Is UNC’s Coed-nitwit “For Real” ??

Coed on Beach
September10/ 2015

I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP (BUT maybe she is?).   What you will read below is, for all I can tell, the sincere editorial plea of a college-age female person attending UNC-CH named Blake Dodge.   A plea for someone / anyone to “Please understand how difficult it is every day to be me”.

Blake Dodge (an androgynous name only a romance novelist could love?) used the N&O’s Op/Ed page on Sept 4, 2015 to reach out to her fellow humans for their compassion and understanding.

The N&O’s “award-winning political” fop – RobReilleWho – once wrote how “I found myself weeping” while watching The Vagina Monologues.  Lord knows what Rob did while reading this….Father Daughter

I have to be careful here since I identify as the male parent of a female person.   That either I or my daughter would ever “talk like this Blake person” is inconceivable.  I am also sensitive that this Blake Dodge has a father back in Beaufort who hopefully loves her and tries his best to cope with this “stage she is going thru” and prays each night that she will emerge from this “stage” sooner rather than later.   Tomorrow being not soon enough.

As I now stand poised on Life’s 17th tee, I look back on those past 16 stages. One thing they all had in common is NONE of them were “fair”.  I ain’t expecting any different from these next two stages.

My daughter a/k/a “Kid” is now 27.  She went thru various “stages” getting to 27.  I went thru my own various stages as her daddy as we both got to “now”.  None of her or my stages were anywhere near the “Say Whaaaa?” of this “person”

LA had its vapid “Valley Girls” back in the 80-90s.   Does Chapel Hill now have it’s own special species of female persons?  I’m betting Blake Dodge did not think much of that Alabama Sorority video.

Maybe Blake has a future as a Real Housewife of Orange County?   The Orange County in SoCal…. not the one “amid the pines”.

I really don’t need to offer much more editorial smart-aleckness to this.   Anything I say will only detract from:

Blake Dodge’s heart-rendering account of:

“A Day in the Life of a Reluctant Carolina Princess…. without a thigh gap”.

Oh… have I mentioned that Blake Dodge is a Morehead Cain Scholar…. but, unlike Haley Koch, this one is NOT a porn star, that we know of.

HOAX  ADVISORY:  As of 7:15 AM Fri, I have set the odds at 65-35 this COULD BE “a Spoof”.   65% Blake is indeed a self-absorbed little wing-nut…. but 35% maybe a “VERY clever spoofer”.  If the latter then I HAVE TO MEET HER!   🙂



The struggle to be taken seriously in the age of subtle sexism


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