Coaching Carousel Update…. 51 Names & WAGs !!

November23/ 2015

All the Big Time College Coaching vacancies and all the WAG (Wild Ass Guesses) speculations as of 11/22 ….

51 Names (yes, including Fedora, Chizik AND The Butcher).

This is “Died & Gone To Heaven” drivel for board monkeys.

NOTE:  Syracuse fired whoever their coach was today (Mon 11/23) – (it wasn’t Ben Schwarzwalder).  The ACC “could be” looking at FOUR firings/retires – Miami, VaTech, UVa, Syracuse… plus possible leaves with Fedora and Jimbo (LSU?).



Big Picture: 51 most intriguing names in this season’s coaching carousel

With Thanksgiving coming up, the silly season of the coaching carousel is about to kick into high gear. With the firing of Iowa CoachingState’s Paul Rhoads Sunday morning, there are now 12 head-coaching vacancies with many more to come. Here are 51 coaches to keep an eye this winter as things heat up.

1. Les Miles, LSU: Less than one month after his team was No. 1, there has been a flurry of reports that his job is in serious jeopardy due in large part to a stagnant offense. His buyout is huge at $15 million, but the Times Picayune says the Tigers Athletic Foundation can handle that. Can his team show enough spark against A&M to turn the tide? It sounds like it may be a long shot at this time. Then again, if LSU is going to can Miles and eat that buyout and an additional $3 million or $4 million for his staff PLUS chase a guy like Jimbo Fisher who has a $5 million buyout and then set him up, you could be talking about money in the $50 million-$60 million range, which is a fortune to make this move.

2. Tom Herman, Houston: His Cougars stumbled against UConn and fell from the unbeaten ranks to 10-1 as Herman finally lost when forced to play a backup QB. Still, he’s the hottest name in college coaching, and is in play at South Carolina and possibly even bigger jobs even after UH stepped up to boost his salary to $3 million per last week.

3. Gary Patterson, TCU: He has done the heavy lifting building TCU into a powerhouse and has a good AD and now very good facilities. But he could be a guy that USC — and potentially LSU and Texas — target.

5.    Larry Fedora….

18:  Lincoln Riley….

26.  Gene Chizik….

32:  The Butcher….




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5 years ago

Hypothetically lets say LSU fires Les Miles. Then LSU owes him a $15M buyout, Let’s then say LSU hires Jimbo Fisher. So LSU will have to pay Jimbo’s $5.4M buyout. That’s $20.4M just to fire and hire a new coach. Then LSU has to pay Jimbo a new salary worth ~ $6M per year plus other add-ons. At a minimum that’s 26.4M to get the coach LSU thinks it deserves even though Les is 103-29 in Baton Rouge with a .775 winning percentage. Makes complete sense to me. Fire the bum!

5 years ago
Reply to  BobLee

If Les had that record in Chapel Hill they’d build him a statue even if they had to tear down Choo Choo’s or Silent Sam. In Raleigh BK’s would be history too. 😉

5 years ago

The only thing worse than having a coach who’s always a target for a bigger job is to have a coach who is never a target for a bigger job.
Here are 15 reasons for NFL coaches to never leave for college teams but with the climate in this day and time who’d want the hassle.

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