BLS: ..Univ Missouri President RESIGNS… Why YOU Should Care.

November08/ 2015

Mizzou ProtestaUPDATE (Mon noon): MU Prez Resigns ….. LINK

It’s Open Season at every Power Five College in America… “The Gladiators” are now in charge.

Univ of Missouri black football players are staging a No Practice/No Play protests demanding the firing of the Missouri University System President – Tim Wolfe.

WHY YOU should care….

BobLee’s complete update LINK…..

FWIW…. so far BobLee has NAILED IT.


NOTE:  The following was posted Sunday around noon…. accurately predicting how this would likely come down.   It ain’t that hard to figure out folks.

On the surface, you likely have only casual “not my problem” interest in this.   I recommend you elevate your “pay attention” because of the trendy copy-cat nature of such incidents.   How this all shakes out could quickly spread to other campuses / other college sports programs.  Your enjoyment of college football COULD be effected.  Yes…. it is THAT serious.

The black players represent approximately 65-70% of the team’s roster.   But 90% of “the ones who actually play on Saturday”.  Their protests apparently stem from President Wolfe’s response / lack of to recent “racist incidents” on the university’s Columbia campus.

Yes… this ties into the Spectator / Gladiator imbalance across Big Time College Sports.  If “using the gladiators as the threat” works, expect to see this model become the norm.   I’m surprised we haven’t seen this tactic before now.  NOTE:  Mizzou football is awful this year.  NOT a good year to pull this stunt.  Most fans / fat cats won’t care.

UPDATE:  It has been confirmed:  There are ONLY THREE FB players in this photo.  The rest are “activists” (a/k/a “majoring in community organizing”).   These race protests stunts employ a LOT of such Flim Flam that never gets challenged by the mainstream media.   To what degree actual players do “get involved” is still in question.

No public university has EVER “stood up to race terrorists”…. or to “sex preference terrorists”…. or to “anti-Christian terrorists”. WWCCD – What Would Chancellor Chihuahua Do ???

I was not aware of any build-up to this and first learned of it when I was surfing for news early Sunday morning.   I have NOT had any communication with my sources at Mizzou and in Columbia (CoMo).   I probably have more familiarity with The Univ of Missouri in general and Columbia MO specifically than 98% of you reading this…. so allow me to fill you in.

Blondie, Kid and I all three attended “Mizzou”….. lived in Columbia…. and have maintained ties there.  We are also familiar with the demTim Wolfeographics of the state.

Tim Wolfe – the focus of the protest – is “The Tom Ross of Univ of Missouri”  He is the “President” of the four campus “System” – (Columbia “the Flagship” – Rolla – St Louis – Kansas City).    He is a middle-aged “white man” who came to his current position in 2012 from “the private sector”.   To my knowledge he has no ties to George Bush or John Fennebresque.   No clue if he was ever “in da Klan” …. ever laughed at a Bill Cosby routine …. ever read a Mya Angelou poem…. or ever sat attentively during a Jeremiah Wright sermon.

The Univ. Missouri system HQ is in Columbia similar to UNC’s arrangement.  As with UNC, each campus has it’s own Chancellor.   Missouri’s “system” was modeled after Bill Friday’s.

Columbia is a thriving college town of 125,000 located midway (120 miles each way) between St Louis and Kansas City on I-70.  NOTE: also 120 miles west of “Ferguson”.  Remember THAT for later on.  I’d guess the “diversity” of Columbia MO to be 75-80% of the Caucasian persuasion.

Comparing “Flagships”….. “Mizzou” and “Carolina” differ in a very significant way.   “Mizzou” is a combination of UNC-CH (Lib Arts) and NC State (STEM).  Only about a dozen public institutions offer that combination.


Mizzou has 35,000 students (27,000 undergrads). The Mizzou campus has a Law School, Med School, Vet School, J-School, Engineering School, Business School and AgSciences.   Socially, the school is 22% “Greek”.   The student body is 90% “white”.   I’m guessing the gender divide is about 55% F -45% M with the usual 1% “undecided” (but a highly vocal “undecided”).

NOTE:  THE Michael Sam was a Mizzou FBer of some renown in recent years.  His “I am GAY” relationship (since terminated) with the grandson of a KC mafia Don attracted considerable media frenzy.   Maybe you heard about him?

The socio-cultural “campus type” at Mizzou is a combination of the two stereotypes used to define UNC-CH versus NCSU.   Among “the whites” there are both “aggies” and “frat boys”… in about equal %s.   Among the “of color”, there are less than 10% overall.

A young black male on-campus can be safely assumed to be either a FBer or MBBer.  Except for those carrying textbooks or going in/out of The Library of course.  Those are probably real students.

The reputation of the Mizzou faculty leans more to a somewhat level-headed NCSU type rather than the “Insane Clown Posse” image that UNCCH is infamous for.   Mizzou, as an institution / a campus / a college town, does NOT have an overt radical ideological identity.

