BLS: ..MizzouMess Part II: Earl Goes To Dairy Queen

November09/ 2015

OK, back to Mizzou…..Missouri blacks
….. the gaggle of angry little anarchists got their way.
….. The “evil rich white man” resigned.

….. the Dick Gregory wannabee guy is eating again.
….. Coach Pinkel didn’t say anything to screw up his recruiting.

Everyone can go back to whatever you were doing before the word “MIZZOU” entered your lexicon….. confident that something like that could never happen “at our school”.

I appreciate all of you telling me I “nailed it”; but, this one was a slam dunk from the get-go.   Even if I wasn’t your resident expert on “Mizzou”.

All across the fruited plain of PowerFiveLand…. teams of gladiators suddenly realized the NCAA/ESPN Empires cannot exist without them.   Not even for one week.

The rank/file spectators demand their “bread & circus” ….. the Fat Cats demand their “bragging rights” ….. the university accountants need the $$$$.   The coaches…. the administrators…. the staffs…. they are ALL totally dependent on “the gladiators”.

50-60 “student-athletes “of color” now have the power to bring a Major College to its knees.   They have had it for some time but didn’t know it. Now they know it.

20-30-40,000 students, staff, alumni facing the unimaginable HORROR of their football or basketball teams “refusing to play”.   They won’t “do that” the fans and alumni all say to one another.  They can’t….. can they?

They can ….. They will unless they get whatever they want…. whenever they want it.Tim Wolfe
The power pendulum has swung…. but not “at your school”.  Just at all those other schools.

You had never heard of Tim Wolfe two days ago.  Just another “rich white man” who got what all “rich white men” have coming for the high crime of being “rich white men”.   Before he took the position as President of The Univ Missouri System in 2012 he had been a successful IBM executive.

You don’t really understand what did / did not happen in Missouri.   It sounds yucky.  Some black students were “disrespected”…. called names.   That’s not right.   That must be a horrible place…. that “Mizzou”.  The “media reports” make it sound just awful.   They treated those poor black students so disrespectfully.

They are an SEC school…. everybody knows all those SEC schools are full of stoopid rednecks.  Doesn’t each SEC school have a Klan chapter?  I bet they do.

Actually “that Missouri” is a lot like North Carolina.   Other than the two “big cities”, Missouri is full of Greenvilles, Salisburys, Hickorys, Roxboros, Lumbertons, New Berns and even Kinstons.   Good “salt of the earth” folks going about the never-ending challenge of making a living…. caring for their families…. trying to do more things right than wrong.   Just like us here in North Carolina.

Instead of an ocean, they have two really big rivers.  Their mountains – The Ozarks – are even older than The Smokies.  NASCAR’s Carl Edwards lives right there in Columbia.   “Good guy”…. Carl’s wife is a doctor.  His mom is Nancy…. stepdad Jim.  “Good people”.

Columbia MOWhat happened to cause all the ruckus at Mizzou?

Columbia, MO (“CoMo”) is in the geographical middle of Missouri – 120 miles along I-70 from St Louis or Kansas City.

One of the adjoining counties to CoMo’s Boone County is touted as “has more meth labs per capita than any county in America”.   Uh oh.

CoMo is a thriving metro area of 125,000 with two Billionaires (with a “B”) among those 125,000.  Two GOBs who married Sam Walton’s nieces.  One owns the St Louis Rams and will probably move them to LA in a few months.  No one likes him.  The other one is even richer and not nearly as disliked.  I digress …..

If you were casting for Deliverance II, you could do so within 40 miles of CoMo.  It gets a little scary if duelin’ banjos ain’t your thing.  Not real “progressive” if you get my drift.   Think deepest darkest Johnston County (JoCo)….Redneck Truck

I’m going to tell you an apocryphal story.  About “Earl” from JoCo on his way to that Dairy Queen over on Western Blvd in Raleigh.

Earl is having “a bad day”.  Earl has lots of bad days….. Earl has “issues” about “colored people”.  Those issues are based on Earl’s particular life experiences.  It is what it is.

