“Trainwreck” Fennebresque Goes ByeBye

October26/ 2015

That Damn AgentPierce NAILED IT….. just as he predicted last week…..

JUST POSTED over on Pierce’s site…..

As we predicted right here last week….

John Fennebresque

Controversial UNC BOG Chairman John “Trainwreck” Fennebresque has indeed resigned as Chairman and from the Board altogether…. effective immediately.

Sure, BobLee may be “The Internet Legend” and indeed he is…. but Ye Olde Agent ain’t too shabby when it comes to knowing whats shakin’ round and about.  Not too shabby at all.

Sure…. I know the names being banded about as the next Chairman but I’m gonna keep that on The QT so as not to give the media weasels and The Insane Clown Posse too much reason to whoop and holler.

Fennebresque Resigns From UNC Board of Governors….. LINK



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Better late than never, I suppose.

On the BOG, Goolsby is the smartest of the bunch. He was the Senate’s budget writer for a couple of years and knows the state budget very well. The rest of the BOG seems to be less UNC-CH centered than in the past. Hopefully, Goolsby gets elevated to the big chair. Between him, Spellings, and Woodson they might just start draining the swamp that we have come to know as the UNC system.