Now there are 10…. BTC HFBC jobs open

November01/ 2015

With Frank Beamer’s retirement and Norm Chow’s canning at Hawaii, there are currently TEN Head Football Coaching jobs up for grabs.  There will be more…. plus the dominoes that will fall when current coaches move up to “better gigs”.

UNC’s mid-season lameducking of John Bunting was one of the first “in-season” zapping in order to get a leg up in the chase for “the hot coach de jour”.   There is ALWAYS a “hot coach de jour”.   “The Butcher” was the one back then.  How’d that work out, BOT3?Monkey

Every dim-witted, mouth-breathing board monkey is SURE he knows just the guy that his school’s incompetent AD should OBVIOUSLY go after with a blank check.  Any AD that makes up his “short list” based on Board Monkey droppings deserves to be castrated in his school’s “quad” at High Noon.

Could this be the first year that Bill Cowher is not on some nitwit monkey’s list?



Major turnover: 10 FBS schools already in market for a coach

The number of universities announcing head football coaching changes on or before Nov. 1 reached yet another new level Sunday, when Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer’s retirement and Hawaii’s firing of Norm Chow made it 10 Bowl Subdivision schools already in the marketplace.

There are variety of circumstances behind this year’s moves, but the outcome is a huge spike in what has been a building trend — one that likely has to do with schools’ interest in being able to begin moving on as quickly as possible from losing situations and perhaps getting an advantage from being in the marketplace before others.

USA TODAY Sports has been tracking the compensation of FBS head coaches since 2006. From 2006 through 2010, there was only one year in which more than two schools announced a coaching change by Nov. 1 — and that was 2008, when Purdue announced in January that Joe Tiller would be retiring after the ’08 season and then-Boilermakers assistant Danny Hope would be replacing him.

In four of the past five years, however, at least three schools have made moves on or before Nov. 1.

The greatest early tumult before this year occurred in 2011. In the spring and summer of that year, Jim Tressel departed from Ohio State, Butch Davis from North Carolina and Bill Stewart from West Virginia. Three other schools made moves by the middle of October, and two more did so by mid-November.

In 2012, only one school announced a change by Nov. 1.

But in 2013 and ’14, four schools said by Nov. 1 they would be having vacancies.

This year has seen one coach terminated for cause (Illinois’ Tim Beckman, in a move the school announced Aug. 28) and another terminated a day after he was ordered to take a leave of absence for an alleged alcohol problem (Southern California’s Steve Sarkisian, Oct. 12).

One coach retired for health reasons (Minnesota’s Jerry Kill this past Wednesday), another retired immediately largely because the team was no longer playing well (South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier, Oct. 13) and a third retired immediately amid a winless campaign and after a brief turn as the interim athletics director (Central Florida’s George O’Leary, Oct. 25)

Beamer’s retirement won’t become effective until the end of the season — his 29th with the Hokies.

Chow joins North Texas’ Dan McCarney, Maryland’s Randy Edsall and Miami (Fla.)’s Al Golden, as relatively straightforward firings.

Regardless of the reason, all of these moves seem likely to be only the beginning of what promises to be a busy period in the coaching marketplace — but, absent more resignations and firings, it’s not a guarantee.

Even with the four relatively early moves last season, there ended up being a total of 15 head coaching changes during and after the 2014 season — the smallest level of turnover since 2006. But that was because only four schools filled openings by hiring the head coach of another FBS school. Seven hired assistants from other FBS schools, five of whom had been working as offensive coordinators. Also hired were a former NFL head coach, an NFL assistant, a Division III head coach and a high school head coach.


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