HGTV’s Love It or List It Comes To Raleigh

Love It List It
September16/ 2015

HGTV’s popular long-running Love It Or List It is in Raleigh-area filming 26 episodes.   The “Raleigh shows” begin airing on Sept 21.

For the benefit of “Albert” and for those of you who “only watch NC State coaches’ shows”; the premise of LIoLI is:

a couple becomes discontent with their current home either due to size, condition, layout or outmoded and must decide to either move to a different house (List It) or have the ever-fetching “Hilary” Farr redesign their current home (Love It).Hilary Farr

We always think they should stay in their redesigned home because “Designer Hilary” is ever-fetching and “Realtor David” is a nebish.

The terms “open concept” and “granite countertops” are mentioned multiple times in EVERY show and Hilary usually runs out of budgeted dollars before she can complete the “en suite” but I still hope they “Love It” due to the “fetching” versus “nebish” factor.



5 questions with ‘Love It or List It’ producer about new season, now filming in Triangle

Sep 1, 2015, 7:00am EDT Updated Sep 1, 2015, 7:58am EDT

As Triangle Business Journal has previously reported, production of HGTV’s popular home makeover show, “Love It or List It,” has been filming this year in the Raleigh-Durham area. On the show, homeowners decide whether to “love” their existing homes after a design makeover by designer and co-host Hilary Farr, or “list” their home with the assistance of realtor and co-host David Visentin.

Read: Inside the filming of ‘Love it or List it’ in the Triangle (photos)
David Visentin being filmed on-location in downtown Raleigh.

Realtor David

As the new season prepares to launch Sept. 21, TBJ caught up with Maria Armstrong, executive producer at Big Coat Productions, the company producing the show.

How many episodes have you committed to filming in the Raleigh-Durham area?

We are shooting 26 in the area and have five more to finish shooting. Our new season begins airing Sept. 21, at 9 p.m. on HGTV. Each season consists of 13 weekly episodes.

How many have “loved” their homes and how many have chosen to “list” them?

Of the episodes that have already aired, eight out of 13 have been loved. Twelve out of 22 “revealed” homes [in both seasons] have been listed.

Are you exploring other U.S. markets?

We’re not looking at other cities at the moment – we love our current location and would like to stay here for awhile. The Raleigh-Durham area is a growing real estate market, which continues to perfectly showcase classic and contemporary homes that also reflect a range of incomes and architectural styles.

Will Hilary and David remain the co-hosts of the show?

Hilary and David are the hosts of all the episodes of “Love It or List It.” Jillian Harris and Todd Talbot host “Love It or List It Too” out of Vancouver, Canada. The newest addition to the “Love It or List It” family will be “Love It or List It Vacation Homes,” hosted by newcomers Elisa Goldhawke and Dan Vickery. “Love It or List It Vacation Homes” will be shot across Ontario and British Columbia, Canada.

Will the remodeling crew remain the same? Can you give me a little background on the primary contractor?

Our design team continues to remain the same. Our main contractor, Eric Eremita, originally hails from Staten Island. He’s very funny and vibrant, but when it comes to work, he’s a no-nonsense personality who always gets the job done. We also use numerous local suppliers, trades and contractors – and we couldn’t do the show without them.




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