Mizzou’s famous alumni include Jon Ham (Mad Men), Brad Pitt, Sheryl Crow, Sam Walton, Beetle Bailey, George C Scott, Tennessee Williams (their Tom Wolfe, no kin to Tim Wolfe)…. renown Sports Medicine trailblazer Dr. Tim Taft, and, as noted, Blondie, Kid and ME (grad school).  The Skull of Pancho Villa is on-campus somewhere.

They have Columns instead of an Old Well or a Brickyard.  EVERY college has “a something”.   Mizzou’s signature school is their J-School which is universally among the Top Three along with Northwestern and Columbia.   Yes, it outranks UNC-CH’s.  Both Blondie and Kid are among its “honor graduates” along with a host of network and print media luminaries. I digress.

When Mizzou moved from the Big 12 to the SEC it upped its recruitment of “thug-aletes” with, of course, the expected increase in “beat up girlfriends”…. drug arrests….. assaults…. et al that always accompany “more thug-aletes of-color stalking any campus”.   But even before the move to The SEC, Mizzou had regular thug-incidents involving “young athletic men of color”.

Mizzou’s average annual thug-alete incidents are significantly greater than either NCSU or UNCCH’s but about the same as Georgia, Florida and Florida States.   There IS a correlation between “on-field Football success” and # of thug-alete incidents…. but you already knew that.  But Mizzou is NOT enjoying on-field success this season AT ALL.  Their QB (a white kid) was kicked-off the team last month for never-disclosed reasons.

NOTE:  Look for Mizzou Head Coach Gary Pinkel to “grab his ankles” and throw Prez Wolf under the team bus.  To do otherwise would, of course, HURT RECRUITING and THAT is Pinkel’s #1 (and only) Priority.  If Pinkel is NOT “supportive enough” he will find himself on the same Hit List and he knows it.

Former Duke guy –  Quin Snyder – had a tumultuous short stint as Mizzou BB coach prior to the conference switch.  Among other “highlights” of Quin’s stint at Mizzou was his recruiting of Ricky Clemons – a highly-ranked “baller” from the mean streets of Chicago.  Ricky brought A TON of thug-baggage to Mizzou from Day One…. which he immediately unloaded.

The President of The System then was a former UNC-CH admin named Elson Floyd.  Elson was of the AfAm persuasion…. as was / sElson Floydtill is his wife – Mrs Carmelino Floyd.  As Ricky Clemon’s crime spree grew in intensity, Mrs Floyd suggested in a well-circulated interview that Ricky’s troubles might subside if he “stopped dating white girls”. ….. uh oh!

In an effort to salvage Ricky as a Mizzou Tiger; Prez and Mrs Floyd agreed to “take Ricky in” letting him live with them in the President’s on-campus manse…. along with Ricky’s “ankle bracelet” supplied by the local Columbia Police Dept.

Alas…. Ricky’s stay with The Floyds’ was short-lived.   He car-jacked a riding lawnmower (?) from Prez Floyd’s tool shed late one night and took off on a joy ride across campus…. activating said “ankle bracelet” and getting his sorry thug a** apprehended and ending the “Save Ricky Campaign”.

Ricky, Quin Snyder and The Floyds all left CoMo shortly thereafter.   Quin is now head coach of the Utah Jazz.   Elson Floyd died of cancer this past June.  No clue where Ricky Clemons is or what color girls he is dating.

The “students of color” at Mizzou, especially those on the FB / MBB teams, tend to come from “regional urban areas” – St Louis, KC, Chicago.   In recent years, Mizzou FB has also recruited successfully from Dallas / Houston.   Missouri, as a state, beyond St Louis / KC, is very similar demographically to North Carolina.  Outside of the “urban areas”, Missouri skews Red.

Best I can figure…. so far…. is this current Demand The President Be Fired Protest is fueled by left-over agitation from “Ferguson”.   There is no “Police Brutality” claim nor any Treyvon Martin / Michael Brown brouhaha in Columbia.  Apparently a few racial epithets scrawled on walls,  an “activist” complaining he was “disrespected”…. the usual yadda yadda but no physical violence or property damage.  No fraternity or any university-sanctioned organization or employee committed any heinous “disrespectful act”.   Just a handful of random knuckleheads being stoopid over several months.

There is always the possibility that President Tim Wolfe actually did/said something incredibly STOOPID.   Remember UNC’s Tom Ross almost hired Dickie Baddour to be UNC System Athletic Czar.   College Systems Admins are quite capable of abject stoopidity.

Again. Why you need to pay attention to this?

These sorts of media-fueled incidents tend to become trendy and breed Copy Cats very quickly.  IF this protest DOES succeed in getting the president fired, I GUARANTEE we will see all sorts of copy cats immediately all across the country…. UNCCH will, of course, be among the first group of campuses to copy cat.

Lets hope “that Bush woman” is paying attention.

I can assure you the Mizzou protestors are already trying to gin up similar protests among student thug-aletes at other schools…. “yours” might already be contacted.  A catchy slogan will be created…. and t-shirts, signs, and Al Sharpton on-campus will be next.   A sympathetic POTUS is a given and likely threats from the POTUS’ AG.

As I learn more from my “boots on the ground” in CoMo I will, of course, keep YOU in-the-know.



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