Coach Said / Coach Said…. He Said / She Said.

Art Briles
August21/ 2015

The latest College Football thug-alete “he said/she said” has a quite bizarre “coach said/coach said” component.

These things are getting more and more convoluted.  This is probably the last one of these yucky things we’ll read about…. right?   OK…. maybe the last one TODAY…. maybe.

Art Briles has a “Fine Christian man” persona at “Fine Christian Baylor University (where WNBA’s Glory’s “spouse for a week” Brittany spent three years “in the closet” at her coach’s insistence).   That Baylor.  Also That Baylor where as basketball player killed a teammate a few years ago and the MBB coach tried unsuccessfully to cover that up.

As you read this “humdinger” keep in mind the “last chance to turn their lives around” reasoning (excuse) that many Big Time College coaches use to explain why they recruit “loose AfAm hand grenades from bad situations” and turn them loose on a middle-class white campus to “turn their lives around”…. while helping us win football games on Fall Saturdays.   It is a fox / hen house scenario where the maladjusted fox simply does what it’s been raised to do – prey on chickens.  So, who is “to blame” –  the fox – the chicken – the coach – OR the fans that say Win Coach or you’re fired ???

How many assaulted coeds are acceptable “collateral damage” for Your School to have a winning football program? ……

If one of them is Your Daughter?

Maybe Head Coaches like Jimbo Fisher and Art Briles should announce each Fall at Freshman Orientation that ….. “We have recruited a dozen or so rather unstable young men with a documented tendency of violence towards women.  Please do not tempt them or rile’em up in any way so they don’t GO BOOM; but simply help us defeat our rivals’ collection of equally unstable young men with documented tendency towards violence…. especially towards coeds.  Your cooperation will be appreciated…. GO TEAM!  

In this case, do you believe Briles would accept a transfer from Boise State WITHOUT knowing the specifics of why the kid was dismissed from Boise?  Art is asking us to believe he did.   Chris Peterson is saying “…. I told him exactly why”.

FWIW…. I’m going with Coach Peterson on this one/  How about you?

If I recall Art Briles talked himself into a corner last December over Baylor not getting onto the Playoffs.   Is Art Briles “a Roy” when it comes to his mouth getting him into tyrouble?  Sounds like it.

Have you seen ANY evidence that these Bad Boy Episodes are diminishing at all.   Those “dawn patrol” wind sprints and push-ups don’t seem to be answer…. huh.



Chris Petersen: I told Art Briles about Sam Ukwuachu’s violent past


Washington head coach Chris Petersen issued a statement Friday saying that he informed Baylor’s Art Briles about why defensive end Sam Ukwuachu was dismissed at Boise State.

“After Sam Ukwuachu was dismissed from the Boise State football program and expressed an interest in transferring to Baylor, I initiated a call with coach Art Briles. In that conversation, I thoroughly apprised Coach Briles of the circumstances surrounding Sam’s disciplinary record and dismissal,” said Petersen, who was Boise State’s coach at the time.

Briles said in a news conference Friday morning that he had no knowledge of Ukwuachu’s violent past at Boise StateSam Ukwuachu.

Ukwuachu was found guilty Thursday of sexually assaulting a former Baylor women’s soccer player at his Waco apartment. Ukwuachu has said the encounter was consensual.

The defensive end transferred from Boise State in 2013 after being dismissed for unspecified reasons but never played for Baylor. He was ineligible in 2013 and suspended in 2014.

A Baylor official testified that the school investigated the woman’s complaint but didn’t find enough evidence “to move forward.”

Contributing: The Associated Press

Art Briles’ future at Baylor now in doubt.  LINK.

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