Wolfpack Announce MORE RECRUITING BLING !!!

September04/ 2015

For all of you who said Coach Dave’s Gianormous  Hindenburg Hangar PLUS the Fancy Jock Dorm were as WOW as WOW could be…. You Lose!   NC State’s headlong mad dash for POWER FIVE DOMINANCE is just getting reved-up with today’s announcement of:

A Palatial New Locker Room for future generations of Shadrachs.

One of my “spies on The Brickyard” sent me a copy of the most recent issue of TheWolfpacker.com newsletter telling the Pack’s rank/file that $$$$ is no obstacle when it comes to bedazzling “‘dem semi-literate 17 y/o future aerospace engineers and computer geniuses” No Siree Jimmy Veee.

NOTE:  That picture at the top is of the Penthouse Suite @ Caesar’s Palace which, according to my source, is “an approximation…. close enough”.

We’re guessing this was another of those “we had to promise Dave or he woulda never come here” thingies.   And here we thought it was “fly-fishing with my kids” or one of Kennel’s snazzy Made-In-Turkey scarves that sealed the deal.  Apparently not.  Those red&white striped scarves really are snazzy!

TheWolfpacker.com article does note that Frau Yow did NOT agree to implode the entire Murphy Center and start over, so Dave reluctantly agreed to “stay within the existing outer walls” but “completely re-do the interior”.  Any one with a good source for mahogany and rich Corinthian leather let Dave know ASAP.

Designers with extensive experience upfitting either High Dollar Las Vegas Strip Clubs or Macau Whorehouses should submit pics of their most extravagant work % of “Frau @ NC State”.

Strip Clubs

It seems only yesterday we were hearing about the Kardashian Splendor of The Murphy Center.  Actually it twelve years ago.  Time flies where you’re hiring /firing coaches every few years.  UNC can certainly identify with THAT.   I forget how many pool tables and foosball tables and hot tubs The Murphy Center had when it opened (once that issue with the not-to-code stairwells got reworked).   I recall some proud Wolfpack Clubber telling me “Arabian Shieks are coming over to tour it and take notes for their palaces….” ….. and now it’s “ho-hum…. whatcha done lately”.   Those future little Shadrachs were FIVE where Mr Murphy’s Playhouse was built.

Concern has been noted that with The Jock Dorm, The Hindenburg Hangar and now The Palatial Locker Room, will Official Recruiting Visits still be able to include a tour of The Hunt Library?

Coach Dave quickly noted “well sure, I suppose, if anyone ever wanted to…. where is it?”

When Nick and Urban hear about this Ultimate In Splendor Locker Room @ The Carter I would not be surprised to see either or both “decide to pursue new career directions”.  Who could blame them?   The Gridiron Juggernaut Being Assembled “on the Fairgrounds” is approaching Disney-esque in its enormity.   Whats next “a monorail” or maybe even “a grotto” !!

If at least one semi-literate 17 y/o happens to mention “if you had one” I can bet you Dave will be telling Bobby Purcell to “build me a monorail AND a grotto” or I’m leaving for (fill in the blank “sleeping giant”). …. As always… IT IS THEIR (WolfpackNation’s) $$$$ TO SPEND HOWEVER THEIR PRIORITIES DICTATE!

Dave’s got’em by the short hairs and that’s only after beating Larry just ONE time.   TO’B must be wondering what he shoulda demanded after Five-In-A-Row.   The mind reels….

When UNC’s Two-Headed Head Coach Larry/Gene hear about this latest Whoop-De-Doo you know Larry/Gene will be all over Bubba and John Montgomery for “we gotta have us one too”.   That’s a given.   Is Larry/Gene still stuck with just showin’em Mack’s Old Fish Tank ??  No wonder his’n are throwing those end zone picks. …. Grab for your wallets Blue Zoners!

I’m posting this on Friday around 1:45.   Lets figure 2-3 hours before Larry/Gene is “shakin’em down at Carolina just like Dave did.   Larry/Gene and Dave are trying to bedazzle the very same semi-literate 17 y/o future world-leaders.  Fall behind in The High $$$$ Arms Race and either could be fielding a team of walk-on Boy Scouts who can “probably read” but NOT benchpress-a-Buick.

You think THIS will be IT for awhile?  I’m guessing only Frau, Dave, Bobby Purcell…. and, of course, Kennel know for sure.

Have you read the Quirky re: The ACC Network?

You really should, you know.



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