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Fantasy Leagues
September25/ 2015

Big Time Sports has now, apparently, been TAKEN OVER by Fantasy Leagues.  As if cheerleader T&A shows…. and permanent brain damage…. and under-inflated footballs…. and casino elevator assaults et al were not enougBubbleh….

Over the past half-century plus, I have constructed for myself a Bubble of Intentional Ignorance.  There are a LOT of topics I know nothing about because….  I simply lack the motivation of curiosity and make no effort to educate myself.  A quick scan of My List would find:

High end wine, cigars, “Hi-Fi” or sports cars

The logistics of having sex with Siamese Twins

Joining the Private VIP “Monkey Board” of any college/pro sports team on Earth

Whether Bruce/Caitlyn (or Hillary Clinton) wears boxers, briefs or a thong

the list goes on…..

(FWIW:  My friend “Albert’s” List is A LOT longer than mine…. or yours…. or mine and yours combined X 10!  Bless his heart.)

On My List is “pretty much anything about Sports Fantasy Leagues”.

Back in 1979, while living in Kansas City, 4-5 of us created the PFL (Paper Football League) in which we each picked certain NFL players on “our teams” and assigned points for their performance.  We scanned each week’s copy of Pro Football Weekly for the stats to determine which of us “won” that week.   I forgot what the wager was…. probably “buy dinner” or maybe as much as $5-$10.   Two years later I moved to Dallas thus ending my hands-on involvement in “fantasy leagues”.   Apparently they have flourished even without my participation.

Somewhat related…. I stopped filling out March Madness brackets four years ago.  I don’t do even ONE, much less the dozen or so that most human beings do each March.   Not being “in an office environment” there is no pressure to do so.

I gave up golf cold-turkey over a dozen years ago, but that is another story for another day.

I am not a prude about “gambling” or “wagering on sports”.   I simply don’t.  No clue how to “place a bet” if I wanted to.  If the nice Korean lady that runs “my dry cleaners” is “a bookie” it’s never come up in our 20-year relationship.   I’ve also never bought a Lottery Ticket.… don’t know how… but assume if I walked into any convenience store someone behind that bullet-proof glass could assist me. …. and possibly explain the logistics of having sex with Siamese Twins if I asked.

But even from within my Bubble of Intentional Ignorance, I can see that two dueling Fantasy Leagues are now wagering an all-out Ad War with one another the likes of which that we haven’t seen since VCR and BetaMax went at it.

For your daily Edification I am including a series of links to articles about this latest phenomenon.

The only personal opinion I shall offer on this is:

If you have some how convinced yourself that this is not really gambling then you probably have also convinced yourself that (1) NFL Cheerleaders are not “soft-core porn” … and (2)  All the hubbub about the dangers inherent in playing football is just a Communist plot.

Self-delusion is also a wonderful Bubble in which to insulate oneself from reality.

If you read our Reader Comments you might have seen my recent Reply to NCSU68 re: the latest decomposed body that PackPride has dug up in UNCCH’s backyard…. Falsifying attendance figures for Kenan Stadium.

I said “I Don’t Care” because….. (1) I’ve known about that particular on-going scam for 25 years…. and (2) 50% of the “conspiracy hand grenades” that State and UNC overly-caffeinated partisans are forever throwing at each other ARE TRUE.   The other 50% would have been true had the fan base / school being accused thought of them first.


Scott Van Pelt on Daily Fantasy Leagues  –  LINK.

No Fantasy Ads on SEC Network …. LINK.

The Reality of These Fantasy Leagues …. LINK

 Just how many DraftKings and FanDuel ads are there on an NFL Sunday?

Posted by Matt Yoder on Sep 21, 2015 13:45

The biggest storyline coming out of Week 1 of the NFL season had nothing to do with developments on the field – it was daily fantasy companies DraftKings and FanDuel’s seemingly endless bombardment of commercials.  At times, it seemed as if the football was interrupting one long commercial for these companies.  The spending of DraftKings and FanDuel on television ads is astronomical, and maybe even unprecedented.  After not even being in existence a few years ago, DraftKings is now the #1 advertiser in all of television.  The two companies spent a combined $31 million on advertising consisting of 9,000 ads just last week.  It’s gotten so out of hand that an image like the one above isn’t too far out of the question with 2016 around the corner.

But all the furor and frustration over the proliferation of daily fantasy ads got me wondering… just how many DraftKings and FanDuel commercials would you encounter on any given NFL Sunday.  So I made the brave (or insane) decision to watch an entire day’s worth of football yesterday to witness DraftKings and FanDuel take over the world before my very eyes.  Before you completely question my sanity, I DVR’d these programs and sped through the actual games to get to the important stuff – the daily fantasy commercials.  You think I’d sit through Cowboys-Eagles again just for this study?

To cross the spectrum, I watched one programming chunk from each network – three hours of ESPN pregame coverage (Sunday NFL Insiders and Sunday NFL Countdown), the early game from CBS (Browns-Titans), the late game from Fox (Cowboys-Eagles), and NBC’s SNF game (Seahawks-Packers).  The results from 12 hours of football might surprise you…


DraftKings: 16
FanDuel: 14


ESPN Pregame: 10
CBS Early Game: 5
Fox Late Game: 9
NBC Primetime Game: 6

You’re probably thinking the same thing I’m thinking… that’s it?  To be honest, I was expecting many more ads from FanDuel and DraftKings, but perhaps the perception has already outdueled the reality with how extensive these ad campaigns truly are.  Make no mistake, this is still a lot of ads – during Cowboys-Eagles you got more than 2 daily fantasy commercials a quarter.  Interestingly, there were many more ads during the first half of these games than the second half.  But at least during the games, the ads were more infrequent than you might think.




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5 years ago

A bunch of my classmates back in Junior High started a “Whiffle Ball League”. I forget how many of them were in it, but each one wore a T that had a MLB team on it. They had a published schedule and had double headers. They played the SAME number of games as their MLB team did….and wore out several balls and broke some bats. One of them did end up as a successful business man, but he is about 50% underwater on a Cam Newton sized house in AZ and will have to work until his life insurance kicks… Read more »

5 years ago

I share your list of things I just don’t care to know about plus a few others including the NBA, Network TV, the Kardashians, and whatever that fighting stuff they do in cages is. Great writing as always.

5 years ago

I reside in my own bubble as well. Much of the same you prefer not to waste time on is outside my bubble. Maybe it is a part of growing old or as you like to say walking down those last few fairways. Maybe our parents did the same. In any case I like it that way and will likely push more outside the bubble as life moves on.

58 Wolf Kennel
58 Wolf Kennel
5 years ago

BL, this is somewhat scary. Except for your Siamese Twin fetish, I could probably have written the same column (not as well, of course). I love sports but don’t worship them to spend all my spare time trying to compete in “false” competitions. Spent too much time “between the lines” to worry about trying to make money gambling or prove I’m a better “fantasy” expert. Swoff at the Raleigh Sports Club this coming Wednesday. Are you up for it:>)) PS: Independent of attendance inflation at Kenan, I did hurt my eyes with just a few views of aluminum glare. Also… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  BobLee

FWIW. Brunswick Stew was supper last night. It was made for a fundraiser by a lady (Big Daddy Moore’s wife. I assume she has a first name.) at one of Mr. Kennel’s affiliate churches in Greenville. As always it was very good and even better with a few shakes of Texas Pete.

5 years ago
Reply to  BobLee

Just wanted to make sure you hadn’t given on on stew. Alas, no varmints other than chicken and pork. Mrs. Moore purees some of the butter beans to give it some stick to your ribsness.

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