Dr Debbie DDL re: UNC’s “Fan Problems”

Debbie Stroman
September30/ 2015

In her weekly WCHL “Dr Debbie on UNC Sports”….. UNC’s most famous “Doesn’t Do Luncher”Dr Debbie Stroman – discoursed re: UNC fans not showing up in Kenan for Saturday football.

To “be fair” (and Lord knows we want to “be fair”), Dr Debbie does acknowledge that in-stadium attendance is a growing concern all across American (except at The Carter, of course).   Citing all the reasons that everyone always cites, Debbie feels:

The student-athletes work so hard that they “deserve” better fan support.  “If our fans got to know these young men better …..” they might….. spend 100s of dollars to swelter in 90 degree heat or a steady rain to cheer them Kenan Stadiumon.

She does cite “lack of WiFi”…. expensive concessions….  and “overall hassles vs in-home conveniences” as obstacles that are difficult if not impossible to overcome.   She also alludes to “all those well-publicized issues over the past five years” as a factor too.

She noted that Ol’ Roy signed some “highly sought-after recruit” this week as proof that recruits know that UNC Basketball with Roy Williams is still an outstanding choice for their athletic /academic future.   There was no mention of whether Roy “used a helicopter” in his recruiting of this latest youngster.

LINK to Dr Debbie DDL on WCHL …

BobLeeSays:  Dr Debbie does NOT go so far as to “blame fans”.  But some ARE “blaming fans” which I think is STOOPID.   College Football / (Men’s) Basketball is a not-inexpensive entertainment option in America.   Not any different from concerts, movies, fine dining, or resort vacations.

If an individual / family wishes to spend their time / money in that way… it is their choice among many choices.  There is nothing altruistic about Big Time College Sports – it is a Competitive Business Venture – PERIOD.   It will succeed / fail by how well it markets itself in an ever-evolving free-market competition.


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