BL Opines on: Cam Newton’s Dancing

Cam Newton Dance
December01/ 2015

So now its…. “BobLee, what do you think about the brouhaha over Cam Newton’s end zone dancing?”.  Must I have an opinion about EVERYTHING ????  Really!

What do I think about “the dancing” or about “the brouhaha”?  I’m much better at opinions on Brouhahas.

Actually that particular “It’s a Black Thang” brouhaha has now evolved into Stage Two.  A white-guy NFLer did some sort of “Hey Look At Me” thing (it’s “thing” when it’s a white thing) this past Sunday and did not evoke the same Public Outcry that Newton’s Thang evoked.

The white guy dancing NOT causing an Outcry “caused an Outcry”.  Outcry – Outcry – gotta have us an Outcry! …. so says some little ESPN SportsCenter pinhead.

Cam Newton DanceUp-To-Speed:  Several weeks ago Panther QB Cam Newton scored a TD and went into an impromptu End Zone Dance.  The usual “Look At Me” …. “In Yo Face” …. “Strut Around” …. “One Man Drumline” thang that has become commonplace with a lot of AfAm athletes.  Where oh where is “Billy White Shoes” and “Ickey”?

A “mother in Tennessee” wrote a letter to the CharlObserver (I think it was to them) criticizing Newton dancing “like that”.    Did I mention – Cam’s dance included “pelvic thrusts” which could be construed as “simulating a sex act”.   Uh Oh.

BTW:  Blondie swears Cam Newton is Gay.  I think he’s just “metro-sexual”; but I’m not sure what that means.

The concerned mother (lets go ahead and assume “concerned WHITE mother”) felt Newton’s action unsuitable for her children to watch.   I don’t think she Demanded …. Or Else like UNC’s Urkels did… she just said she thought it inappropriate.  WELL……

It’s 2015 in America…. so you KNOW her’s became THE #1 most-discussed LTTE of the Week on ESPN and Elsewhere.  HOW DARE HER express her opinion!

There was no follow-up or call to action by The NFL, The Panthers, or Reverend Barber.  Just this Tennessee (white) mother’s letter expressing her concern.   It was NOT written in blood or contained any references to “da Klan” or any opinion on Planned Parenthood harvesting baby parts.  The Cracka Mamma did not mention if she listens to Talk Radio or knows “a Koch Brother”.Ronda-Rousey--The-Expendables-3-LA-Premiere--20

All the sports news sites I visit used this – White Mother Object To Black QB’s Dance – where they used to put The Daily Ronda Rousey piece.  Since Ronda’s Andy Warhol six months have expired, filler controversy was in demand.   Voila Tennessee Cracka Mamma…..

Enuff about what Tennessee Cracka Mamma thinks.   What does BobLee think?

I didn’t see The Dance in question.  I don’t watch The NFL any more.   Or…. WNBA, World Series of Poker, Oprah, The View, CNN, MSNBC, or Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives.

The BL Don’t Watch list is no longer “a short list”.

WHOA…. BL doesn’t watch Triple D !!!  I used to.  I loved the concept because I am “a Diner kinda guy”.  I even like Guy Fieri – Guy Fierimuch better than “Adam” – the guy that is always trying to eat a 10 lb burrito in 10 minutes, etc.  I’ve never been into televised gluttony, but apparently there IS a market out there.   I recall “gluttony” as one of Caligula’s favorite sports along with watching lions eat Christians.  I’m not into THAT either. ….. But after a year of Guy Fieri and DD&D I realized it was “the same show each week” from different places. …. a LOT of TV shows are “like that”.

The NFL, NBA, Major College FB / MBB are dominated by Black Athletes (and Gasol Brothers and Plumlees).  That is not “an opinion” just like “it is hot in Phoenix in August” is not an Opinion.  It is a Fact.

Black People…. White People…. Brown….. Yellow…. Islamic…. people all have their own culture that defines them as an ethnic group.

In Cary a “dog” is Man’s Best Friend…. in Saigon a “dog” is Lunch.   A Cocker Spaniel probably prefers Cary’s culture, but who’s to say?

You ever notice…. when people start taking about “race issues” and how they feel about “skin color” they often include “…. even polka-dotted people” in listing all the different peoples they are OK with.   I wish they would be more specific about the polka-dots.

To watch a sports event overtly dominated by Black athletes and be disturbed about overt expressions of Black culture (taunting, dreadlocks, tattoos, etc etc etc) is pretty stoopid.  Its 2015.   You Better ‘Act White’ or Else is not posted in any locker room.  Imagine if it was…. Lordy Lordy !!!

Black guys behaving like Black guys should be as shocking as a stadium-full of white folks standing up reverently for the National Anthem.  It’s what (most) white folks do.

If you feel uncomfortable about Black (or Islamic or Gay) culture…. don’t go…. don’t watch….. If you’re not Gay, do you gocartoon-cup-of-tea to Gay Bars?  Not a lot of blacks go to Taylor Swift concerts….. but she sells out every venue she plays.

You DO still have the option of saying “not my cuppa tea”.   I use the “my cuppa tea” option all the time.

Pining for “those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear” is a popular Facebook past time.  I don’t “do Facebook chatting” either.

Pretty much all Entertainment Business is driven by Audience Response a/k/a “box office $$$”.   If millions share Cracka Mamma’s opinion…. who knows?  If not…. well, she’s still entitled to “it”.  THAT is BobLee’s Opinion on That.

Who knows what Deep Dark Depths of Hell America is destined for in the months, years to come?   I’m confident that before all my entertainment options are mandated by Executive Decree, I will be lounging on a New Zealand beach asking a Kiwi “Whatever happened to Peter Snell…. and Bob Charles?”

Peter Snell was a New Zealand Olympic runner before Cam Newton was born.  Bob Charles was a left-handed New Zealand golfer born before Peter Snell or Cam Newton.

PS:  Dear Tennessee Cracka Mamma….. Your LTTE definitely spiked readership to McClatchy’s Charlotte Observer, which is hemorrhaging red ink in very large barrels.   Their Raleigh newspaper, also floundering, wishes you would write THEM a provocative LTTE too.


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