As predicted: “That Bush Woman” is IN …. Fennebresque TBD

Margaret Spellings
October21/ 2015

Margaret SpellingsUPDATE:  Margaret Spellings a/k/a “that Bush Woman” was indeed unanimously approved as the Next Prez of The UNC System.

Also, as predicted, both the UNCCH Whack-a-doodles and the regional Left-Wing Media Weasels are in full warpaint in self-righteously indignated DISGUST.

LINK re: Whack-a-doodles and media weasels ….

“That Bush Woman” – Margaret Spellings will be (WAS) named the New President of The UNC System on Friday….and, within the next week or so…. John “Trainwreck” Fennebresque will “just go away” as Chairman of The UNC Board of Governors.

Our always in-the-know amigo – AgentPierce – after a hectic day of calls, emails, texts and getting a haircut – is officially “calling” both the Spelling appointment AND the Fennebresque “going away”.

Here is AP’s earth-shaking announcement with full details ……

Spellings IN ….. Fennebresque OUT

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4 years ago

Supplies of sharp tools commonly used for eye gouging are running low at hardware stores. Lowe’s and Home Depot are both experiencing unprecedented sales of ball-peen hammers. Rumors of crazy right-wingers spraying Roundup on ivory towers abound from Murphy to Manteo. Keep your cats indoors.

4 years ago

She be EVIL….I say E>V>I>L. Why that article said she were a Policy Wonk…..and we KNOW what they do behind closed doors. SINFUL….absolutely SINFUL…. The NEXT thing you know, she will want the Boys and Girls and TransGenders to MATRICULATE TOGETHER….and be FORCED to use the SHARE the SAME DIRTY Cirriculum. That will come….trust me….that is in her PLAN….. She also be a Disciple of Coach K. Look at that heathen…..she got a Blue Dress ON….and it is DUKE BLUE. She is probably as sleazy as Monica. WE know what evil lurks in women who are “Devils with a Blue… Read more »

4 years ago

Do we really want the “No child left behind” epic failure to be applied to higher education in our state?
It sure did absolutely nothing positive for K-12 education nationally.

4 years ago
Reply to  BobLee

I am a retired high school teacher and I am not a fan of common core either.
Education cannot be one size fits all. INDIVIDUALS are being taught and they all have different DNA.

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