Deborah “Chatty Cathy” Ross to challenge Burr ??

September24/ 2015

Deborah Ross a/k/a “Chatty Cathy” is officially “thinking about” running for Richard Burr’s US Senate seat.   Her credentials include (1) “I’ve been to Washington a few times”…. and (2) JiChatty Cathym Goodmon likes her.  As reported Wednesday by Jim Goodmon’s WRAL dumpster-diver Laura Leslie.   Wooo Hooo!

The forever loquacious Debbie was a dutiful foot soldier for the Basnight / Rand / Black / Hackney Regime from 2002-2013 when Democrats ruled the NC General Assembly with an iron fist.   She represented an inside-the beltline Wake County House district.   Debbie’s assigned role with the “Regime” was to deliver impassioned diatribes from the floor of the House that always included her pet phrase “….. it will be a dark dark day for the people of North Carolina.”

It didn’t matter what Republican proposal Debbie was railing against on any given day.  If allowed to pass it would surely, according to Deb, result in “….. a dark dark day for the people of North Carolina.”

Debbie The Democrat Diva’s House floor diatribes were once described as “like a 8th grader auditioning for a role in a Junior High production of Wuthering Heights”…. or a bad karaoke rendition of Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.

It was speculated that Deborah had the potential to be the next Beverly “Baby Dumplin” Purdue.  YIKES!  That frightening thought was enough to cause Deb to resign her seat in 2013 for her “dream job” – lawyer for (Charlie Meeker’s) bus company / Counsel for the Triangle Transit Authority.

What actually drove “Chatty Cathy” out of the Jones Street Playhouse was the takeover by the Eeeeevil Republicans which costs her all the yummy “perks” she enjoyed when her even eeeeeeviler Democrats held sway.  Her once “power office” was exchanged for a glorified “closet in the basement” and her new assigned parking space was “inconvenient”.   Being relegated to the irrelevant minority was an affront to the QUITE proud Ms Ross.   By comparison, being “lawyer for (Meeker’s) bus company” probably was a step up in status.

That and the fact that the Democrat Minority Caucus was/is as dysfunctional a bunch of goggle-eyed squirrels and rabid bats as one can imagine.  It is speculated that the final straw came when a fellow Democ suggested that Deborah ought to “wear a church hat” like the other “identify as female” members of the Democ caucus.   Then she might be the next Alma Adams ??

Whatever, Debbie does have deep-pocketed contacts within the NCDem Powers That WannaBe who will throw $$$$ her way in a Senate run.   The Triangle-area’s #1 Limo Liberal Jim Goodmon would surely funnel Dollars To Debbie thru his far left-wing AJ Fletcher Foundation.

The bus company may have lost a lawyer…. the Senate race could be gaining a colorful character…. with or without her “wearing a church hat” and dire predictions of all those “dark dark days for North Carolina”.

Look Out Richard Burr…. Here comes “Chatty Cathy”….. maybe.



Ross resigns to consider U.S. Senate run

— Former Wake County Democratic state lawmaker Deborah Ross has resigned as attorney for Triangle Transit Authority to “focus” on a possible 2016 challenge to Republican U.S. Sen. Richard Burr.

Ross said Wednesday that she has not yet made a decision about the Senate race, but she told WRAL News,

“I’m very seriously thinking about it, and I’ve been to Washington a few times. (Well DAMN, sounds like she’s as qualified as Obama was to be POTUS!)

“I just feel like, if I’m going to seriously consider this as opposed to having it be a parlor game, I need to really focus on it,” she said, citing her heavy workload at TTA. ( Huh??… at the bus company?”)

Ross served from 2002 to 2013 in the state House, where she was a member of the Democratic caucus leadership. Before that, she was state director for the American Civil Liberties Union.

If she decides to run, she would be the second Democratic hopeful in the race. Spring Lake Mayor Chris Rey announced his candidacy for the seat Monday.

Burr, who is seeking a third term, became chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee after Republicans took control of the Senate in 2014.

He has one primary challenger: Larry Holmquist, a Greensboro Republican who believes Burr is too moderate.

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