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October26/ 2015

From The Butcher’s Future to Black Jocks Oughta Wear Condoms…. BobLee is “all over the place” this week!

“The Butcher” Back To Miami ??? ….. expect to see “The Butcher’s” name on most short lists to reButch Davisplace the Bravehearted Al Golden at Miami.   Sure…. BD bailed on’em after the ubiquitous “promise never to” for The Browns; but everybody does that.  There are too many other choices better than him; but if they all say No…. ya never know.  A Long Shot at best but lots o’ fun to imagine. …. Mario Cristobal will be 1st choice, I think.  Hey Sasser… what do YOU think?


BREAKING NEWS >>>>>  Just as AgentPierce predicted last week…. John “Trainwreck” Fennebresque HAS RESIGNED as UNC BOG Chairman Effective Immediately. LINK.


MORE BREAKING NEWS >>>>> UNC Releases “How much it costs to host a TGU on its campus” – LINK.


How Irrelevant has VPI become ? …. Frank Beamer deserves better than to “go out this way”.   With both VaTech and UVA being “in the crapper” WHERE are all those Tidewater Blue Chippers going? …. The Lane was still packed for that Humdinger Thriller with Duke so give Gobbler fans credit for tenacity.


I’m sorry Swoffy but Syracuse, Pitt and Boston College AIN’T NEVER going to REALLY be “in The ACC”.  I can’t name any Head Coach or even ONE player on any of the three teams…. nor do I care that I can’t.


Mike London is “Toast” for sure in Hoo-ville.   One mistake he made was “too many old assistants” – TO’B, Smilin’ Jon, Archer, etc.   No way those guys have any interest in recruiting.   With both Virginia schools (probably) getting new coaches could UVA finally jump over VaTech ???


How has Ol’ Silent Sam survived this long ???   Considering that the Insane Clown Posse has gottSilentSamen its way on near’bout everything South of Franklin Street for quite some time…. it’s amazing that Ol’ Sam survives.   But he’s still standing his lonely watch “waiting for that virgin to walk by so he can finally fire his rifle….”.  ….. You know Chanc Chihuahua would AT LEAST like to change him to “Silent Samantha”.  It will probably surprise you that neither AgentPierce nor BobLee have particularly strong feeling about “this brouhaha”.


It’s the old school unis! ….. folks want to give the credit to Gene Chizik and certainly he has made a big difference; but UNC’s 5-1 record (almost 6-0) has been achieved totally wearing “old school uniforms”. ….. Those dreadful FUBU / urban unis / helmets are a thing of the past “amid the pines”.   Hopefully that won’t “hurt recruiting” too much. …. “My sources say” the dreadful FUBUs MIGHT show up again but very very rarely and not the really awful ones.


Wonder how Coach Chizik feels about Margaret Spellings making more $$$ than he does ??  – $770,000 versus $650,000 …. When a University President overseeing a $9,000,000,000 operation with well over 30,000 employees makes more than a Defensive Coordinator, what kind of message does that send to semi-literate 17 y/os about “institutional priorities”.


Margaret SpellingsSpeaking of “that Bush Woman”…. if you think we’ll be talking about her A LOT…. YOU’RE RIGHT.   Mostly it will be from AgentPierce and I’ll just direct you over to his site where you should GO RIGHT NOW for “Margaret’s Manifesto”. ….. Anyone who can gin up this much pure toxic hatred from Day One from both the journo-weasels AND the Insane Clown Posse has to be “special”. ….. EVERY BRICKYARDER should read what Pierce reveals about The BOG and The System – a/k/a “UNCCH & The 16 Irrelevant Dwarfs”.


November is going to be a HUMDINGER Month for College Football.   With so many of the Top Ten scheduled to play one another in the upcoming weeks, the Final Four will whittle itself down BUT the conspiracy monkeys all across America will still scream FOUL and swear “The fix is in” and “Everybody is against us…..”.  ….. I really like Stanford as the Dark Horse. ….. My FF right now would be tOSU – LSU – Stanford – Baylor/TCU.   Baylor losing it’s QB is BIG.


A “nice little W” over Woeful Wake confirms that WuffDave’s Boys are not as good as the Cupcake 4-0 nor as bad as the subsequent 0-2.   But definitely NOT – “The Long Awaited Break-Out Season”.  The Pack does have enough skilled players to give both The “Noles and The Dabos a good tussle over the next few weeks…. or get blitzed.   Nov 28 in The Carter will still be fun in our little neck o’ the woods.


IF The Fighting Larry/Genes get by Pitt at Pitt on Thursday and DO NOT SELL OUT for Duke….. then Kenan will NEVER EVER sellout again EVER.   I could not tell how full Kenan was vs UVA.   Those gawd-awful first ten rows in the lower corners were empty “as always”.   Why would ANYONE pay for those terrible seats? ….. Rip out “those lower ten rows in the corners” and plant flowers there…. but not “more pine trees”.


Should I NOT call’em the Fighting Fedorians?   Should we call’em the “Defend Themselves AgDick Sheridanainst a Gang of Angry ATOs” Fedorians.  …..  “gang of angry frat boys” ??? …. is that like “a box of pissed-off puppies” ??? …… As I noted, no one will ever confuse Larry Fedora with Dick Sheridan when it comes to “walking the straight and narrow” .   Wonder what Naz Worthen thinks about this latest Fracas on Franklin Street ? …. In the words of Dick Sheridan – “….. because you never shoulda even been there to begin with.”  Right on Coach Sheridan.  Still my favorite Wolfpack Football Coach of the modern era.


Those last two innings of Game Six – Royals vs Blue Jays was also a HUMDINGER.   The controversial home run by “Moose” was definitely the correct call.   The railing was not in-play.  Now…. that 2nd strike on Revere ?  That was very “iffy”. ….. Oh well.  Now it’s on to The Fall Classic – GOTHAM vs Fly-Over Country.   You know I’ll be watching purty near every pitch.


The NFL is now in what Week 6 or 7?  I’ve still not watched ten minutes total.   It’s October.  Are they doing that “We think breast cancer is bad” Pink Thing again this year?  No comment although I do agree – breast cancer IS bad.  ….. I still say “Black Jocks Wear Condoms” would be a better cause for The League to adopt.   THAT might actually make a difference.


Will Rick Pitino survive Ho-gate?   Absolutely.  When push comes to shove…. Big Time College Sports ALWAYS goes with “Situational Ethics”.   ALWAYS.  Wonder how many Louisville fans have been thinking Ol’ Roy oughta be canned for “all that junk”…. and cheered when Boeheim got slapped.  But certainly NOT OUR GUY RICK! … H -Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E-S !


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