The Rutgers Five “bite the dust”

September05/ 2015

Today’s Thug-alete Story…..  The Rutgers Five bite the dust …. “after a turbulent preseason”.   ???!!!

As one whose alma mater has become the poster institution for “turbulence” pre-season and otherwise, I tend to be drawn to the daily proliferation of THUG-ALETE stories.   I’ve charted these things.  If the day ends in a “y”; somewhere in PowerFive World some misunderstood “at risk” youngster(s) have made the conscious decision that certain socio-cultural Do’s And Don’t simply do not apply to them. …. depending on where they are on the depth-chart, the repercussions can be either “slap-on-wrist” or “throw-under-the-bus”.

If I’m not mistaken, Rutgers – a member of the prestigious PowerFive’s Big 10 / 14 and proudly touted as THE University of New Jersey (and You thought that was Duke, didn’t you?…. nope it’s Rutgers)

…. has recently spent mega-millions updating its Football Stadium and support facilities to attract ….. semi-literate 17 y/os who can run fast, hit hard, jump high, read at the 6th grade level…. and have difficulty adjusting to the expectations for a matriculating student at a prestigious institution of Higher Academia.

I do not have a record of which other “prestigious institutions” also wooed these wayward youth to come matriculate with them.   But I bet there would be institutions who consider themselves “quite prim and proper” and “NOT like all those other colleges that are WIN At Any Cost like (fill in name of hated no-count rival).    

Since this Rutgers is in New Jersey (wink, wink, snicker) their “Fat Cats” are probably all Tony Sopranos and such… certainly NOT the canonized saints and modern day Ghandis (or Gandhis) that represent YOUR school.  Rutgers spelled backwards is Sregtur.… hahahaha.

FYI:  I could not find any reference to “The Rutgers Way” ….. BUT….. Rutgers IS considered “The Flagship” of the New Jersey University System.  WHO KNEW?  It’s been a bad decade for Flagships, huh?

I don’t know anyone who has ever gone to Rutgers or even knows where Piscataway is or can spell Piscataway.   But I betcha Rutgers alumni/fans have some whizbang excuses for this story.   Maybe Big 10/14 Commissioner Jim Delany “is out to get us because we are in New Jersey”.   Maybe “ESPN picks on us because _______”.  Who knows.

Rutgers Fans alibis / excuses ….. LINK  ???

Last December Rutgers really whupped my alma mater before “not very many” fans in the NotThe OneInShreveport Bowl in not-very-beautiful Downtown Detroit.  I did not go to that game, nor did anyone I know… or would want to know.

In addition to these THUG-ALETES, Rutgers Head Coach – some galoot named Kyle Flood – is in really hot water for some sort of Academic Impropriety…. WHOA…. Ken Wainstein check your voice mail.


UPDATE: Latest Rutgers Crap 9/6/15 …. LINK.


Rutgers dismisses five football players after arrests

PISCATAWAY, N.J. — Rutgers has dismissed the five football players who were suspended earlier this week following their arrests. One was charged in two home invasions and four others were charged with assaulting a group of people in New Brunswick in April.

All five— Nadir Barnwell, Dre Boggs, Razohnn Gross, Ruhann Peele and Delon Stephenson — are no longer part of the football program, the school announced just before kickoff against Norfolk State on Saturday.

The dismissals cap a turbulent preseason for the Scarlet Knights and coach Kyle Flood, who was also previously involved in an academic impropriety investigation involving Barnwell.

On Thursday, prosecutors said Peele, Barnwell, Gross and Stephenson were charged with aggravated assault, riot and conspiracy to commit a riot for a fight that left a man with a broken jaw. They said Boggs was charged in two home-invasion robberies in April and May.

The dismissals will leave Rutgers’ secondary very thin, as three of the five were defensive backs expected to be key contributors this season.

Contributing: Associated Press



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