Water Always Wins …..

Cape Girardeau Flood Wall
January04/ 2016

Last year I posted a column about Living Beside A Very Big River – The Mississippi.   Blondie’s Home Town – Cape Girardeau. Missouri , 100 miles south of St Louis, is separated from The Big River by a 20’ high Flood Wall.

Cape River

The Flood Wall protects the Downtown area but peripheral countryside both North and South are vulnerable to current “record-flooding” conditions brought on by heavy rains along the Mississippi at St Louis and further north.

The last time we were “in Cape” I asked Al The Former Mayor if The River could ever breech The Wall.   “Very very unlikely” Al said, because “water always seeks its own level”. 

Across The River in Illinois the land is very very flat for 10+ miles eastward.   That land is 5-10’ lower than the top of The Wall so the flooding river would spread out in that direction before breeching The Wall.

That hydrological absolute is small comfort to Cape Girardeauians watching “it’s River” get angrier and angrier… Not nice to fool with Mother Nature!

Cape Girardeau Flood Wall


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