The Fort Sumter Moment ?

Ft Sumter
November15/ 2015

The mob of black anarchists taking over the University of Missouri was a pretty Big Deal last week.   It happened BEFORE Ronda Rousey was KO’ed in Australia so maybe you have forgotten it already…..

There was whatever happened in Paris too, but since Lord Obama assures us that was NOT done by terrorists.  So, What Me Worry!

Whatever your thoughts and concerns about The Missouri Mob – especially if you are of the It could never happen at MY school mindset, and many are comforting themselves with that fallacy – it may be The Fort Sumter Moment.Fort Sumter

The attack on Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, on April 12, 1861 is considered the beginning of the First American Civil War.

Could the black anarchists attack on the Univ of Missouri on November 15, 2015 begin the Second American Civil War?

The possibility of the Second American Civil War has been the subject of much discussion and debate since Barack Obama’s first inauguration.  Nothing that the Obama Cartel has done in the past seven years has lessened the likelihood of a full-fledged Second Civil War / Race War ravaging America in the near future.

I’m not talking pretend debates on CNN and MSNBC or even FoxNews.  I’m talking coordinated street riots all across the country with real guns et al and not just in Urban America.

We’re talking The Obama Cartel turning loose gangs of Obama’s AYBM Street Militia into the suburbs and Cul-de-sacs where “privileged white people” have sequestered themselves in gated enclaves.

NOTE: “AYBM” = “Angry Young Black Men”

TinFoil…. Go ahead. Fit me for a tin-foil hat and label me a Conspiracy Nut.   50% of Conspiracy Theories are bogus, meaning the other 50% are legit.   So 50-50 chance I’m right.  Do I prefer “conspiracy nut” to “crazy right-winger” or the newest buzz-phrase – “rich privileged white man”?   Too many choices ??

Am I the only one who noticed that the Angry Black Mob Takeover at Missouri was almost one year to the day from the November 2016 National Election?  ….. Uh Oh!

Of the current candidates from all sides, no one is going to “be popular” with a significant % of the American public.   The general animosity and “divide” that grips America is only going to grow.

Bear with me here…  The Missouri Mob Incident will surely have copy cats on college campuses across America.   That is a given.  The ease with which the black anarchists scared the crap out of the “rich white administrators” emboldened their black bruthas/sistahs how easy it will be to takeover other campuses.  Hey, why not?

College students “protesting stoopid crap” are like puppies peeing on your carpet…. until you yell NO! and hit’em on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper they will continue to do it. …. Latest Example at Duke – LINK.

Except now White America (rich, privileged and otherwise) is “beginning to wake up”.  At least more of White America is awake than before.  It may take 4-5 more college take-overs to get everyone’s attention. …. or we post it on a Kardashian Facebook page or TMZ.   That would get everyone’s attention for sure.   Never underestimate the vapid cluelessness of your fellow American.   Just give them their Bread & Circus and they are happy campers.Kent State

The NEXT college take-over or maybe the one after that and there WILL be a Kent State Incident.  That is Guaranteed.  A “Kent State Incident” means someone will be shot / killed.

Which side actually fired the shot may never be known but it WILL be blamed on a AWCM “Angry White Christian Male” who listens to “talk radio” and drives a pick-up truck.

You really should read BobLee’s great piece – America Gets Tawanaed…. AGAIN! –  BL nails it about how Truth / Facts Don’t Matter when it comes to Racial Violence.

The same sycophant media Kens & Barbies that promoted the lies / half truths at Missouri will SCREAM …. A White Male, probably a Christian, NRA member DID IT.

THAT will throw jet fuel on the National Race Riot and in will step Lord Obama – The Great Unifier.  He will declare martial law.  Whether Lord Obamathe US military will actually fire on “rich privileged white people” living in cul-de-sac across America will be a pretty significant moment.   If not Obama will simply order his AYBM Street Militia to do so.

In a carefully orchestrated strategy, totally supported by the mainstream media….. Obama will declare the 22nd Amendment null & void.

The 22nd Amendment is the one that limits a POTUS to two terms.

In order to bring peace and harmony to a riot-scarred country – Barack Obama will declare himself Permanent President.  Fait Accompli.

At that point, you turn to your neighbor and say  I guess AgentPierce wasn’t so crazy after all …. and rush to get your family on a plane or boat to New Zealand, Australia, or wherever you think “White Americans” might be safe.

I GUARANTEE you there is someone on your block, maybe even in your cul-de-sac or on your pew in church who has no idea what happened this week at The University of Missouri…. and cannot name either of your state’s US Senators.

BUT he knows if “his team” won on Saturday … or if “the refs screwed us again”.


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4 years ago

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4 years ago

A Paris style event conducted by homegrown boogeymen could hijack the professional victims plans. Pick your poison.

Agent Pierce
Agent Pierce
4 years ago
Reply to  Doug

Some are saying ISIS is going to sit back and let America destroy itself. Let Obama’s AYBM Militia do the job of creating CHAOS across society. If not “destroy America” at least soften us even more so “the Terrorists” can simply walk in and reap the CHAOS. That is all a bit above my paygrade.

Agent Pierce
Agent Pierce
4 years ago
Reply to  Agent Pierce

On behalf of Doug…. ISIS ain’t about sitting back apparently. I wonder which would be the better crappy scenario that no one wants to see happen, ingrown or imported? The Left was left temporarily in stunned silence after Friday night but are now regrouping and claiming the murderers were victims. Surprised it took that long.

4 years ago

I hear what you wrote almost verbatim whispered to me by law enforcement officers in Eastern NC over and over, so no it is not as crazy as some might think.  The premise is not as much overcoming the 22nd amendment, but more in line that the country is a tinderbox just waiting for a spark to set it on fire.  As I tell others living in the country, as opposed to urban living, makes more sense than ever and for sure know your local sheriff and know them very well as County Sheriffs and their deputies are the one branch of… Read more »

Agent Pierce
Agent Pierce
4 years ago
Reply to  robedixon

Its coming. I have no doubt whether it will be thru college campuses or via another “excuse”. “Whose fault it is” isn’t going to matter once “all Hell breaks loose”. That is closer today than it was yesterday…. 🙁

Tommy White
4 years ago

This coming from kids fortunate enough to attend Duke. Your Tin Hat might not be too tight.



Agent Pierce
Agent Pierce
4 years ago
Reply to  Tommy White

Duke’s Pres Broadhead publicly castrated himself during his Duke Lacrosse Fiasco. That he kept his job after that was a testament to the moral fibre of “the people who run Duke”.
Obama’s Campus Militia will keep rampaging across America’s college campus until someone “takes a stand and says NO”. Do not expect THAT any time soon. College Trustees / Curators are a sorry bunch of spineless fops.

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