The Politics of UNC’s Great Unpleasantness

Politic fight
August16/ 2015

By Golly I FOUND ONE! ….. an Angle of The Great Unpleasantness (TGU) that has not been beaten (1) to death…. (2) into a bloody pulp….. and (3) into an unrecognizable lump o’ scandal. ….. Is there a POLITICAL component to TGU?

It’s 2015. “Politics” is imbedded in every molecule of American culture. I might wish that twasn’t so. You might wish it twasn’t so.  Even the rankest of the rank&file in the warring mobs might wish it twasn’t so….. but IT IS.

So it stands to reason Politics is embedded in The Scheme – The Scandal – The Glorious Mess That Has Dominated Life As We Know It for over five years.

FIVE Freakin’ Years!!…. By comparison, did you know?

The Lewis & Clark Expedition took….. 2.25 Years.
The Apollo 11 Moon Mission lasted…. Eight Days.
Barack Obama listened to Jeremiah Wright’s sermons for…. Twenty-Four Years.
Todd Turner was NCSU’s AD for…. Six Years.Eddie Fisher Debbie Reynolds
Larry Brown was Head Coach at Davidson for….. Two Weeks.

Eddie Fisher was married to Debbie Reynolds for…. Four Years.
Riley Skinner was Wake Forest’s QB for…. Ever .
A Plumlee has been on Duke’s Basketball roster for…. Eight Years


But Does “Politics” Play A Part in TGU? I don’t know.  I certainly do not have a set of definitive conclusions.  I bet some of you might.

Really, I don’t have an answer. There is evidence of partisan political stereotyping – they’re “all a buncha _______” is all over this mess from all the warring tribes. That’s what makes it such a Grand & Gloriously Yucky Mess.

There is that Red vs Blue crap but that is purely coincidental…. isn’t it?

Obviously we start with the basic “all a bunch…. EXCEPT” crap:

“Everyone connected with UNCCH in any way, shape, form or fashion IS a washed-in-the-blood, radical left-wing, self-righteous, faux intellectual, homosexual, Obama-lovin’ jackass / jackass-ette …… EXCEPT, of course for all the 10,000s that are NOT.

Imbedded in the bone-deep hatred that all ABCers have for all TruBlues is that:

All ABCers despise “washed-in-the-blood….. Obama-lovin’ jackasses”…… EXCEPT , of course, for the ABCers who ARE themselves “washed-in-that-same-blood….. jackasses”.

TruBlue, Dean-lovin’ TCW-drunk acolytes despise ABCers because:

“All ABCers are redneck, tea partying, Trump-lovin’ pig farming Jesus-freaks….. EXCEPT for all of’em that are NOT.

It’s a pretty safe bet that…….

The Late/Great Dean Smith was unabashedly uber-Liberal. His Left-wing creds as solid as notorious Super Wuff 58WolfKennel.

For decades the oft-uttered phrase “amid the pines” was “I don’t agree with his politics but I’m sure glad Dean is our coach”.  TruBlues who touted their Extreme TruBlueness in country club grill rooms and behind the gates of toney beach resorts lived the lives of “Country Club Republicans” and voted to that ilk….. except for those who were NOT.

The basics of The Scheme could be viewed as quintessential Affirmative Action for AfAm Student-Athletes.  Affirmative Action is a permanent Democ platform item.  That Affirmative Action actually impedes the well-being of African-Americans is a Repub contention.  Impede??…. or not…. it sure kept a lot of’em eligible.

Did the ideological ilk of The Lower Level of Dean’s Dome coincide with that of the faculty / staff and that of the overwhelming majority of Franklin Streeters. When Skippa Bowles was dialing for $$$$ to build Dean’s Dome in the early 80s was he more successful (got more $$$) from The Right or from The Left ?

In the rarified air of Kenan’s Blue Zone…. does the political teeter-totter lean one way or the other?

“Fly-overs” at Kenan routinely receive VERY enthusiastic responses from the assembled 45,000+.  An attitude towards “the jack-booted military industrial complex” not shared in the coffee shops and organic groceries of Chapelboro.

Among the personality characteristics ascribed to “liberals” as personified by pretty much every liberal politician in recorded history is the inability to accept responsibility / accountability for their personal / party shortcomings.

“Mea culpas” are as rare among the Left as a Rush Is Right bumpersticker on a Prius.

It can be argued that a considerable % of TruBlues have been reluctant to “mea culpa” on behalf of their teams thus far. Certainly UNC’s current Hall of Fame Men’s Basketball Coach has yet to do so.

What is Ol’ Roy’s politics? One might blurt “He’s a Democ” simply because he snuggled up to Obama when BHO visited UNC a few years ago. I would argue that is insufficient evidence.

