BLS: ..I agree Joe. “The Butcher” belongs at The U !

Butch Davis Miami
October27/ 2015

Joe OviesLocal Raleigh Sports Radio guy – Joe Ovies – is from Miami and lived the glory days of “The U” …. he was in The OB enjoying the swagger, the stylin’ and the profilin’ of Michael Irvin, Warren Sapp, Ray Lewis, Gino Torreta, even “The Rock” etc etc and the camo gear in Arizona, all that “We’re The F’in U” crap.  OK, I’m not sure Gino ever profiled.

Joe understands that “The U” was a different sorta place than the various pretend “Harvards of The _____” where great pains are gone to to pretend their gridiron gangstas are “student-athletes”.   The U knew what its Football was…. enjoyed the hell out of it…. and relished that it scared the bejebbers out of High Falutin’ Academia across America.  Up Yours, Snoots!

To restore “that” aura …. that whole “in yo face” thang, Joe says “The U” should:


Before you get all wiggly and but but but but BobLee.… understand Joe’s point.

The Butcher got in trouble at UNCCH by trying to install The U Culture at a “Harvard of The South” wannabee.

He recruited the same type of “youngsters” he recruited to The U.   Marvin Austin was the next generation of Warren Sapp Greg Little (actually a Bunting recruit, I think) was “a Michael Irvin”.

“The Scheme” had been in place at UNC looong before Butch arrived in Chapel Hill.  He didn’t know about it or care about it.  It was “a basketball thing”.   At The U he was never concerned with “academics” or “eligibility majors”.   He disguised FB recruits as Swimmers and no one said a word.

‘Canes Football was The Show in Coral Gables and BMFD was The Ringmaster.  John Blake’s “Black Santa” routine would have been all the rage at Killian High or St Thomas Aquinas, all across the mangrove swamps and the (very) mean streets of Liberty City.

Wonder if Butch still has his little notebook with the contact info for every parole officer and DEA agent south of Orlando?  Won’t be that hard to update it.

You’re thinking….  What about the sacrosanct “image” of The ACC?  You mean The ACC with Louisville and a certain ever-lasting TGU?  THAT ACC? …. Bwahahaha.

I’ve always said this about The UNC BOT3’s Three Stooges-esque hiring of Butch…..

Those Fat Cat Jock-sniffers were so braggin’ rights-obsessed and blown away by his rings and the whole BMFD thing, they never asked “the questions”… or tried to explain that “Carolina Way” silliness.

BD just assumed he could operate as he always had at Miami and he did – until Marvin hit SEND…. and suddenly:

Holy Freakin’ Choo Choo!  What has happened “amid our sacred pines” !!

So, I agree with Joe.   The Butcher going back to The U would be:

A perfect reunion for their “Just Win, Butch” fanbase and for “How Butch Does It”.

PS:  One word of advice to Joe and ‘Canes’ fans.  If Butch ever says:  “I love it here.  I’ll never leave.” …. LOOK OUT!  That’ll mean Jimma Sexton has him headed to “one more big payday” somewhere.



Hire Davis and make Miami great again


The Miami Hurricanes are unique.

Its tradition is based on this characteristic. The Canes were a new money family living in an old money neighborhood. Miami was national when college football was still largely regional. The sell for recruits was never about a packed home stadium, modern facilities or the quaint trappings of college life. The Hurricanes were built around the culture of players, not the cult of the coach. The program is supposed to traffic in swagger and the allure of future NFL success, bringing in players who want to be part of a deep crew that obnoxiously refers to itself as “The U.”

Comparing and contrasting the Miami coaching job with other college vacancies is an exercise in missing the point.

In the last 10 years, the university administration in Coral Gables consciously uncoupled themselves from their established identity and tried to be like everyone else. It’s a complicated path to how Miami got to this point, including a murder and a booster run amok, but it’s not a coincidence that success has eluded the Hurricanes ever since.

Al Golden was fired by Miami Saturday after a demoralizing 58-0 loss to Clemson. He was a respected enough in football circles for his success at Temple and most understood the unenviable task of trying to build under the cloud of NCAA investigation, but plenty of folks around South Florida never really thought he fit with the program. However, the Hurricanes never lacked for talent (even though they missed on guys like Dalvin Cook and Amari Cooper), and they still couldn’t muster a single signature win under Golden.

Bottom line: it was time for Miami to go in a different direction. And going forward, it would behoove the Hurricanes tap their past.

Bring back Butch Davis.Butch Davis

The former Miami head coach clearly wants the job. Davis told 790 The Ticket he’d “love to be considered” and explained to SiriusXM College Sports Nation he “would very much like to be a potential candidate for that job.” For Davis, who openly lamented leaving the Hurricanes for a failed NFL stint in Cleveland in ESPN’s “30 For 30” documentary about Miami, it’s an opportunity to patch the ill feelings surrounding his departure and redeem his exit from North Carolina.

Davis understands Miami’s player culture and identity better than another other candidate. His ability to discover talent is unquestioned, just look at the teams he built at the turn of the century.

Does Davis have some baggage? Of course, but it’s beyond time to either get over this stuff or understand the full context of what went down in Chapel Hill.

By all means, rip Davis for knowing full well what he was getting into when he hired John Blake. However, North Carolina’s current academic scandal was well established before Davis took over the Tar Heels. He’s barely namechecked in two NCAA investigations and was ultimately cleared in internal investigations by former Gov. Jim Martin and Kenneth Wainstein.

Miami really doesn’t need to over-think the situation. Davis made the Hurricanes great once before. He should be given the chance to do it again.


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