BLS: ..Blame The Hindenburg and Other Thoughts

October12/ 2015

Several weeks ago we discussed whether “a Hangar For The Hindenburg” a/k/a “a state-of-the-art Indoor Practice Facility” – was a prerequisite for a college football program to join the Juggernaut Club.   Are such very costly bling simply necessary as “we have one too” enticements to semi-literate 17 y/os to NC State IPF“PLEASE, Please, Please choose our academic institution for your “go-to-college” experience”.

I also noted in the earlier Hindenburg column that

“….. not practicing in adverse weather during the week could backfire when a team has to PLAY in adverse weather on Saturday (or on Friday night).”

Mother Nature obviously reads this website…. The Fighting Doerenians have, as most of you’ans know, come up short in their last two games – against teams within their comparable strata.

Both of those disappointing encounters were played under “inclement weather conditions” NOT duplicated in the cozy confines of The Hindenburg Hangar. 

There are less expensive “recruiting enticements” available.

NOTE:  Area Sports-talker Joe Ovies notified us that “Coach Doeren says they don’t use it (The HH) if they anticipate bad weather for the upcoming game.”  …. so the multi-million facility is only used “if the weather forecast can be trusted”.   I maintain the whole concept is severely flawed.

Louisville only spent $10,000 for its “ho’s-on-call” program and won a National Championship.  Instead of a gianormous multi-million $$$$ IPF…. why not just pick up a used construction trailer…. paint it a garish color…. hang some Christmas lights on it…. throw a few mattresses on the floor…. a boom box for background music…. a mini-fridge, a stripper pole et al and VOILA – “Wolfpack Cafe Risque” for a night of carnal dee-lites a recruit will likely never forget.


It would use, what 6-8 parking spaces at most, instead of the several 100s that The Hindenberg Hangar gobbled up ??? ….. I’m just saying.

On a related note…. we also posted a Quirky recently about Georgia being The Only SEC School without an IPF but intending to build one soon.   Such a facility not previously considered “The Georgia Way”.   With Georgia now in its annual mid-season slump and having its annual “star running back blow out a knee” one wonders if Mark Richt will be around to see a UGa IPF.

It should be noted that reports of Mark Richt’s dismissal are more numerous over the past decade than BigFoot sightings.

Speaking of coaching dismissals, Charlie Strong dodged the bullet beneath the shadow of Big Tex.   I’m curious…. if Mack was responsible for the earlier Longhorn losses this season does Mack also get the credit for this Big Win?

Does the Big 12 Fickle Finger of Fan Anger now point to Norman OK ???

A Shout-out to the Purple Pirates Downeast….. their OOC “cupcakes” this season have included Florida – VaTech – BYU.   They were 1-2 but shoulda / coulda in both of the close losses.   Will Lincoln Riley regret grabbing the brass ring at OU?

In the New Millenium, has any program completely “trainwrecked” more completely than The University of Southern California?  There was “the Reggie Bush thing”….. then “fire Lane in the airport” and now “ship Sarkisian off to rehab”.    King Agamemnon’s Greeks Bearing Gifts did less damage to Troy than the recent/current USC “brain thrust”.

Did you know that all eight MLB playoff teams average more “runs-per-game” than Wake Forest Football is averaging “points-per-game”?   The not so potent Deacon offense will be on display the next two weeks versus Big Four Rivals.

In the eternal Comparison of Triangle Rivals…. all Three should “go bowling” (as if that means anything any more).   Their respective schedules favor The Fedorians winning 8-9- even 10 MAYBE…. or maybe not.

Chansky’s On The Edge of Greatness euphoria generated by The Greatest Comeback EVER can fizzle, of course, as October becomes November.   The Heels could be as mediocre as Art’s says their remaining opponents are.   “Depth” is not a Tar Heel roster quality.

For The Men of Doeren to have “a Dream Season” required them beating either/both ‘Ville or VaTech which, alas, didn’t happen.   Now their division’s juggernauts – FlaState & The Dabos – are looming.   Barring a total meltdown in W-Salem, the nitwits should remain under their rock for another few weeks.

As always…. The Seasons for both fan bases will come down to THE Greatest Football Rivalry …. within 50 miles of The Intersection of I-40 and Page Road.

Meanwhile in the Friendly (and Very Uncrowded) Confines of The New Wally,  The Cutcliffe Era just keeps on recording more Ws than anyone would ever have predicted.

Frau’s old employer up in College Park just axed Randy Edsall.   WhatsHisName over in Charlottesville will be next…. unless the FireAlGolden gang in Miami steps up their war efforts.


Speaking of MLB…. am I the only one to notice how the entire “media narrative” shifts 180 degrees after each game.   The same thing happened during the NBA Playoffs.

The pundits feed the 24/7 media monster the same post-game crap predicting doom & gloom or  hats & horns following each game’s outcome…. UNTIL the next game…. and they reverse their previous predictions.

Despite That Ultimate OMG 2nd Inning Melt-down versus the Cubs on Saturday, I’m not giving up on The Redbirds.  Into The Unforgiving Maw of The Friendly Confines of Wrigley today versus THE GREATEST PITCHER Of ALL-TIME EVER who no one had ever heard of six months ago…… “Greatest Ever” is a very disposable term.   The Beauty of Baseball is that until that 27th out is recorded…. “Hope springs eternal”.

Re: “That Chase Utley Death-Slide” ….. I go with what current/recent players / managers are saying – “It’s Big Boy Baseball”.   With goggle-eyed fans it will ALWAYS be whether its our guys or their guys who “done it”.   That Utley will not be in uniform for the upcoming two games at Citi Field is probably a wise move by Joe Torre.

Have you watched Pete Rose as a studio analyst for FoxSports1?  What a dumb galoot!0a42cec04784dd63ada8dbb623bf1818

Unless you are a bona-fide Colin Cowherd-Hater, check out his new show on FoxSports from noon-3.   He has modified his schtick a bit but the Big Deal is he has a chick side-kick – Kristine Leahy – who is very very cool.   Yes…. very ‘hot” but simply “charming”.  Maybe THE most watchable sports gal since Phyllis George in the 70s.   Waaaaay prettier than Erin Andrews et al.

Speaking of Really Stoopid ….. this “Greg Hardy” Crap is why I don’t watch The NFL much any more.  If Jerry Jones cut this jackass (which he should have), another NFL owner would pick him up.   Again…. fans only care based on “us or them”.


Have you ever heard the term “Steampunk”?   It is a Sci-Fi literary fiction genre.  Think Jules Verne / HG Wells….. Wild Wild West or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen…. late 1800s with dashing heroes and mega-villains with Doomsday weapons.   Very cool!  I’m binging on “Steampunk” novels these days.

Later buddies and babes …..


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