Hillary is their “Jesus” !!!

September07/ 2015

More proof “they” (liberals) REALLY are a totally different species than “people like us”.

If you want to spend your time trying to find some tangential point where “we might agree with them on something”; feel free to waste your time…. not mine.   Time better spent teaching rattlesnakes to play the banjo.



24 second video of women singing a hymn that replaces Jesus with Hillary.



The “Women’s Alternative Chorus” group “Voices of the Heart” decided to take the Gospel song “Woke Up this Morning With My Mind on Jesus,” a hymn about keeping one’s thoughts focused on Jesus, and created a new lyrical edition. 

Yes, they replaced “Jesus” with “Hillary.” Can you say creepy?

And since it’s a short clip, just in case you were curious as to what else they may have been singing, here’s how the original song goes:

Well, woke up this mo’nin
With my mind, stayin’ on Jesus (Hillary)
Woke up this mo’nin
With my mind, stayin’ on Jesus (Hillary)
Halleluh, halleleluh

Well, singin’ an prayin’ with my
Stayin’ on, Jesus/Hillary…


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4 years ago

WOW….this is sort of timely, at least for the members of our church choir.  We are working on “Woke up this…” and it is not an easy number.  Probably would be easier if we had been born of a different ethnicity.  However, our director is not your average Sunday Morning singer.  He has taught music all over the country and worked with most well know symphony conductors….the ones that most can name.  So, I trust his opinion of how it should be done.<P> The YouTube clip is sort of like Jimmy Hendrix’s Star Spangled Banner….and I have never heard anyone… Read more »

Agent Pierce
Agent Pierce
4 years ago
Reply to  NCSU68Grad

When ANYTHING these whatevers do does start “making sense” it will be time to “check yourself” as you may be infected by “the virus”.

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