Lincoln Riley…. The Next “Big Thing du Jour”

Lincoln Riley
December29/ 2015

Lincoln Riley…. The Next “Big Thing du Jour” in BTCF.

Quick send out an APB (All Points Bulletin) to every Fat Cat at every sleeping giant in Power Five World.  Oklahoma OC Lincoln Riley is officially “THE Next We Gotta Go Get Him” in Big Time College Football.

Young Lincoln (32) is The Messiah …. The Annointed One …. He is Nicolae Carpathia in one of those Nike sideline jackets EVERYBODY wore this Fall.  The one with the stripe down the back.

Hey, I Like Lincoln.  I’ve followed him since Ruff brought him with him from Lubbock to G-Vegas.  I wish him all the success and mega-$$$ that seem destined to be his very soon.  From the following article he is “my kinda guy” fer sure!

He is without a doubt an Offensive Genius as his numbers at ECU and at OU verify.  No one knows if he can be a FB CEO at a Juggernaut / Juggernaut Wannabee; but we KNOW he can light up a scoreboard.  Can he select / oversee a staff of ambitious peers?  Can he deal with the media and politely tolerate insufferably insufferable Fat Cats so they will finance whatever the next recruiting bling is gonna be?  Can he “deal with non-football crap”?

Who cares…. He’s boyishly handsome (because he IS, at 32, almost “a boy”) and he CAN light up a scoreboard…. Let’s Go Get Him for Good Ol’ WhattsMatta U. …. and, of course, Lincoln will certainly want to come to YOUR sleeping giant because you have (1) a Bell Tower …. (2) lots of pretty coeds …. (3) several goofy “traditions” …. and (4) getting semi-literate blue chippers admitted “won’t be a problem”…. wink, wink.

Nicolae Carpathia ???


This quote from Lincoln Riley explains why he’s the hottest coaching commodity


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Oklahoma offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley is arguably the fastest rising star in college football coaching. The 32-year-old Texan has sparked the Sooners‘ run to the College Football Playoff in his first season under Bob Stoops after an impressive run as East Carolina’s offensive coordinator. Earlier this month, Riley won the Broyles Award, honoring the nation’s top assistant. Lincoln Riley

Sources say he has bypassed at least a half-dozen coaching opportunities, including a couple of FBS head coaching jobs.

On Monday, at the Orange Bowl media session, Riley was asked to comment on his fast rise in coaching. He explained that it had to do with being around “really, really good people” — good coaches and being raised by good parents, and he added that he’d also been lucky too.

From there, I thought Riley gave a heck of an answer about exactly how luck has benefitted his career:



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