I would expect Roy would likely say “I’m whatever Coach Smith was” without knowing for sure what that was.  Roy’s insights beyond basketball and golf and his family are likely very limited to be generous.  OK, he’s expert at “clustering” and “junk”. Neither of which are “partisan” issues.

Getting ORW’s deep thoughts on the Keystone Pipeline or PlannedParenthood could be fun…. huh?

What of The Butcher….. Chancellor Chihuahua….. Wainstein….. Joel the spin-meister….. Jan The Ethics Czar…. Sylvia The Beleaguered WoBB coach …… Larry& Gene UNC’s Co-Football Head Coaches…. BubbaTheRealAD ??  I’d guess that list is 80% “left-leaning” allowing for several Unaffiliateds.

Howsabout Coach Gott and Coach Dave and Frau and Randy?  I have no clue BUT I bet “you-know-who” will be telling us.

Former UNC Chancys The Meez and Holden Thorp were life-time Liberals. I believe I read where Little Carol From Dartmouth claims she is “a Druid” but who cares?

The Fabulous Comparato Twins were Anne Franks their four years at UNC…. keeping their Conservatism secret from UNC’s Lib-stapoBonnie and Clyde.

My pals “Bonnie & Clyde” are certainly not Trump-ers nor likely to vote for any of The Seventeen. Lets leave it at that.

Another pal o’ mine – Judge Bob Orr who is representing several former UNC athletes in class action suits; ran against Pat McCrory in a Repub guv primary in 2008. I don’t believe he has changed his politics in the interim.

“My Good Sports buddy” a/k/a “Chansky” is a solid “left-wing” lifer.   As is former WCHL owner – Jim Heavner.  I was quite the ideological oddity around WCHL. They sprayed for Kooties whenever I left the building. They didn’t think I knew that they did but I knew. ☺

Most Not A Screaming Gene Nichol Clone in Orange County wisely opts for the “Unaffiliated” option. They recall the fate of Jews in Poland in the late 1930s. I do know of several dozen “crazy right-wingers” over there but their secret is forever safe with me.

The total number of Repubs in Chapel Hill MIGHT surprise you…. if you are thinking in terms of how many Dwarfs Snow White claimed.

Kindly Ol’ Jim Martin of “What I really meant was…..” fame is, of course, a prominent Repub.  Many TGU conspiracy theorists are convinced that is why he was chosen as the hapless dupe.   TGU Conspiracy Theorists come in all shapes, sizes and definitions of mentally insane.

Eeeeevil Art Pope is, of course, on the Right…. as is the 2nd most-unliked human on Franklin Street – Eeeeevil Mike Krzyzewski.

What of the deep-pocketed, bragging-rights-obsessed Fat Cats who are filling the War Chest to fight the NCAA?   Wall Street hedge-fund robber barons tend to “buy access to power” wherever it appears.

UNC BOTs tend to be of the left-leaning persuasion with a few notable exceptions. Long time trustee Don Curtis “printed $$$$” for twenty years airing Rush on his WPTF and would still be doing so had not the EIB syndicators moved his show to their own station. I’d say the UNC BOT is a pick-em these days.

The much-maligned UNC BOG is currently decidedly right-leaning NOW after multiple decades of being waaaaay left-leaning including back when Deb and Burgess “hatched the scheme”.   When the UNC System was spending tax-payer $$$ like drunken sailors in the 70-90s it was over loaded with D’s…. mostly D’s with one or more degrees from The Flagship. Ergo, most of the System flagrant tax-payers’ $$$$ went to said Flagship during those multiple decades. ….. ABCers rage that the current BOG has not been forceful at all in its concerns re: The Scheme & The Cover-up.

If you haven’t read the current QUIRKY NEWS re: “Marty The Menace” you better.  IT WILL be on the final exam.

UNC System lame-duck Prez Tom “Z Smith” Ross is a long-time left-wing operative. His predecessor Skippa’s son Erskine was a very high-profile Dem.

The Damn N&O where “Damn Dan Kane” is employed is sooooo far Left it makes WRAL’s Jim Goodmon jealous. I don’t know Damn Dan’s politics but if he is not of the Dem persuasion, I’m sure none of the McClatchey suits knows it.Bill Barber

The passions stirred up by TGU are every bit as inflammatory as one of Rev. Barber’s Jones Street Revivals; and quite capable of spoiling any extended family occasion.  But is the “political component” measurable?

What do you think?


Little Known Factoid:  On September 10, 2001 I was with PGAer Tom Lehman at the companion course to Whistling Straits in Kohler WI.  On the morning of “9/11” I caught an early flight from Green Bay to O’Hare…. when suddenly my travel plans (and The World) changed forever.


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