Art re: “Carolina vs Carolina”

Art Chansky
August28/ 2015

Yes, I admit.  Posting anything “My Buddy” Chansky says / writes / thinks is unabashed “trolling for clicks”.   Some website owners use nekkid cheerleaders or cute kitten videos or medical abnormalities.   I use Art Chansky.  OK, sort of a “medical abnormality” maybe.

Arthur has done a pre-game analysis of Thursday’s epic (??) Carolina VS Carolina game in Charlotte.   I will NEVER do any sort of X & O analysis pre / post or otherwise of any sports event.  Booorrrring!  I leave that inane dribble to nerds in their little Fantasy Leagues…. or to Art.

Art’s veiled assumption that 2015 COULD BE THE YEAR for The Fighting Fedorians will surely send some/many of you over-the-edge.  Lets hope so.  I do so enjoy the screams of rival partisans going “over-the-edge”.

I will probably do some sort of ACC season predictions because it’s an unwritten rule to do so.  Until then HAVE AT Bre’r Chansky’s thoughts. Yes, Art is one of those TruBlues who keeps a picture of Spurrier and The Kenan Scoreboard beside his bed to remind him “NEVER FORGET”.

Oh… Oh … Oh… you all recall Dr Debbie “I Don’t Do Lunch” Stroman over at UNC?  How could you ever forget Dr Debbie?  She is now doing some sort of Dr Debbie on Sports piece on WCHL.   I assume she is getting the same mega-$$$$ I was getting.   Yes, she and I “have a history” so take that into consideration when I say SHE IS AWFUL “on the radio”.   Sure she gives WCHL two very important diversity points but both “what she says” and “how she says it” is like “really bad high school radio”.


Chansky’s Notebook: From Good to GREAT?

The Tar Heels can make a good season GREAT by beating South Carolina.

Of course it’s a 12-game schedule and of course it’s too early to say one game can make or break Carolina’s 2015 team. But the opener against South Carolina Thursday night in Charlotte can certainly springboard the Tar Heels to a great year. A loss would leave them having to make up for lost ground with three soft opponents to follow in order to win those eight, nine or 10 games that define good and great seasons. Simply, this is one they can’t get back if they lose.

And this is a winnable game, not like Larry Fedora’s debut as UNC’s coach at South Carolina four years ago. These are not the Gamecocks that won 11 games for three straight seasons; they are the Gamecocks that had to win a bowl game to finish 7-6 in 2014; the Tar Heels lost their bowl game and wound up 6-7.

We will find out how much of a difference coaching makes on defense. The hiring of Gene Chizik got mixed reviews because he had sterling recommendations from almost everyone but, after all, he did leave Auburn with lots of rumors flying. And Auburn is synonymous with the kind of football program Carolina no longer wants to be. Chizik may have changed the scheme back to a traditional 4-3, but he has mostly the same players who ranked near the bottom of college football in several defensive categories.

Even if Steve Spurrier’s team puts up, say, 28 points, Fedora’s offense has the experience and talent to outscore that. Ten starters return and the backfield is loaded from Marquise to T.J. to Elijah and on the flanks with Switzer, Quinshad and big Bug. Carolina has to run the ball and control the clock, but take the quick strike when it’s there, and do not settle for field goals in the red zone. Anxious to see freshman Corbin Daly punt the ball and whether he can leave Spurrier’s offense with long fields to navigate.

In 25 years of coaching, Spurrier has a 226-85 record, averaging better than 9 wins per season. But this South Carolina team is lacking for star power beyond junior scat back Pharaoh Cooper, a North Carolinian who went south of the border. The Gamecocks’ starting quarterback is red-shirt freshman Connor Mitch, who played at Wakefield in Raleigh, and how the Tar Heel defense gets after him and contains Cooper will be too big keys to the game . . .and taking that first step toward a GREAT season.

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