BLS: ..America Gets “Tawanaed”…. AGAIN!

Tawana Brawley
November14/ 2015

The satellite antennas are down.  The news vans long gone.   The Kens & Barbies have stored their microphones and notebooks.   Columbia, Missouri (CoMo) is no longer The Epicenter of Above-The-Fold America.

NOTE:  Don’t worry.  We will get back soon to the REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF…. whether UNC’s Holocaust Deniers or the ABC Lynch Mob prevail…. or are both sides playing solitaire with a deck of 51 and neither can ever “win”.

Q:  Who actually coined the term “Drive-By Media”?  ….media-bias
A:  A VERY dear friend of mine.  No. Not “Him”, but He certainly popularized it.

“Drive-By Media” refers to how the mainstream media descends on an incident already hard-wired with their in-bred bias…. cherry picks comments and eye-witnesses from central casting that support their bias …. report that as FACTS…. then “drives off” before Truth can emerge thru the layers of reported misinformation.

What happened earlier this week in Columbia Missouri was Classic “Drive-By Media”.   Ironically, at the home of America’s very first School of Journalism.

Missouri Protests

The Facts are beginning to emerge about recent happenings at The University of Missouri.  The Actual Whos – Whats – Hows – Whys.

As a commentor to our “Earl” commentary noted “What really happened doesn’t matter”.   Others of you might agree:

– that when it comes to The Race Crisis in America – Facts / Truth don’t matter.   The mainstream media certainly supports that point-of-view.

Truth certainly did not matter in 1987 when an unknown racial activist named Al Sharpton concocted a story about a youTawana Brawleyng black girl – Tawana Brawley – being abducted and tortured by white men in upstate New York.   The mainstream media bought Sharpton’s story hook, line and sinker.   That entire incident was later totally debunked…. but it made Al Sharpton a national celebrity in the Civil Rights Movement.  Truth didn’t matter.

Truth certainly did not matter in 2006 with Duke Lacrosse.  The mainstream media totally bought a concocted story by a psychotic truck-stop ho – Crystal Mangum… aided by an ambitious galoot of a DA – Mike Nifong.   Duke’s “Gang of 88” and McClatchey’s News & Observer fueled a national faux outrage….. all based on a lie.  Truth didn’t matter.

Truth certainly did not matter several years ago when Rev William Barber held one of his protest marches in Downtown Raleigh.  A toadie named Peter Anlyan, employed by WRAL’s Jim Goodmon, and assigned to Barber as “a logistical expert”, issued an “official” press release estimating the crowd as “at least 80,000, maybe as many as 100,000…. “
……Raleigh Police and other officials including many of the march participants totally debunked that…. allowing that “generously” there were no more than 5-7,000 marchers.  ….. Every national story on “Bully” Barber since that day touts how his charisma drew “over 80,000” to a protest.   The Legend of William “Bully” Barber – based on a bald-faced lie. …. Truth didn’t matter.

Media “selective misinformation” with both Trayvon Martin and Michael “Gentle Giant” Brown are legendary.   “Truth and Facts” were early casualties in both of those landmark cases.    Feel free to agree or foam at the mouth – your choice.

I “admire” the planning and execution of this mob takeover at Mizzou in the same way one has to admire the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbour, and how the Viet Cong bested the American military.  A ruthless, take no prisoners strategy exploiting your enemy’s weakness.

Several 100s black anarchists, including 30 semi-literate black jocks – with a tribe of media Kens & Barbies cheering them on – took the keys to a “major university” away from a cowering gaggle of spineless administrators while their equally gutless “curators” curled into fetal positions and wet themselves. ….. THAT is damn impressive.

Over the past week; I have spoken with MU faculty members…. with longtime residents of Columbia, MO…. with prominent business leaders in Columbia…. with a former member of the MU Board of Curators.   They span the political spectrum.

Blondie, coincidently, was in St Louis visiting Kid and had access to regional reporting that never made the national media.

Kid – our family’s apolitical millennial – and an honor graduate of Mizzou’s J-School is beside herself incensed at what has occurred at Mizzou…. that her alma mater has been “taken over” by a mob of race-baiting anarchists.   The intensity of her anger caught me totally off-guard.  THAT doesn’t happen vey often.

