCIS and Blue Bloods so I’m not quite “an old Eskimo on an ice floe” but I’m getting there.MAY2562.pvw

The NFL and certainly The NBA are overt sports personifications of African-American Millennial Culture.  College FB / BB are too.  Why should that surprise anyone? …… “bother anyone” is another issue all together.

“Culture” is not a right/wrong thing.  Culture is a “different thing”.  So long as “The Government” allows me a choice, I opt for White Baby Boomer Culture.  I would not expect Cam Newton to opt for that.  TomAto – Tomahto.

“How” did those sports get “that way” is a legitimate question to ponder from a sociological / anthropological standpoint.  But denying “they are” is a silly waste of time best left to (1) ostrichs…. (2) your crazy Uncle Burt…. (3) UNC’s Dr. Debbie Don’tDoLunch…. and (4) Wake Forest Univ’s Terminally Constipated Angry Afro-curmudgeonette Melissa Harris-Perry.

I, of course, Nostradamusized all this 4-5 years ago in my epoch – Spectators & Gladiators…. and n’er the twain shall meet.

Back to Cam Newton.   Last month “a lady in Eastern Tennessee” wrote a LTTE (Letter To The Editor) of The Charlotte Observer “complaining” about Cam Newton’s end zone dances.   That faction of society that doesn’t like “ladies from Eastern Tennessee” or “people like her” (whatever THAT means) went BONKERS calling her all the usual nasty names we call those with opinions different from ours these days.  One of the more popular epithets starts with “r” and ends in “…acist”.

That “lady in Eastern Tennessee” didn’t claim to be speaking for anyone but herself but the LTTE staff at the financially beleaguered Charlotte Observer figured creating a Racial Brouhaha would be a fun thing to do…. so they did.

All failing McClatchy newspapers LOVE fueling Racial Brouhahas like a pig loves mud.

Earlier this week, there were TWO (a/k/a “a groundswell”) LTTEs expressing dismay that Cam Newton has fathered a child “out-of-wedlock”.   That a dancing QB with a towel wrapped around his head would “father a child out of wedlock” should ignite two LTTEs is surely a Sign of End of Days.  The CharlObsv did not say if there were A Buncha letters of concern or just those two.

I have no idea how many “out-of-wedlock baby daddies” there are in The NFL / NBA but it is more than a handful…. and does not include “a Manning” or Drew Brees…. that I am aware of.   No, I don’t know why Ashley Manning was taking anti-aging HGH.  The “get married” then “have a baby” sequence is viewed differently in different cultures.  Again, I prefer “mine”.

If the Panthers were not 15-1 would Cam Newton’s behavior concern that “lady in Eastern Tennessee” or the two people concerned about his baby-daddy issue?   Who knows?

If Johnny Manziel was the starting QB of a 15-1 Cleveland Browns, every team in the NFL would be going to Las Vegas every weekend…. wearing blond wigs and Groucho glasses.

I think Cam has worn that silly towel around his head for several years and he has been rather “flamboyant” since he first BURST on the sports page at Auburn.

If The Panthers were 1-15, the Panthers fan lunatic fringe would be A LOT more upset than those three LTTE writers.   Lunatic Fringe nutjobs get way more agitated over three consecutive L’s than they do about “towels” and “babies”.

IF The Panthers don’t make it to The Super Bowl, look for Cam Newton’s assorted eccentricities to receive more attention from “concerned fans” and NOT just “one lady from Eastern Tennessee”

…. but not from me.


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