My Friend Norwood Teague

Norwood Teague
July30/ 2015

My friend of almost twenty years – Norwood Teague – resigned yesterday (Friday) as Athletics Director at The Univ of Minnesota.  I have referenced my friendship with “Phineus” (as in Phineus T. Barnum) on various occasions.  We first met when Norwood was Director of Sports Promotions/Marketing at UNC-CH in the early Bunting Era…. before going on to VCU as AD and then to Minnesota.  He was definitely “on a fast track” in his career in sports administration.  His recent actions have now derailed that career.

The circumstances of Norwood’s resignation are “all over” the national sports media today.   At a university function he “had way too much to drink” and committed several acts of overt sexual misconduct involving a university staff member.   I have not spoken with Norwood so I only know what is being reported.  It is “salacious” and “salacious sells” in today’s competitive media arena.

I’m sure rival fans in The Big Ten / Fourteen are having a field day at Norwood’s and U of Minn’s expense.   It is an extremely embarrassing “mess”.  That Norwood is a UNC alum and former UNC AthDept staffer means “the field day” will extend, to a lesser degree, for ABCers as well.  Such is the reality of the public fish bowl that is Big Time College Athletics.

There does not appear to be any “well yes…. but…” to what Norwood did other than “…. had too much to drink” which is no excuse.   “Actions have consequences” (for most of us!) and those consequences are severe for Norwood’s career.   I’m sure I will be getting together with my friend Norwood in the weeks to come.

Some will “pile on”.  Others will try to “make excuses” for him.  …. I’m just going to try to “be a friend”.


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