BLS: ..A Hindenburg Hangar “amid the pines” – HOT DAMN!

Kenan Stadium
November18/ 2015

NC State IPFSo Larry sez to Bubba – “Build me a fancy schmanzy IPF or I might just STAY up in Blacksburg on Saturday…. if ya gets my drift. …. So Bubba tells Blue Zoners he needs $25M ASAP….. Yeeee Haaa!

Whoa…. who DID NOT see this coming.   Inspired by “State College’s” Gianormous Hindenburg Hangar – IPF …..

BubbaTheRealAD announced today that The Rams Club plans to hit up their deep-pocketed Blue Zoners / Lower Levelers for $25,000,000 so Carolina can tell semi-literate 17 y/os that …

“We got us one too …. and ours has a Smoothie machine.”

It’s ALL about Recruiting Bling ….

“One too” being a Hindenburg Hangar Indoor Practice Facility “amid the pines”.  Pine trees PLUS an IPF…. THAT oughta wake up that sleeping giant By Golly!

So whats next in the local Arms Race for Frau & Bobby?
*  Put a retractable dome on The Carter…..
*  Add even MORE charging stations. …. for every seat at The Carter ?
*  Recliner massage chairs in Vaughn Towers
*  Extend HalfTime Pass-out to All Game…. Come/Go any time.
*  ???????

Just in case…. Bubba better get that $25,000,000 “in the bank” before next Saturday…. just in case.   If ya know what I mean.  They are “probably” safe regardless but ya never know in a Rivalry Game.GunHead

Am I the only one who thinks Larry Fedora just put a gun to Bubba’s head – “Get me a fancy IPF or I’m outta here by New Year’s.”

The $25Mill does not include what it is going to take to keep Gene Chizik after mid-December.   Better ask for another $5,000,000 Bubba.  For “walking around” money.



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