Earl is in his 2004 Silverado going from Hillsborough St over to that DQ on Western Blvd.  Earl has no affiliation whatsoever with NC State University.  He is just cutting thru the campus on Dan Allen Drive.   As Earl’s truck approaches Thurman Drive by Bragaw Dorm….

A black student – Leon – on a bicycle shoots out in front of Earl’s truck.   Uh Oh…..

Earl yells out:  “Hey N*****, go back to Africa where you belong….”  Uh Oh again.

Earl is Earl and “having a bad day”.   Earl shoots on down Dan Allen, turns right and goes on to DQ for a Blizzard.

Leon is having a bad day too.  His just got worse.   Leon is active in the NC State Black Student Assoc.   He’s had it with being “disrespected” by guys like Earl from JoCo.

Leon storms over to Chancellor Randy’s office and DEMANDS Chanc Randy “Do Something”.

“A white guy in a pick-up truck just yelled a racial epithet at me.  What are YOU going to do about it?”  Leon demands of Randy.   No license #, no other info – just “a white guy in a pick-up truck”.

What CAN Randy do?   He gets what little information Leon has and promises to alert campus security to keep their eyes open for Earl’s 2004 Silverado, but doesn’t know Earl or that it is a 2004 Silverado.

“NOT GOOD ENOUGH” says Leon.

Leon contacts Jacoby Brissett and Nyheim Hines .  Leon tells them what happened and that “that white man Chancellor won’t do anything.  He is not sensitive to black people.”

Jacoby and Nyheim get angry too.  They tell their teammates AND THEN ……  If you haven’t seen where this is headed…. I can’t help you.


IF such did happen around here…. Dave Doeren, Marc Gottfried, Roy Williams and Larry Fedora even Coach K would do EXACTLY what Gary Pinkel had to do.

(1) Bend over… (2) grab his ankles and (3) hope no one “calls him a racist”.  THAT would destroy his entire recruiting program.   The “gladiators” hold the hammer.

No.  This has NOT happened at NC State.  Do you think it couldn’t?

Within 50 miles of I-40 and Miami Blvd there are more than a few Earls with “colored people issues”…. and some Bloods and Crips and even some MS-13s…. and way too many sexual predators too.  Takes all kinds to make a metro area of over a million.

THAT friends and neighbors is “why Tim Wolfe resigned today as Prez of Univ of Missouri System”.

Over the past six months, there was also “a drunk student (??) who “said something racial” to a Missouri black student.

“A drunk white guy” said something to a black guy on a Saturday night in a college town.   Nothing like THAT would ever happen in Raleigh or Chapel Hill or Derm…. NEVER.

There was NOT a fraternity’s Uncle Remus party…. or any foolishness with a confederate flag.

The dining hall did NOT serve “watermelon and chittlins” to a black student.

Hellfire – Mizzou is where Michael Sam is a local hero for heaven sakes.

A campus of 35,000 students in a city of 120,000 had two reports of “racial epithets” over a four-six months period !

A “swastika painted in feces” (yuck and double yuck) appeared on a dorm wall.  Not good by any means but not sure why or who it was intended to “disrespect”.

Really bizarre stoopid stuff “happens in college towns”.   Always has….. always will…. whether the football team plays or not.   Being a campus security officer is NOT a dull job.

Tim Wolfe probably didn’t help himself in retrospect by not realizing – it’s 2015 – when a “black student” or a not-heterosexual student barges into your office, you better drop everything you were doing and give them whatever they want….. or else.

Maybe Tim Wolfe has “Trainwreck” Fennebresque’s “people skills”?   Would it have mattered?

The Univ of Missouri black football players have just shown every group of major college gladiators who “holds the hammer”.  When they drop that hammer THINGS WILL HAPPEN.  Big Time College Sports just got REALLY Interesting.

Don’t like something at your college?  Call a local media outlet.  Tell’em you and your buddies plan to “go on strike unless ______”

….. and watch your Coach, your AD, your Univ admins, and especially your Trustees all wet their pants.


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