“The ATO Two” Have Been Reinstated at UNC ….

UNC Thugaletes
October23/ 2015

The two UNC Footballers – Stewart and Hughes – suspended a week ago over their participation in a fraternity party fracas “in the wee hours of Oct 4” HAVE BEEN REINSTATED.  One immediately.  The other effective next week.

UNC Thugaletesa/k/a:  Frat Boys versus Bad Boyz

a/k/a:  The Brothers versus The Bruthas

I feel a bit guilty even posting this.  Obviously I am “trolling for clicks”.  It’s 24 hours-old news and I’m certain sure that The Wuff Grapevine has distributed it to the four corners of WuffNation if not The Universe.  The “I told you sos” already number in the bazillions.  But because I traffic in predictable knee-jerk responses by rival partisan fan bases… how could I NOT comment on this.

Two general possibilities exist here:

(1) The role of “The ATO Two” as instigators in said fracas is in question.  A question to be determined via “the judicial process”.   Enough doubt exist of their role in the fracas in the opinion of Larry Fedora to reinstate one this week and the other next week.  Allowing that their long term future as Tar Heel gridders may still be in flux. One is a starter of note.  The other a reserve. …. Coach Fedora is also mindful that his actions relative to this incident will be closely observed by both his own fan base and, especially, by regional rival fan bases.  …. No one has ever mistaken Larry Fedora for Dick Sheridan when it comes to dropping the hammer.


(2) “The ATO Two” are certainly guilty as guilty can be and permanent explusion from the team is only the top of the iceberg of what they deserve for their unprovoked felonious assault on innocent fraternity boys.  Larry Fedora is a no-good dirty rotten scoundrel no better than Rick Pitino and should be permanently expelled as well as his dangerous criminal perps.  THIS proves again what a totally rotten place UNCCH has always been…. and all of its alumni and fans are simply disgusting human beings.   SO THERE!

Whether you vote for #1 or #2 is totally determined whether that card in your wallet says “TruBlue” or “ABCer”.  I don’t carry either card so I’m just sitting back and watching the totally predictable brouhaha brew.

The two young men in question are AfAms as is Shadrach Thornton and as is give/take 70-75 of the rosters of both UNC and NC State.  (NOTE:  The ATO fraternity is waaaaaay less “diverse”)  Shadrach Thornton was recently dismissed from the NC State team for a series of “incidents” over a year or so.   It stands to illogical reason that because Shadrach was terminated by Coach Doeren, so should “The ATO Two” by Coach Fedora.

If you are wondering what Chancellor Chihuahua thinks about this…. since it only involves Heterosexual Males she is apathetically indifferent.

I have no clue whatsoever what happened “in the wee hours of Oct 4” outside the ATO frat house.    Apparently “a nose was broken” and someone “knocked unconscious”…. and it was NOT the nose of, or either of The ATO Two.Eve Carson

I DO KNOW that The ATO House, in the 300 block of E. Franklin Street, is only a block and a half from where Eve Carson was abducted and brutally murdered “in the wee hours” of March 5, 2008…. by two young AfAm men.  The term to be applied here is “profiling” so, lets apply it.

A basic question:  Were these two AfAm jocks doing their BMOC swagger at a frat party…. or simply two YBMs roaming Franklin Street at 3:00 AM?

Everybody’s mamma also told everybody that “nothing good every happens after midnight”.   That likelihood increases exponentially in the 3-4 AM range.

I also understand that one of The ATO Two was also involved in Affair de ALoft last August in which a Caucasian male “walk-on” was “beaten up”.   Likely no more than an ethnic coincidence, I’m sure.

I am also comfortable in assuming that The ATO Two – being veteran defensive backs – are much more “hard-wired” to aggressive violence than are the whitebread brothers of Alpha Tau Omega.   Not to say that fueled by enough alcohol “in the wee hours” cannot reduce that difference in normal temperament.

For now…. we simply have yet another “depends on whose ox is gored” situation in which “what actually happened” doesn’t matter much to either side.

It’s a pretty safe bet that, as with The Great Unpleasantness…. this one ain’t over yet either.

Wonder if “that Bush Woman” will be asked to rule on this later this afternoon?



UNC’s Stewart, Hughes to be reinstated

Posted 7:42 p.m. Wednesday
Updated 11:05 p.m. Wednesday
Read more at http://www.wralsportsfan.com/unc-s-stewart-hughes-to-be-reinstated/14995904/#zI4gHW9kcLo1WKyd.99

— Sophomore cornerback Marvin Lee (M.J.) Stewart and freshman cornerback Michael Hughes will be reinstated after serving a suspension due to an incident at a Franklin Street fraternity house on Oct. 4, according to university officials.

Officials said Hughes is eligible to participate in the Tar Heels’ game Saturday against Virginia; Stewart will be reinstated Sunday and will be eligible to play Oct. 29 versus Pittsburgh.

Stewart and Hughes were linked to what the incident report described as a forcible attack.

Two men who lived at the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity house were punched, one so hard his nose was broken and knocked unconscious, according to warrants for the players’ arrest.

“I’ve reinstated Mike Hughes today and he will play against Virginia this week,” head coach Larry Fedora said. “M.J. Stewart will be reinstated on Sunday and play against Pitt the next week. Based on everything I know at this time, it was the appropriate action. They still have to go through the judicial process.”

Stewart has recorded 20 tackles and leads the team with three interceptions. He played in 12 games last season as a true freshman for Carolina and recorded 26 tackles, four pass breakups and two interceptions. Stewart was also suspended in 2014 for UNC’s season opener against Liberty due to violating team policy involving an off-field incident during fall training camp.

Hughes recorded three tackles and one pass break up in five games for the Tar Heels this season.

Read more at http://www.wralsportsfan.com/unc-s-stewart-hughes-to-be-reinstated/14995904/#zI4gHW9kcLo1WKyd.99


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