Information (“facts”) now emerging about the primary individuals involved in this mob takeover – the MU student body president – the grad student who went on the hunger strike – the players – the football coach – the “privileged rich white” President of The System Tim Wolfe – the Chancellor who has also resigned …. and the rank / file students and citizens of Columbia MO …..

Allowing that “What Really Happened Doesn’t Matter”….. what really happened differs significantly from what was being reported by the mainstream media.   The Kens & Barbies got their sound bites and shot their B-roll video and filed their Breaking News stories…. then they left patting themselves on the back for another “hatchet job”.

The description of Columbia and The University of Missouri was a hotbed of racial hatred where black students felt threatened and under constant attack by eeeevil privileged white people….. most of you, a week ago, did not even know or care where the Univ of Missouri was located.

You now have an image of “CoMo” torn from Civil Rights newsreels from the 60s….. of Selma and Birmingham with Bull Connors’ attack dogs and fire hoses and riotous street scenes from that Time To Kill movie.   And, of course, “da Klan’s” omnipresence.

…. in reality (not that THAT matters, of course.) Columbia MO “is” Greenville NC or Greensboro or Raleigh.

The Univ of Missouri is no more “a racial tinderbox” than NC State…. or than UNC-CH….. or Univ SoCar in another Columbia.   Or Virginia Tech or UVa….. or pretty much any college town or large college campus in America.

The takeover of The Univ of Missouri by the mob of black anarchists succeeded in large part because the “rich privileged white people”(?) caved in immediately to the organized anarchists armed with lies and half-truths and the media sycophants they knew would support them.   The MU PTBs cowered in the face of bald-faced lies and a fear of being defiled by the Drive-by media.

Will the “PTBs” at the next universities to be targeted – and make no mistake there WILL be others and soon – also cower and cave?  If so, the results will be the same.  I predict UNC-CH is on their “short list” as soon as “that Bush woman” is on-site.

Top three priorities of today’s college students:  Get drunk and/or high…. Get laid…. Protest something.  Not necessarily in that order.

Odds are…. those next PTBs WILL cower and cave.   Chancellors, Presidents, Trustees, Curators et al usually do NOT come equipped with backbones or cajones.  The race-baiting anarchists count on that.

The FB and MBB coaches at every target school will ABSOLUTELY cave just as outgoing coach Gary Pinkel caved.   Just imagine Ol’ Roy blubbering about his “youngsters”.   Roy thinks ML King was Bernard and Albert King’s older brother.

NOTE:  Pinkel’s resignation probably IS due to his health issue…. AND by this Gordian Knot in his locker room.  Wanna bet the next Head Coach is….. Black?

Are there cretinous individuals in and around all those colleges and communities like “Earl From JoCo”?   With deep-seated attitudes about “race” that reflect the worst of humankind?  Absolutely.

The “Earls” have been hard-wired to hate “black people” as effectively as young urban blacks have been hard-wired to hate “white people” – rich, privileged and otherwise.  Hate is monochromatic.

Are there on-going acts of crime and violence in all those communities perpetrated by “young men in hoodies” with their racial ethnicity conveniently omitted by the media – Absolutely.

…. FYI:  “Black crime” (both black on black and black on non-black) in CoMo has increased dramatically since Ferguson.  OK, I know “black crime” doesn’t count.  My bad.

Is The Racial Divide / Crisis in America as wide and as perilous as it has ever been? Every poll and every statistical measure confirms that it has “ratcheted up” and continues to do so each month.

I don’t have answers for this mess, folks.  I DO think “Facts” and “Truth” MATTERS.   Whether it supports or refutes what my personal point-of-view might be about an issue.

This website is not intended to change your opinion on anything….. good thing huh?  It is a vehicle to express my opinion.

I believe that people use the Internet to find other people ALMOST as smart as they are.   I say “ALMOST, because every one I meet considers themselves pretty darn smart; possessing the rare essence of common sense.   Finding others armed with an equal level of omniscience would be impossible…. so we are content to search for others ALMOST at our level.

Modern day Diogenes with keyboards searching for the “almost as smart” out in cyber-space.   When Facts / Truth “don’t matter” that search gets complicated.

If you stopped following The Mess in Missouri when the mainstream media told you to….. you joined the Facts / Truth Don’t Matter crowd.

You, and a lot “more than 80,000” of your fellow Americans, got Tawaned…… AGAIN!


If THIS got your blood boiling from whichever side you’re on…. wait til you read AgentPierce’s – The Fort Sumter Moment. LINK.



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