BLS: ..It’s Planet Dabo. We just get to live on it.

Dabo Swinney
January02/ 2016

Dabo SwinneyRegardless of the outcome on January 11…. if DaboWorld was a planet it is now no smaller than Saturn.   Maybe Alabama and Ohio State get to fight it out to be Jupiter; and certainly JimboWorld, LSU, and 2-3 others are also on a short list of very significant planets…. but the gravitational pull of Planet Dabo is undeniable.

NOTE:  “My team” is now officially Stanford for waaay too many reasons to start naming.  Their #5 – Young Mr McCaffrey – might be “THE #2 All-Time Christian”, having relegated The Apostle Paul into 3rd Place.  (What about Laettner?  What about him?)  …. If Stanford HFC David Shaw is not “The Man you would want coaching your son” you might rethink your parental qualifications.

With Condi Rice as its Provost, Stanford’s “radical nutjob faction” will never have the amplified voice such mini-mobs o’ mouthy maniacs are granted at UNCCH, Duke, Wake Forest, et al. … as usual, I’m digressing.

EVERY college and pro sports program and its fan base, lunatic fringe and otherwise; whines “we don’t get no respect ….. everybody puts us down…. waaaa…. blah blah”.  Hell, there are Yankee, Laker and Kentucky BB fans forever stuck in “we don’t get no …..” mode.   I tune “all that” out. …. yawn.   You should tune it out too – unless you are one of the loonies stuck in “we don’t get no ….” mode too.

BTW…. the average age of “we don’t get no respect” whiners is lower than their IQ which is about equal to the number of doughnuts in a dozen.   NOT something to post on your resume.

I think what Dabo has done, not just this year, but over the past 6-7 years is OUTSTANDING by comparison to his contemporaries among College Football Juggernauts.

Clemson fans, going all the way back when the “T” in IPTAY was $10, are easily among the Top 3-4 year in/year out most loyal in America.   Sure, Clemson has a bottom-feeder element of evolutionary throwbacks…. every fan base does.  I met one of’em when I did a recent bit on Dabo and the punter. I’ll likely meet him or his ilk again now.   I wonder how many of’em think Swinney is Sweeney?  A high % I bet.

Blondie, who is NOT a college (or pro) FB fan at all, still talks about our visit to Death Valley 8-10 years ago…. comparing it only to a Notre Dame experience as Best Gameday Atmosphere Ever.

Death Valley

Dabo’s “Rags To Riches” personal journey is compelling.  Yes, he is The Face of Clemson FB and his oft-eccentric over-the-top behavior is a perfect contrast to the stoic IBM-esque personas of Saban, Urban, et al.  His persona fits his iconic name.  …. That’s why “losing it” with his punter vs UNC was an issue.  Dabo has quite successfully moved on from that.

Beneath the “Goofy Ol’ Dabo being Dabo” persona there is obviously a CEO-Dabo that is managing a staff of his peers successfully.  Losing Chad Morris and not skipping a beat proves Dabo is In Charge.

Yes, there are Dabo-haters out there.  Every human at any celebrity level whatsoever has “- haters”.  It’s 2015…. “Hating” is now a Top Five “What Americans do best” avocation.  Hell, it’s a vocation for some.  I read somewhere that I’m Gonna Hate More in 2016 is actually a popular New Year’s Resolution this week.

With the just announced $50,000,000 “Blinging Up” of Clemson’s already “blinged-up” FB Facilities, Clemson will be “on the very short list” for any semi-literate blue-chipper Dabo wants anywhere in America.  “Meat-on-the-hoof” is not and will not be a problem.   Whatever snarkisms that rival mugwumps say about Clemson’s semi-remote location et al don’t seem to be issues among the semi-literate blue-chip population.

Yes, I think the Great Silly Bling Race is beyond absurd but it is what it is.  If you’re going to throw $$$$ down a bottomless rat hole for Braggin’ Rights ya might has well throw LOTS of it.

IMO, USoCar’s desperation pick of Will Muschamp was the #1 swing / miss of this year’s Coaching Roulette.  That should only strengthens Clemson’s strangle-hold on its in-state meat-on-the-hoof.   With neighboring UGA also in transition, Dabo can continue cherry-picking the neighboring Peach State.

Sure, TeamDabo has its thug-aletes as do all Juggernauts.  The Tiger thuggie caught with COCAINE (!!) last week might have been the #1 Thuggie Incident of this bowl season…. until the TCU QB thug slugged the San Antonio cop at 2 AM.  Game-Set-Match to TCU QB Thug.   All Juggernaut programs just shrug off their omnipresent thuggies as “collateral damage”…. a by-product of Juggernautism.

IPTAY obviously has the very deep pockets to match any offers Dabo will certainly get from desperate Fat Cats elsewhere.  Dabo seems a perfect long-term fit for Clemson and vice versa.

RIGHT NOW…. Czar Swoffy should announce that he is separating Clemson and FlaState into different ACC Divisions.   Don’t call a meeting…. don’t float a rumor…. just do it Johnny.

Clemson & Florida State are now clearly in a two-team league of their own from the other 12/13.   Yes, the occasional upset is always “possible” but don’t bet on it.   Their on-field dominance is not likely to change in the foreseeable future.   Doesn’t matter who Swoffy flips either with (GaTech, VaTech, whoever) but put Clem / FSU in different divisions RIGHT NOW.

Regardless of the outcome versus Alabama …. and if I was a bettor, I would bet on Saban’s Defense handling Deshaun….but maybe not.  It’s a Pick’em.

Dabo has silenced Forever the “Bring Back Danny Ford” gang at The Esso Club.


I’m not the only one with this opinion….




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