It’s Official: I’m For Trump !

August26/ 2015

Does this make me “a Trumpet” or “a Trumper”?

For me, the moment came back in June. I did not realize it then. Looking back it’s obvious.

A liberal “person I know” sent me an innocuous email about various topics. I don’t recall the primary purpose of the communication. About the 3rd paragraph he said:

“…. I assume you are going to vote for that nut Donald Trump.” He meant that as both an insult at Trump and, playfully, at my well-known anti-Liberal persuasion.

I had not given a great deal of thought to the idea of President Trump at that time. I figured The Donald was just “playing with America” because, like a billionaire dog licking itself, “because…. he can”.

The more I thought about what that self-righteous liberal had said, and the tone in which he “said” it…. it occurred to me.

A hard-wired, faux-intellectual Obama-lovin’ nimrod was hootin’ & hatin’ on Donald Trump. This particular one voted enthusiastically for Obama both times, and would do so forever if it wasn’t for that darned 22nd Amendment. If Lord Obama decides to do away with that silly “racist” Amendment, this guy would be delighted. …..

I would not take advice about “the time of day” or “the weather” from anyone who voted for Obama twice. Once in 08, maybe…. but not if they did it again in 2012. Would you?

This liberal hard-case was questioning Donald Trump’s “creds” to even be a candidate. “Cred to be POTUS ???

“Obama” has not “lowered the bar” for being POTUS. He forever blew “the bar” to smithereens. His ONLY “qualification” was “he is half-black”. After this, anything from PeeWee Herman to “a Kardashian” has reason to dream “why not me, too?” Why not indeed?

Donald Trump was more “qualified” to be President of These United States when he graduated from Wharton back in 1968 than Barack Obama is TODAY.

My disdain for “Obama” and his minions and all they represent is so thick, you need a diamond-bladed chain saw to cut it. It is not so much Obama the person, but rather what his being twice elected says about the perilous state of this country….. the misguided millions that (still) support him. Sure, I realize a sizable % of his support in 2008 was the silly assumption that:

having a black POTUS will cure America’s “race problem”. Gee, that worked out almost as well as LBJ’s “Great Society” welfare plantation solved “poverty” 50 years ago.

Enough about “Obama”. Why am I now OFFICIALLY “For Trump”?

Is Donald Trump “more/less qualified” than who? Than 5-6-10 indistinguishable “politicians” all wearing dark suits w/ a red tie. Say the word “politician” then say the word “flatulence” and see if they don’t taste the same….. “yucky”.

Certainly there are significant ideological (and character) differences between “Hillary” (or Bozo Joe, or Bernie The Commie, or John “War Hero” Kerry, or even pathetic AlGore – one word pronounced like Igor.) and all of “The 17” on the Repub side. OK, exclude Lindsay Graham a/k/a McCain’s butt-boy.  He’s awful.

Other than Dr Carson, and “Carly”; the rest of’em are just standard-issue middle-aged men in dark suits whose #1 aMike Methenyttribute is “they would all be better than Obama or Hillary”.   “Better than Obama or Hillary”.…. that describes the entire roster of the St Louis Cardinals.   I  think Mike Matheny looks “more presidential” than all of’em put together especially when he’s wearing his Cardinal ball cap.

Dr Carson is my 2nd choice. I’m pretty sure that pediatric neurosurgeons are A LOT smarter than half-black community organizers. Just a guess.

My choice among the other “dark suits w/ red ties” is Scott Walker. I believe an experienced Governor is always better qualified to “lead” than any “Senator” could ever be. What is “a Senator” good for? Glue or compost comes to mind.  Strutting peacocks spewing focus-group-tested clichés.

For all his over-the-top outrageousness and flamboyance, Donald Trump IS “an alternative” to the mind-set that got us in this gawd-awful mess.

I am supporting Trump for all the same reasons “you are”…… or for all the reasons “you are not” whichever is the case.

There is nothing magic about “being President” that requires “being a politician” as a resume prerequisite or enhancer. I’ve long considered that as reason NOT to vote for a candidate. Alas, when all the candidates are “politicians”, the lesser of available evils kicks in.

Dwight Eisenhower was a General who was in charge of freakin’ D-Day. Compare that to Obama’s “I memorized Saul Alinsky’s book as my bible; plus, of course, my baby-daddy was a Kenyan hippie”. “Ike” versus BHO ???

You don’t like Trump because “he has funny hair” ?? I bet you didn’t vote for Mitt “because he was a member of a cult”. If that’s you, please get a vasectomy ASAP.

Donald Trump is not “afraid of” nor “respectful of” The Media. What’s to “be afraid of or to respect about that bunch of weasels?

I do think he has over-reacted with his whole War On Megyn Kelly silliness. The questions she asked “in the debate” are softballs compared to what the left-wing weasels have planned for him.

What’s Trump going to do when Hillary “Ichabod” Stephanopolous or some CNN self-righteous dim bulb throws a Molotov cocktail at his head? I‘ll be OK if he leaves the stage and punches the left wing media weasel in the mouth; but that might not play well with less realistic members of the great unwashed.

Of the major news networks, Fox News is the one I watch when I do watch “the news” which is not very much any more. I get my “news” from a mother ship hovering over Harrah’s Casino in Cherokee NC. I still bet I can skunk you in News Jeopardy.

Would I “trust” Donald Trust with the nuclear football? Obama has held that for seven years with Vice Retard Biden as his back-up. If you’ve gotten a good night’s sleep knowing that, don’t worry about Trump. ….  I’m just fine with President Trump in The Oval Office.

You might be afraid Trump will “split the votes” of people like us and give the White House to Hillary or Whoever.  I get that concern.

I’m more concerned that the same elitest cabal led by “Odious” Karl Rove that gave us Nominee Dole and Nominee McCain will prevail…. and give us Nominee Jeb or some other unelectable Nominee Whozit In a Dark Suit & Red Tie.


Q:  Pierce… you DO realize you will “catch hell” for this from all the usual factions. Don’t you?

A:  Well, sure.  With luck maybe even from some new factions.

WOW…. I made it through an entire column without mentioning Jim Goodmon or “Trainwreck” Fennebresque. I’m slipping.


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