Ed & Lisa McCaffrey: “…. breeding fast white guys.”

Ed McCaffrey
December08/ 2015

If there’s anything I love more than Brunswick Stew, it is…..

McCaffreysSharp people who DON’T take themselves seriously.

Meet Ed & Lisa McCaffrey…..

Mom & Dad to Max and Christian McCaffrey.

Ed was a Wide Receiver in the NFL for 13 years…..
Lisa is the daughter of Duke Track Legend Dave Sime.

They met when both were student-athletes at Stanford…..

Lisa says their specialty is “breeding fast white guys …….”

Oldest Son Max is a Sr WR at Duke…..

2nd Son – Christian is Stanford’s “Swiss Army Knife” who will likely be #2 in the Heisman Race.

This article ALMOST restores my faith in the future of College Football.



5 Things You Need To Know About Ed & Lisa McCaffrey

If you think your Saturdays are stressful, you won’t believe what the McCaffrey family goes through. Lisa had it tough in the 90’s, watching Ed play 13 NFL seasons for the Giants, 49ers and Broncos. But that pales in comparison to their weekends these days. With three sons all playing big-time football, stress is the McCaffrey’s life. It could hit an all-time high this weekend, as Christian McCaffrey’s Stanford Cardinal play in the Pac-12 Championship game against USC.

Having three sons grow up to be elite football players is no accident. There’s a long line of athletics in this family, and not just on Ed’s side. Both parents have physical prowess dating back generations, and so it’s no surprise their kids love to run. At this pace, the McCaffrey’s could rank as one of the all-time most prolific football families.

Lisa has been called – The #1 Sports Mom in America.   You also have to thank genetics. Lisa has told reporters, “That’s why Ed and I got together–so we could breed fast white guys.

Here’s what you need to know about Ed & Lisa:





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Seems both Sime and Moorman played the Lonesome End position for Duke with Tee M. being a couple of years after Sime . Tee’s QB in their ’61 Cotton Bowl victory was Don Altman . I seem to recall that Moorman , like Sime , also played baseball at Duke but have not yet turned up info on that . Moorman did study to become a doctor AND an attorney and Sime became a doctor after his running days were behind him . Bet he enjoys watching those grandsons play , OR his medically trained mind cringes with every hit… Read more »


The name of Dave Sime likely draws some ???? from many readers . That his daughter might be “adept” at birthing “fast white” guys makes sense to those who know her Dad was one of the world’s two fastest men in the mid-50’s along with Bob Morrow , both white . But Sime also had some football experience at Duke to go along with his track and baseball exploits . He was Duke’s version of Army’s “Lonesome End” , a receiver who normally stood wide out on the line , near the sideline , did not take a conventional stance… Read more »

58 Wolf Kennel
58 Wolf Kennel

BL, it the annals of “Small Worlds” you columns from left field are amazing. I used to room with Dave Sime in Canada playing for the Halifax baseball team in 1956.
My grandchildren are not so swift, but they are reasonalby smart :>))