Is Pat McCrory Protecting John Fennebresque ??

October20/ 2015

UNC Board of Governors Chairman John “Trainwreck” Fennebresque is universally recognized as among THE most dysfunctional leaders of any administrative body on Earth.  ….. NO ONE is coming forth to refute that claim.  Wonder why.

There ARE reports that “Trainwreck” is an accomplished corporate attorney…. that he “made good grades” in law school …..  that he contributes to assorted charities and worthy causes around Charlotte …. that he moves adroitly among the movers / shakers of The Great State of Mecklenburg …. and that he probably doesn’t jaywalk, litter, pick his nose or cuss out loud in church.

BUT NO ONE has come forward to say he has ANY business whatsoever being Chairman of the UNC BOG. ….. and no one of any noteworthiness is going to do so.

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are outstanding NFL QBs but no one is asking them to figure their taxes for them.    Jimmy Johnson is an outstanding NASCAR champion, but not anyone’s choice to perform a root canal.   Would you take your Ferrari to Taylor Swift for a tune-up?  Should PGA Wunderkin Jordan Speith be appointed to The Supreme Court? ….. NO.  Because their skills in one area are not transferable to the other.

John “Trainwreck” Fennebresque certainly has some admirable qualities or BankAmerica Mega-Mogul Hugh McColl would not employ his legal services.   I’m sure he has “friends”.   Doesn’t everyone?  Chances are “Trainwreck” has a dog that doesn’t bite him…. or he bite the dog.

This website is among an ever-growing chorus calling for John Fennebresque to be replaced as Chairman of The UNC BOG.   Lets not get hung-up on semantics.   Here’s how it would happen….

Phil Berger, Tim Moore, Bob Rucho and/or Governor Pat McCrory individually or collectively sit down with Fennebresque and “strongly suggest” he “resign for personal reasons” or whatever collection of trite phrases are used in such cases.   John takes their advice “wink wink”.

I suggested last month that McCrory appoint him Ambassador to Vermont.   Give the guy one of those Order of The Longleaf Pine plaques.  WHATEVER!

He, John, can say he wants to…. work on his tennis backhand…. write his memoirs ….  swim the Hellespont …. learn to play the banjo…. no one cares what he says ….. JUST GO AWAY JOHN.  Fall on your sword and be carried off stage right.  A month later even I won’t remember (or care) how to spell Fennebresque.

There is no contract to void or $$$$ owed to be negotiated.   There is no salary for any BOG member.   One day he is Chairman.   The next day he isn’t.  Someone else that 99% of North Carolinians has never heard of will be elected Chairman by his/her BOG peers and the Post-Trainwreck Era begins.   This ain’t rocket surgery boys and girls.

Will doing so “bruise John’s rather large ego”?   Absolutely.   John Fennebresque’s EGO is what got him and The UNC System in the mess it is currently in.

A multi-billion dollar operation stumbles along in complete disarray because of one galoot’s precious frickin’ ego ????

Fennebresque BOUGHT his current chairmanship to enhance his obituary…. to add a bouquet to his life achievements.   To counter several rather embarrassing career fumbles. That SHOULD have been a warning that he should NEVER have been UNC BOG Chairman.

We identified Berger and Moore as principals in Fennebresque being UNC BOG Chair.  Lets add fellow Charlotte politician of note Pat McCrory to this list.

You KNOW as Pat financed his mayoral campaigns then his two state-wide governor campaigns that deep-pocketed John Fennebresque wrote some checks with Pat’s name on’em.

I’m not suggesting any hanky-panky AT ALL.  Quid Pro Quo is behind every significant campaign donation.  Just ask Hillary Clinton.  The “quo” for the “quid” is the powerful politician bestowing prestigious appointments to his heaviest donors.  It is totally bi-partisan.

Pat McCrory has many $$$ reasons to be grateful to John Fennebresque for his $$$ support over the years.   A nice “Thank you John” was supporting his desire for the prestigious position as UNC Board of Governors Chairman.

….. The thinking being “Sure John is “difficult” and can be a colossal jackass but, hey, how much damage can he do…. Really?”

Well, ol’ John is showing us “how much damage he can do.”

If I was Roy Cooper I would find some pictures of Pat McCrory and John “Trainwreck” Fennebresque being chummy…. and turn them into billboards from Murphy To Manteo.

McCrory Fenne



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