Dear Phil & Tiny Tim: Fennebresque is YOUR Trainwreck !!

October16/ 2015

John “Trainwreck” Fennebresque as Chairman of The UNC BOG is a total SCREW-UP and has been from Day One.   Fennebresque

Now Fennebresque is about to totally SCREW-UP the appointment of the next UNC System President.  After totally screwing up the firing of the current one.

That this ego-maniacal nitwit is still Chairman of The UNC Board of Governors is YOUR FAULT – Phil Berger and Tim Moore.

Phil & Tim:  You two OWN THIS GUY…. He Is YOUR GUY!

….Him and all the damage he has created and will create.

We can throw in Fennebresque’s Charlotte buddy – Senator Bob Rucho too… but YOU TWO are supposed to be “Our Leaders”.

The thirty-one other members of the BOG all know how INCOMPETENT Fennebresque has been as Chairman.  They are calling for his immediate resignation.

Fennebresque’s Incompetence may be the only time I’ve ever agreed with Gene Nichol.   He is THAT bad!

If you haven’t “known it” for months then you two – Berger & Moore – are as big a fools as John Fennebresque.  His executive incompetence rises to the level of  Joe Biden-esque.

This guy is not “a bit tone-deaf” or “lacking in people skills”.  This Sumbitch Is NUTZ!  He needs to be zapped with a tranquilizer dart and hauled off to Butner for an “extended stay”.   A BOG Chairman only Dorothea Dix could love!

How Incompetent is John Fennebresque ? I’ve written more commentaries on his long list of screw-ups than I have about the ridiculous shenanigans of Reverend William “Bully” Barber  You two – Phil and Tiny Tim – must be so proud of yourselves.

How much $$$$ did Fennebresque give you two guys to buy his way to being Chairman?  What is the UNC System worth ???

Was it your intent to destroy the UNC System with this One Man Wrecking Crew?  If so…. Congratulations.  You have just about DONE IT.

You have had ample warning that this guy was TOTALLY INCOMPETENT but you have done NOTHING.   Now, you are deciding….

“Gee, maybe we better do something.”   Ya RECKON ???

Margaret Spellings could be an Excellent Choice…. but that she would ever consider working with/for John Fennebresque causes one to question her “good sense”.

Hell…. Replace him with Nelson Dollar or David Lewis or even some of your Solar Crony weasels.   Even those goobers would be better than this clown.



How To Fix The Gigantic Screw-Up in The UNC Brd of Governors ….

That stumbling, bumbling administrative vaudeville act known euphemistically as “The UNC BOG” a/k/a University of North Carolina Board of Governors – may indeed be “a stumbling, bumbling ………… act”; but it IS Fixable.

There ARE some fine individuals on the current BOG who CAN do some very good work on behalf of the people of North Carolina….

Jenna Robinson – a quite accomplished investigative commando for The JLF’s “LockerRoom – recently posted the latest “the Truth hurts” account of how dysfunctional the current BOG has become. – Link .… I urge you to read it if you have not.

One does not need to be Peter Drucker or a rainmaker for McKinsey or Booz Allen or any other whizbang management consultantcy “from more than 100 miles away and carrying a briefcase” to fix the UNC BOG.   But no 20 lbs leather-bound “Management Plan” is worth a hill o’ beans unless ……

John Fennebresque…. Ms Robinson’s article is too polite.  She avoids the #1 “monkey wrench in the works” that is responsible for this most inglorious mess i.e. it’s current chairmanJohn Fennebresque.


Fennebresque employs the leadership style of “Il Duce” Benito Mussolini.   He is arrogant, ruthless, vindictive, and “holds grudges”.   But enough about his better qualities.



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